Organizational Culture is defined as “a common perceptual experience held by the organization’s members ; a system of shared meaning” ( Robbins. 2004 ) . It is the name given to the thought that an organisation holds a set of values. beliefs and patterns that are common to all the members of that organisation. It is the thought that an organisation can non be on its ain without a dominant civilization practiced within the boundaries of the organisation. Due to the turning workplace diverseness. it has become impossible for every member of a different civilization to pattern their ain beliefs and values. Therefore. organisational civilization provides the model and the behavioural guidelines on how to act within an organisation.

The features of organisational civilization are:

  1. Invention and hazard pickings
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Outcome orientation
  4. Peoples orientation
  5. Team orientation
  6. Aggressiveness
  7. Stability

( Robbins. 2004 )

There can be different types of organisational civilizations depending on the hierarchy. the concern it is in and the range of the organisation. It is non necessary that two indistinguishable organisations will hold the same organisational civilization. It all depends on the work force and the mission and vision of the organisation that determines the organisational civilization. My organisation has a customer-responsive civilization. This means that the civilization in my organisation has a set of patterns that are customer-centric. The features of such a civilization are really much different from any other traditional customer-focused organisation.

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Since civilization is the summing up of values. beliefs. attitudes and patterns. The customer-responsive civilization is one where there is employee authorization. engagement and uninterrupted acquisition. Information sharing is an built-in portion of day-to-day communicating and the client is the centre of attending in all considerations. Religious patterns and occasions are portion of the organisational civilization and employees are kept independent and happy to the maximal possible extent so that this consequences in a well-served client.

I believe that my organization’s civilization is well-suited for future development and success. This is because of the fact that concerns all around the Earth have become extremely client focused. Organizations are get downing to larn that the client is the most of import individual and no sum of courting will guarantee a drawn-out trueness from the client. They are now planing merchandises and services maintaining in position the demands of the client. There has been a displacement from the gross revenues paradigm to the client needs paradigm where organisations are invariably worried about what the client wants and strive to run into those demands.

Future success depends on the ability to understand and run into customers’ demands. Since the organisational civilization is customer-centric. I am certainly there are no jobs posed to the organisation in run intoing them. In fact. the customer-focused organisational civilization will besides intend that the employees in the organisation will be extremely motivated towards accomplishing the ends assigned marks since the organisational civilization ensures liberty. employee authorization and flexibleness. These traits guarantee that the employees feel portion of the organisation and take more pride and enthusiasm in working towards accomplishing its ends.

In decision. I would wish to province that an organisational civilization which is customer-centric is bound to be successful in the hereafter due to the fact that the planetary industry is traveling towards understanding the demands of the client and delivering merchandises and services carry throughing those demands.


Robbins. S. P. ( 2004 ) .Organizational Behavior.New York: Pearsons.


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