This all seem to suggest that the main priority is to make the customer feel artistic and more excited about going somewhere that is unique and adventurous, this can also be seen by the immediate promotional offers which seem to suggest they want people to buy a holiday soon as it is great money wise. This can also be seen in the fact that they immediately show that they have range of over 800 different tours in which the offer making them seem like they do all locations in the world. The color contrasts on the page in very unique and bold providing a sense of vibrancy and excitement.

All these factors seem to suggest that the company is sophisticated whilst being wild and spontaneous. The Holocene Museum website gives of the first impression of strict and professionalism with no real sense of advertisement or adverts, this seem to suggest that the website itself only wants to appeal to a mature audience rather than appealing to more generations or ages. There is also the sense that the website focuses heavily on what the museum collects and shows such as art and some few unique china crockery.

The colors of the main page apart from the painting shown are very deep curers such as ‘Teal Green’ as their banner which seems to protrude a feeling of sophistication. However on location of the actual Holocene Museum the main focus seems to be to entice the audiences by showing off their unique item in which they have to offer which usually hangs on the balcony directly in front of the building, this is an obvious attempt to draw younger or artistic customers visit.

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The building itself is nice as it uses limestone bricks which give off a clean cut look which is inviting but also elegant and sophisticated. The inside of the building incorporates both old and new with a surrounding of old art and architecture, as well as the new installment such as the front desk and the elevator that has been installed giving the place a sense of both the new and the old. Each floor in the building is also filled with multiple first impressions in which give each room a different feeling when entering them.

Each room is usually representative to the art within the room which helps to eve the first impression that they are severely committed to the passion for art. The company image of intrepid main objective seems to be focused around a more relaxed and more fun image rather than a strict business type image; however the company does add a sense of professionalism to its company with the use of logos and advertisement. The company has a vibrant color scheme that is made to entice the customers and intrigue them more than make a sale as soon as possible.

The logo of the company alongside its art style uses this to its advantage. The image of the Holocene museum is firstly one that is based n professionalism alongside architecture as many of its features are dated and help to give the feeling of historical importance especially on the premises. The website is also giving the image of sophistication with its bold plain color pallet. The Website also shows various images through art and children which seems to suggest that the Holocene Museum is trying to branch out towards a younger audience as well as informed.

Premises ‘Website 1. 3 The premises in which the company Intrepid currently owns involves things such as a website and offers small banners that which act as small advertisement. Alongside the website the company also has to premises in which they can do business which can both be located within the UK and both stores can be located within the vicinity of the Capital city, London one in the city centre, and one located in Collision. The Holocene Museum has two premises in which they act upon, one being the website which can be found directly through most search engines.

Secondly the Holocene Museum also has a physical location that is located just outside the city centre of Bath, North-East Somerset on Great Opulently Street. Organizational efficiency 1. 4 Intrepid’ organizational efficiency is of a very high standard as it shows multiple criteria are being met due to the quick and easy to access tabs within their website. The website organizational skills help the company in multiple ways with such things including complaint handling, bookings and other such things such as company details as well as their business plans.

The website is also efficient with their information on popular destinations alongside their contact information, making the website at the very least very efficient in its organizational skills. Finally another good factor about the websites organizational skills is that it shows their competition’ prices which helps to show the current and new customers that they have chosen the correct company to be with. The Holocene Museum organizational efficiency is of a very high standard both within its facility in Bath alongside the Website.

One factor that helps to show their efficiency would be the layout of their website which shows multiple things such as the layout as a lot of their facilities within the website and the building are clearly labeled and show exactly what you want and where you can find it. Alongside things such as their “support us” page which helps to show the Museums unique items and historical significance which helps to make new and old customers or fans stay with them in order to preserve these historical items.

The speed and accuracy of the service of intrepid is of an average standard of the modern generation of technology, this is done through things such as help and advice centers and call centers which are of both high quality standards. Another factor of the services is the fact that they use blobs and social Media in order to stay within contact of their customers, using things such as; Faceable, Twitter, Youth etc. This helps to create a level of similarity between the business and heir customers. All off their options are clearly labeled and are easy to notice which makes it quick and simple to navigate through the pages.

And another feature in which the incorporate to their business is the ability to have a daily or weekly Newsletter sent to you email address in order to keep you up to date with Intrepid new offers and deals The Holocene Museum speed and accuracy of service is of a high standard mainly due to the fact that there is an image in which the business must uphold in order to stay professional and quick, For example the establishment in which hey are based is easily labeled and easy to follow making everything quicker and more simplistic.

