All endeavors engaged in the concern of designing, building, fabrication, geting, operating, providing, mending and/or keeping vass, or constituent parts thereof: of pull offing and/or runing transportation lines, stevedoring arastre and imposts securities firm services, shipyards, dry docks, Marine railroads, marine fix stores, transportation and cargo forwarding services and similar endeavors.

Background History

Looking at the 1980s, our maritime industry was beset with deep jobs – peculiarly, our inefficient, largely retirable vass ; dismaying accident degree ; uneven crew competency ; and inadequate infrastructures/aids-to-navigation. Given such a hapless province of maritime safety and fight, the Ramos disposal embarked on a strategic maritime roadmap, get downing with bettering port installations through Executive Order 212 ( s-1994 ) .

Enhancement and modernisation plans included: upgrading of our domestic fleet with vass such as fastcraft, Roll-on/Roll-offs ( RoRos ) , and superferries ; deregulating of interisland transportation ; and announcement of Executive Order 314 ( s-1996 ) , concentrating on maritime safety through a National Maritime Safety Coordination Council.

Upon Philippine Ports Authority ( PPA ) Administrator Chuck Agustin ‘s enterprise, we promulgated in 1995 a 25-year Ports Master Plan as the basic model for port development. It identified chief ports to be developed such as Batangas International Seaport, and others for rehabilitation, notably Davao Fishport, GenSan Fishport/Makar Wharf, and 13 of 20 provincial ports. We besides created the Cebu Ports Authority.

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Beyond ports development, our “ Nautical 2000 ” design provided for industry enlargement under Executive Order 438 ( s-1997 ) , including ship edifice, fix and manning, and accelerated execution of the “ Act to Promote Development Overseas Shipping ” ( RA 7471, s-1992 ) , which exempted companies in abroad transportation from import responsibilities on vass and trim parts.PGMA ‘s RoRo Project implemented through Executive Order 170 ( s-2003 ) became a feasible manner of conveyance with improved ports, better vass and low-cost rates.

On June 1, 1974, the Maritime Industry Authority was created with the issue of PD 474. It started working as an bureau on August 29, 1979 with the issue of PD 761 mandating the bureau to assist the state ‘s nautical industry in its development, publicity and ordinance. The wining old ages saw the development, development both in organisation and in map of MARINA as a authorities bureau to actively turn to the demand for reforms in the maritime industry and impel the industry to national development and economic growing.

Major participants and their influence

Over the past old ages, the maritime industry has been turning and spread outing. The companies that have been innovators in this industry include Interorient Maritime Enterprises, Inc. , Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. , Transorient Maritime Agencies, Inc. , and the Magsaysay Maritime Corporation. They have attained their competence through the old ages by supplying first-class services and supplying its clients all over the universe with extremely skilled human resources.

The Interorient Maritime Enterprises, Inc. started out in 1985. It has a central office in Cyprus and offices scattered around the Earth – Hamburg, Miami, Manila, Riga and St. Petersburg. They have been supplying the crew of more than 265 vass from Bulkers, Tankers, Containers, RoRo ‘s, LPG ‘s. They have besides been serving 100 vass are under a full Filipino crew, including Masters and Chief Engineers. The company has shown its excellence by invariably having awards from the authorities viz. 3 Top Performer Awards, a Hall of Fame Award, an Award of Distinction, 7 Awards of Excellence from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration ( POEA ) . ( POEA have honored the company to administrate an In-house Contract Processing system. This system issues, mark and stomp all crew employment contract with the Government ‘s cast. ) They have been honored by the POEA to administrate an In-house Contract Processing system where all crew employment contracts are issued, signed, and stamped with Government ‘s cast by Interorient. In 2009, the company has deployed a totoal of 5,127 Filipino mariners. This was besides the clip when the full planetary transportation industry was staggering from the impact of the US fiscal crisis. Until today, the company continues to turn and insures that they provide high quality services.

The Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. ( PTC ) was founded in 1979. It is now one of the largest companies in the industry today with 30,000 officers and crew deployed yearly worldwide. They have established long-run partnerships with Principals who are industry leaders in their ain parts – Europe, Asia, and North America. ( Long-run partnerships have been established with Principals who are industry leadears within their parts ( Europe, Asia and North America ) . They have been besides certified by Det Norske Veritas, a planetary supplier of services for pull offing hazard, ( a company supplying hazard direction services internationally ) since 1995. Like Interorient, PTC has besides received legion awards from the authorities for its outstanding public presentation. PTC offers its people an in-house installation called the Philippine Center for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training ( PHILCAMSAT ) since 1992 for preparation intents.

The Magsaysay Company started out in 1940 and ventured into the maritime industry in 1970. They have been involved in the Philippine interisland and near-sea trades for both dry and liquid ladings by geting the National Marine Corporation ( NMC ) from the Filipino authorities in 1988. The Magsaysay besides helps in domestic touristry through the constitution of Sun Cruises, Inc. , which ferried tourers to Corregidor Island. This besides led to the start of Magsaysay Travel and Tours Co. , Inc. They have proven their excellence by winning the 2005 Lloyd ‘s Maritime Asia Award as Best Maning Company in Asia/Pacific every bit good as other awards. They have over 20,000 officers, crew, and forces working all together. Today, the Magsaysay has partnered with Mitsui O.S.K. Marine, Ins. , the largest transportation company in Japan, to make MAGMOL ( Magsaysay – Mitsui O.S.K. Marine, Ins. ) . They have been serving more than 200 vass. They continue to spread out as they believe that puting in their people every bit good as their households is the foundation to growing and success.

Operating practices/strategies/resources

The industry has of import regulations and steps to follow in order to guarantee the safety of the people, company, and environment. The industry ‘s quality policy besides revolves around the thought of timely deployment of competent, well-trained, disciplined, experient, well-documented and medically fit mariners and to render prompt, efficient, dependable ship bureau services. The Interorient follows its ain Guidelines. “ The Guidelines recognized the importance of the bing international instruments as the most of import agencies of forestalling nautical casualties and pollution of the sea and included subdivisions on direction and the importance of a safety and environmental policy. It is hence a critical importance to hold a full cognition and apprehension of the International Safety Management ( ISM ) Code and the Company Safety Management ( SMS ) . Furthermore, possessing good background safety foremost class, like first assistance, personal endurance technique, fire combat and bar, lifeboat handling, leading and behavioural development crucial. It is besides really of import for everyone to be able to familiarise with affairs related to Ship Security. This is to be able to be more argus-eyed and responsible on board to avoid possible unfortunate events through acquisition. The ISP Code and the Security steps to be implemented in your ship security program. Acquaintance with Port provinces control review is likewise indispensable in order to be prepared and secured that any lacks found within the ship are rectified before sailing ” ( Interorient ) .

MAGMOL has its ain Ship Management division to administrate its vass that delivers goods to markets all over the Earth. “ This venture is portion of the planetary web of ship direction offices connected with other MOL subdivisions in Tokyo, Hongkong, Singapore and Rotterdam. Its focal involvement is centered on providing Full-Filipino crew to MOL majority bearers, guaranting the vass they managed are good equipt and of highest safety criterions. In August 2006, it upgraded its Magsaysay Institute of Shipping ( MIS ) campus preparation installations, one of the largest state-of-the -art maritime preparation centres in the state. With the completion of the new four-storey residence hall, MIS has increased its plebe preparation capacity to 440 per twelvemonth, and marks to farther increase its bringing of upgrading classs for officers and crew. This institute besides recruits campaigners selected from nautical academies in the Philippines and offers a three-month preparation class before assignment to a vas. Graduates serve as plebes on ships operated by MOL and its spouses. After a annual on-board cadetship, they are entitled to take scrutiny for certification of competence. The passers will be qualified as deck officers or applied scientist officers of MOL and its spouses ” ( MAGMOL ) .

PTC besides provide an in-house preparation plan in the Philippine Center for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training ( PHILCAMSAT ) . “ It is the first maritime preparation centre thrice-certified by Det Norske Veritas. It utilizes a state-of-the-art incorporate span and engine simulator, every bit good as, lading handling simulators, to guarantee that the preparation experience is every bit near as possible to the existent shipboard environment. It besides ensures that our mariners comply with all the enfranchisement demands of flag provinces and international maritime organic structures ; offers behavioural classs that focus on heightening personality traits, values and direction accomplishments ; offers customized classs to run into specific demands of Principals ; offers culinary and linguistic communication preparation classs through 3rd party suppliers ; and a customized Cadetship Training Program ” ( PTC ) .

