Ritual and Transmission Views of Communication The author of the context was able to apply and use the ritual and transmission views of communication in his essay. He made use of the transmission view to prove his point and to further elaborate his point of view on principle one, which is the constitutive model of communication as modeled. The ritual view was used because for principle one, the argument is that of a renewed concept of communication.

In short, a ritual view of communication is what was being resented while the transmission view was in some way the contradicting viewpoint in order for the author to prove his point. The transmission view of communication is based on giving information to others over (over a distance). The author explains the transmission model of communication as one that has been known by communication theorists. He also states that others have argued that “the transmission model is philosophically flawed, fraught with paradox, and ideologically backward,” (peg. 125).

Because of this it is encouraged and that a constitutive, or ritual, model is better to replace the remission view because it would be a process that would produce shared meaning. However, even if the ritual model is preferred over the transmission model, the transmission view is not completely disregarded. He explains this in his third theme that theories of communication have practical implications. This is where the transmission model would come in. Transmission model of communication would serve those in professions that would “reinforce cultural beliefs that highlight the value of experts as reliable sources of information,” (peg. 5). The author presents that even if the transmission model has it’s good points, the constitutive model would be able to do the same. It would be a new way of thinking and communicating that would serve that same function and possible even on a deeper level. Therefore, the author uses both views on communication to contrast their ups and downs but ultimately to establish that there are many different ways in which communication can be theorized within a constitutive modeled. Transmission and Ritual Term Paper By Austerities


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