The establishment clearly dissects all that they have to offer and people are immediately served by a customer if they have any questions or if they wish to dine in the inbuilt restaurant. The speed and accuracy of the services on the website is of a mediocre standard as there is no help lines as such but rather only a ‘contact us’ page, however they do also use some social media in order to reach out to their audience, however the way in which they are placed on the website makes them almost non-existent and they are not big, bright or attach the eyes of an of the viewers.

The Intrepid website is consistent all the way through as all of their pages are of a bright and colorful nature, but at the same time offers all the necessary information to navigate each page. Each page is easy for younger and older generations to navigate and there are no difficult information detail pages in which need to be filled in. The Website stays almost throughout with a feeling of adventure and culture. The website throughout makes you feel reassured and also offer a sense of seriousness at the same time with a lot of their pages filled with their accomplishments and business ideas and plans.

The consistency of their Customer service is also of a high standard and they have multiple forms in which to contact any of their customers and to help fulfill their needs. Unfortunately because they only have one physical establishment it is harder for people who lack within the IT department to get in contact with Intrepid, but overall they do branch throughout most aspects of life which is good. The Holocene Museum has a generally consistent nature as their establishment is throughout simplistic and sophisticated with sleek designs and plain color pallets.

The building itself is a piece of agricultural importance mainly for its tatty and I feel the company really tries to represent that through their designs. This also applies to everything within their website as most of it is based around professionalism. The website offers a page called “Press” which shows all of their recent activity and partnerships and though that it shows that as a business the Holocene Museum is very consistent with making new partnerships and gaining more pieces of art. The customer service of the Holocene Museum is also off a high standard but may come of a little cold due to them trying to keep up appearances.

The website offers some customer service Products and services offered 1. 7 The products and services offered by Intrepid are that they create a holiday that is tailored to you and are holiday in which are there for the experience and will be an inspiring to most. The offer holidays such as safari holidays or plan holiday in which fall in line with festivals in order for the customer to have great memories. The products in which they actually offer itself is the holiday of the customers dreams and try to follow all of the wants and needs of the customer.

The Holocene Museum offers and array of historical features in which people an openly and freely come and see and do not charge any free in order to come see them but simply ask that you do not touch the exhibit items. The services in which they offer are things such as giving you information about each piece of art by telling you who painted it, or created it, or where it is from etc. As well as offering this they also offer the service of dinning as they business has an inbuilt Restaurant which offers high quality food and drinks alongside snacks all day.

Meeting and exceeding customer expectation 1. 8 Intrepid mainly have only one type review about the services and the way in which they have met and exceeded the customers’ expectations, and that is that the company has gone above and beyond for each individual customer with the company receiving an overall review of 4. 5/5 star rating. There are some people who have said that it was not as great as it could have been but there are no signs of anyone complaining about the customer services.

Evidence to show that most people liked Intrepid and their choice would be some individual reviews stating things like “greatest planned holiday I’ve ever been on” and other things such as “booking another holiday with Intrepid next year!!! . These comments seem to suggest that the company goes far beyond the majority of the customer expectation. The Holocene Museum has multiple reviews mainly from newspapers such as “the Guardian” which states that it is an “architectural masterpiece” and that because of the great variety of art and historical pieces on show, makes it one of the best Museums to visit.

Individual comments from average people voicing their opinion also agree with a lot in which the newspapers has to say, by stating things like “Anything that breaks up the monotony of Bath stone has to be seen to be a winner frankly”‘. However a lot of people are actually against the Holocene Museum. Whilst the review say 4/5 stars for the services and art itself there are multiple critics who state that the architectural design of the building ruins Bath it by stating things like “Hideous.

Someone shoot these modern architects”. Importance to the organization 2. 0 Keeping existing customers satisfied 2. 1 Intrepid as a business will want to keep their existing customers satisfied because as a business intrepid can be seen as a more remote one in which people are not as aware of compared to other companies such as “First Choice” r ‘Thomas Cook’ and because of this heavily rely on repeat customers going to Intrepid to book their holidays to help keep the business afloat.

Another reason they need to keep their existing customers satisfied is because a major way in which people can/could become aware of the services in which Intrepid offer is through friends talking about Intrepid and the great services in which it provides. Finally businesses such as Intrepid rely heavily on ratings and scores given by customers and other businesses, and in order to keep up a high appearance they first must make sure their customers have great opinions about the many.

The Holocene Museum has a great need in order to keep reoccurring customers, one reason being that if people feel that the Museum is great they will recommend it to other people and because the Museum is in partnership with both Bath University and English Heritage they must keep a certain amount of customer going in and out of the Museum in order for the Museums partners to keep feeling that it is a good investment. Another reason is because Museums are a big market in which there is a lot of competition and because of it many Museums try to keep reoccurring customers to beat others.