Human resource practices/strategies

The success in the industry lies in developing their people every bit good as caring for both their people and their households. Each company has its ain methods to develop their people into extremely skilled employees. TOMA ‘s enlisting and choice method every bit good as crew hiring is shown severally by the flow charts below. They besides provide them with several in-house preparations and seminars.

PTC has an integrated human resource development theoretical account. It offers three indispensable elements: the Seafarer, Our Principal and PTC. ( that offers the Seafarer, Our Principal and PTC which are three indispensable elements. ) “ The theoretical account ensures a holistic and uninterrupted rhythm of enlisting, deployment, keeping, preparation, and calling development. PTC besides takes pride in the scope of household and crew services that they have developed to guarantee the wellbeing of their mariners ‘ households. They offer plans on entrepreneurship and support, wellness and health, and religious reclamation. PTC has late launched Pacific Terraces Community, a lodging and community development undertaking in Imus, Cavite, for PTC mariners and their household. This plan addresses the demand for quality and low-cost lodging and aims to supply the mariners and their household with a stable and unafraid community life ” ( PTC ) . PTC has been active in giving back to the community by hosting manner libraries, Christmas parties for the street kids, catastrophe alleviation attempts, costal clean-up activities, and many more.

MAGMOL besides believes in caring for the households of the mariners. “ MAGMOL established its Crew & A ; Family Affairs Section ( with offices in Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod and Davao ) to supply services and plans that take attention of households while mariners are on board and aid to the crew after their shipboard assignment. MAGMOL maintains 100 % CONNECTIVITY with its people and their households through the undermentioned plans:

1 ) The MAGSAYSAY SIM – a SIM card with a lasting figure so that even if the SIM is lost you can still acquire the same figure. It has a alone bill of fare that gives you information such as PEME consequences, going day of the months and allotment agendas. You can besides name or text your household or MAGSAYSAY at a cheaper rate. 2 ) Guidance for households when serious jobs arise every bit good as timely aid in the event of exigencies. The Family Center has assorted plans and a broad array of services to beef up household dealingss and aid crew give a bright hereafter to their households. 3 ) Magsaysay Savings Program, which encourages every crew and household to salvage a part of their income for long term fiscal ends. This voluntary plan purposes to guarantee that everyone who works for MAGSAYSAY has a place, college-educated kids and adequate financess for a comfy retirement. 4 ) Medical and Dental coverage and Life Insurance for crew while on shore and medical coverage for their household. 5 ) Educational Assistance Program, which offers educational stipends to meriting kids or siblings of Magsaysay MOL People. 6 ) General Allottees Orientation, an orientation that welcomes new allottees ( household members of Magsaysay People ) into MAGSAYSAY. The orientation has talkers who portions about the Company, Principal, and Fleet profile every bit good as policies, benefits, inside informations of allocation and tax write-offs, and the services and plans that can be availed through the Family Center. 7 ) Livelihood/Skills Training plans for crew and allottees that are utile for a start-up concern or feasible and sustainable alternate beginning of income. Parenting/Family Relationship Sessions, which aim at enriching husband-wife and parent-child relationships. 8 ) Health Awareness Training – Enlightening Sessionss refering to wellness and health of both Magsaysay People and their households. Crew and Family Day are on a regular basis conducted to garner crew, allottees and principals from assorted parts in a fun-filled event. Magsaysay People and Family Club – Created for the work force and households to function a web in pass oning information/events/activities, to supply strong emotional support and friendly relationship, and to construct a community within MAGSAYSAY. The nine may originate other plans good to the work force and their households ” ( MAGMOL ) .

Operating practices/strategies of Interorient Maritime Enterprises Inc. , Phils.