Increasing Members Loyalty 2. 2 Increasing member’s loyalty can be a very important part of any business, and it is no different within Intrepid. Intrepid need to keep increasing their current customers loyalty, for one main reason which is the fact that if a member keeps on using their services, then they may then begin start spending larger amounts of money on each holiday, or start inviting more members of their family or friends. To increase loyalty within the Holocene Museum could be a very key factor in keeping the business afloat.

Reasons for important loyalty is that people ay after a while feel as if they want to donate to the MUseUm and their cause, and possibly donate newer pieces of history to them to help keep on updating the business. Ensuring repeated business 2. 3 Intrepid have multiple ways in which they try to ensure that they not only get a sale but they also get a repeating customer. One way in which they do this is through offers/deals that can be offered to repeating customer, such deals as a discount of 5% after each holiday.

Another way in which they can ensure they have reoccurring customers is through high quality customer service as his can make the customer feel pampered and special. This type of feeling can usually lead to people trusting and liking the company and in turn buy more of their product(holidays). The Holocene Museum cannot really ensure repeated business with customers, however there are a few things in which they can do in order to get customers in which think highly of their establishment.

One example would be that they can provide useful and friendly customer service to both their customer who are there to visit for the art, and also the customers who come to dine at the inbuilt restaurant. Another way in which they can get updated business is to make sure that they provide their partnerships with ideas of improvement and show it to the partners and the public. Finally they can try to make sure that with each customer they make them feel appreciated in order for them to possibly come back. Improving the organizations image 2. Improving the organizations image for Intrepid is something in which needs to be very specific mainly due the fact that their entire business is based around holidays and because of the fact that holidays change in popularity they need to keep updating their image in order to fit in with the major competition such as Thomas Cook’ etc. Another reason in which they need to keep changing their image is because depending on the target market in which goes to their store or their website, they need to make sure it fits their ability with such things like the customers CIT skills.

The Holocene Museum image is one that is a professionalisms style, mainly due to the fact that their entire business is based around history and art, which is known for being sophisticated. In order to keep up their image and also improve they have decided to do things such as add extensions to their current building in order to blend the old and the new, and any people agree that it is an architectural spectacle. Another way in which they improve their image is by adding more pieces of history and art to their gallery and trying to gain as many unique pieces to their collection.

Doing this makes the Museum stand out more and means that they gain more interest and in turn improve their image. Providing an edge over your competition is a key factor in any business whether it is a product selling business or a charity. Intrepid is no different in this matter, to provide a competitive edge over other companies Intrepid focuses heavily on he fact that they create a tailored holiday that will be memorable for your entire life. They try to hit home by stating quotes from their current customer who say amazing things about their trip and how they thank Intrepid for it.

This shows other customers that paying a little bit more equals a better experience overall and in turn means that Intrepid is a better company to go with rather than all the main stream companies like ‘Virgin’ and ‘Thompson’. Providing an edge in the Museum industry can be difficult and expensive due to the fact that are a few ways in which they can really gain a competitive edge, one being that they gain Geiger quality pieces for their collection or ones that are more known worldwide.

Another technique in which they can use is to merge their business with others in order to give more things to do in one location, in The Holocene Museums case they have merged with a restaurant in order to give multiple services at one location, which should attract more customers. Increasing sales and usage by attracting new customer 2. 6 Intrepid increase their sale and usage by attraction new customer through media forms such as Faceable, Twitter, or things such advertisement whether it be through T.

V or through pop-up advertisements on the internet. Some companies such as Intrepid gain a lot of attention through things such as billboards as well. Companies like The Holocene Museum gain increasing sales through advertisements of the fact that they have not only a museum but also a restaurant within their establishment. Another thing they can do is collaborate with companies such as English Heritage and Visitants is order to gain more customers and especially more inbound/domestic tourists. 2. 7/2. 8/2. The consequences of poor customer service for customer is the fact hat they receive a holiday in which they don’t really want or they may feel they do not want to even buy a holiday with that company because they feel they have been mistreated. The consequences of poor customer service for the staff is the fact that they may then be seen as incapable for the Job and may be ask to leave or not to try and do sales again. Also many Travel agencies staff works on commission and because of this if they have poor customer service techniques then simply might not get paid enough.

The consequences of poor customer service for a company is the fact their company then may start to chive negative feedback and gain a poor reputation which would then result in less customer. Another factor is the fact that they make their money also form the amount of holidays they sell and if they don’t make enough money fiscally they may go bankrupt or simply not make a great enough profit margin resulting in the company being forced to go into a partnership simply for financial reasoning.

Intrepid is a company that is based heavily around creating the ideal holiday for their customers and because of this meeting the individual customer needs is extremely important. Another reason as to why meeting the customer individual deeds is because it shows the customer that the staffs cares about what is important to the customer and this can lead to the customer revisiting the business simply because they listened. The Holocene Museum as a company does not have as much of a responsibility as Intrepid mainly due to the fact that it is a free attraction.

Because of this the meeting of individual customers is not of a main priority within the Museum section of the company, however they can show attention to detail in the restaurant section to make sure the customer are happy and give a good review of the place. Exceeding customer expectation 3. Intrepid as a company want to try and exceed their customer expectations mainly due the fact that that as a company who creates holidays for people and their home page states that they create holidays that are amazing and span all around the Globe.

This kind of attitude means that they really do need to exceed their customer needs. Intrepid do this by planning the holidays to specifics, but also add places to see, things to do, things to eat, whether there are disabled facilities or not etc. The Holocene Museum has many customer expectations in which they do seem to surpass, for example most people would expect the lace to be; smart, tidy, well-lit, rest-rooms, disability access and possibly a shops to buy things from in order to fulfill customer needs to purchase items due to consumerism.

And the Holocene Museum meets and exceeds these things by adding all of these qualities and not only that making the ideal and quick and easy and they also added a restaurant which also helps satisfy customers hunger and thirst. Safe environment for Internal and External customers 3. 3 Intrepid is an online company and because of this security is of most importance and, to make sure of this the company is virus free and does not revive any kind of dangerous mallard issues.

One major factors of safety in which Intrepid has to take into account is the safety of their customers who go on their holidays because whilst they do plan great holidays some of them can be of a natural danger such as a wild safari. Ways in which they protect their customers is through their website in which gives in detail information of what to plan for, what could be of a possible danger, whether or not it is appropriate for children and whether or not they should get insurance or not. The company also offers information on essential and non-essential jabs as well.

The Holocene Museum is based around a safe environment and because of this is off high quality when it comes to the safety of their customers. One way in which they do this is by making sure that all of their facilities have safety railings and that there is protective glass all around. The Museum also makes sure that all of the areas within the facility are cleaned to a high standard. Thirdly the Museum does have a customer limit in order to make sure that the place does not become overcrowded and dangerous. Finally the Museum offers an elevator in order to help people who have difficulty climbing the steps.

Importance of employee 4. 0 Importance of a happy working environment 4. 1 Having a happy working environment is a key essential for a healthy work ethic this is because when people feel more relaxed they are more susceptible to doing commands at a very good standard, this is because when there is a negative work environment staff members may decide to not follow instructions as promptly or at a high standard and because of this may result in a loss in money. Having a happy work environment also means that a team can be more in sync with each other as for many it becomes easier to connect with others.

Finally having a good work environment lightens the mood and because of this people smile a lot more and smiles are said within business to attract more customers. Job satisfaction 4. 2 Having a fulfilling job helps to bring a lot more satisfaction to members of staff, this is mainly because of the fact that when people feel like their jobs are meaningful they generally put more effort into their work. When the job is satisfying many members of staff think that they should try a bit harder and this type of satisfying work ethic can lead to members of staff all pushing each other to do better and get a greater sense of self achievement.

However if people do a job in which is not satisfactory then most people act in a negative manner, mainly due to the fact that a lot of them have the mentality that the job is meaningless and this can lead to depression and a lack of work. Another reason as to why a negative job satisfaction level is bad is because when people do not like the job there doing or feel that job is pointless they do not have a drive or a ‘get up and go’ attitude, and because of this many staff members don’t feel guilty about skipping work or calling in sick, which obviously leads to lack of staff and sales.

Job security is of vital importance within any working environment because if a member of staff does not feel safe and comfortable within their work environment they may feel that they are not only being mistreated by their company but also they may feel that they are entitled to some sought of compensation due to the fact that the company did not take proper precautions. Also if a work environment is not of a safe standard many staff members may not wish to go to work simply because they do not feel safe, this type of mentality can lead to counter-productive behavior and work ethics.

To keep the vicinity fee a business such as intrepid and The Holocene Museum must take into account things such as fire exits, personal security officers, fire extinguishers etc. Having a high self-esteem is a key factor within business, especially when it comes to selling a product or an idea. Having a high self-esteem for many is an adhering characteristic that many people are drawn to.

If a business team has a high self-esteem the can project confidence onto customers, which may draw them in, this is a great quality to have as it means as a business you make more money. On the other hand if a sales person or someone working in general has owe self-esteem they can actually make people feel more uncomfortable and because of this actually scare customers away. Also having a low self-esteem can actually make the other staff members feel self-conscious or just feel down which is always going to be a negative on the group.


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