“ The aim was to guarantee safety, to forestall human hurt or loss of life, and to avoid harm to the environment, in peculiar, the Marine environment, and to belongings. The Guidelines were based on general rules and aims so as to advance development of sound direction and operating patterns within the industry as a whole. “ ( Interorient )

Human resource practices/strategies of Interorient Maritime Enterprises Inc. , Phils.

The full transportation community has witnessed the enormous alterations which have taken topographic point over the past few old ages. Interorient Maritime was ever among the first to follow and implement all the alterations and new ordinances imposed by the IMO and the assorted Flag State Administrations sing mariners ‘s Qualifications, Trainings, Licenses and Certifications and the company have ever assisted and guided their Principals on all issues step-by-step.

In add-on to the crew choice and readyings of deployment, the company have established several In-house Trainings, which all their mariners are required to undergo anterior employment, at no cost for them. Their cognition, competency and capablenesss are evaluated and defined through assorted unwritten and written trials given by our Trainors and they look to efficaciously keep in topographic point our CAP ( Continuous Assessment Program ) .

The company has about 3,200 mariners functioning on board these vass and a pool of more than 4,000 qualified, trained and to the full certificated mariners are on holiday ready for employment.

“ The Guidelines recognized the importance of the bing international instruments as the most of import agencies of forestalling nautical casualties and pollution of the sea and included subdivisions on direction and the importance of a safety and environmental policy. It is hence a critical importance to hold a full cognition and apprehension of the ISM Code and the Company Safety Management ( SMS ) . Furthermore, possessing good background safety foremost class, like first assistance, personal endurance technique, fire combat and bar, lifeboat handling, leading and behavioural development crucial. “ ( Interorient )


Besides known as the maestro, this individual is in charge of the ship and is to the full responsible for the full crew ( non merely the deck officers ) . When there is a difference in sentiment as to the class a ship should take, the captain makes the concluding call. In some instances, the captain is the proprietor of the ship. When the ship docks, the captain ‘s occupation continues, as he or she is besides in charge of the paperwork.

Chief Officer

This is the first mate place. The main officer is in charge of the deck squad, and besides maintains the lading clasp and supplies. If something should go on to the captain, the main officer takes that function.

Second Officer

The 2nd officer on a ship is following in bid There will besides normally be a 3rd officer and sometimes there are even more, depending on how large the ship is. These officers take attention of the safety of the crew and besides have duties like navigating, wireless care, lading control, and equipment care and fix.

Officer Trainee or Apprentice

An officer in preparation is a measure above a roustabout, but they are the bottom rounds every bit far as officers go. They remain in a trainee place for 2 or 3 old ages in order to larn how the ship is run and receive on-the-job preparation.

Engineer Military officers: In general, the places of the applied scientist officers follow the same flow as the deck officers, with a main applied scientist, a 2nd officer, and so on down to the applied scientist officer trainee or learner. This squad is responsible for all of the electrical and mechanical occurrences on the ship.

Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer is finally responsible for the full technology section, its crew and equipment.

2nd Engineer

A 2nd a/e ( adjunct applied scientist ) is responsible for a ticker squad every bit good, if the size of vessel warrants. A 2nd a/e is besides in charge of ship ‘s fuel ; traveling the fuel to the twenty-four hours armored combat vehicles for the ocean trip, ballasting the ship by traveling fuel and ciphering the day-to-day mean burn.

3rd Engineer

The 3 a/e, or helper applied scientist, stands an technology ticker at the control board of the engine room.

Ordinary Seaman

An ordinary mariner is the get downing point for seamans who want to work on deck. Depending on the type of ship, an OS will be a portion of the deck section in lading developments, docking and undocking and care of the vas ( come offing, painting ) .

Able Seaman

Their chief responsibilities are cargo developments, docking and undocking including all line managing ( doing and interrupting tows for jerks, managing set uping for lading operations, etc. ) , standing helm and sentinel tickers on the span as portion of a pilotage squad, general care of the vas ( come offing, picture, cleaning interior, exterior decks ) , Crane and forklift operators and anything else that needs to be done on deck.

Third Mate

The duties of a 3rd mate, or mate, is to stand span tickers and pilot the vas to and from seaports or occupation sites utilizing all navigational agencies.

Second Mate

A 2nd officer ( mate ) is coined “ the sailing master ” on a ship.

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