On the 26 of February the shot of Trayvon Martin in Sanford Florida is still a popular intelligence instance. Be it a hatred offense. or merely a entire misinterpretation?

February 26th. Trayvon Martin was shoot and killed by George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman the vicinity watcher. saw a leery African American adult male traveling about. whit his hoodie on and something in his custodies. Zimmerman was keeping a close lock at Trayvon. Trayvon get downing running. and Zimmerman went anther him. We subsequently know that Trayvon was merely coming back from a 7 eleven shop speaking excessively his 16 twelvemonth old girlfriend on the phone. and that in his manus he had a carton of ice tea and a bag of ninepinss. when he noticed that Zimmerman was watching him. he become nervous and started running. stated Trayvons girlfriend. who was on the phone with him until merely seconds before he was killed.

There are some guesss about this instance could be a constabulary screen up. some of the informants who were questioned said they heard Trayvon shouting but the constabulary. corrected them and said it was Zimmermans shrieks they heard. Besides the constabulary didn’t want to relise the 911 calls that were made around the shot.

In one of the 911 calls you could clearly hear person shouting for aid. forensic voice designation experts Tom Owen and Ed Primo has taken this recording and run it trough some trials and their decisions is that the voice shriek is non the voice of George Zimmerman. This contradicts the statement that Zimmerman who claim this was an action of self-defense. told the constabulary that it was he who was shouting for aid. In the 911 call that Zimmerman made. he say at one point “They ever acquire away” at that clip he were trailing Trayvon. the operator told him to “Stand his ground” . and he didn’t demand to follow the male child. When Zimmerman was taken in to oppugning he told the constabulary that when he was traveling back to the auto Trayvon onslaught him. and he got clout in his olfactory organ and his had banged in the land

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But since they don’t have anything to emcee the voice of Trayvon to the record they cant be perfectly certain whom the shriek belong to. Zimmerman has besides a history of naming 911. when some immature African American male childs where traveling about. This leads us to the guesss about the instance could be a hatred offense. and because of this the instance has a batch of promotion. and followings. Many claim that if Trayvon vas a white male child this would ne’er had happen.

There are a batch of information from Trayvon Martin?s side of the instance. but there are small about information from Zimmerman’s point of weave. But in the Internet newspaper “The Week” they write that Trayvon had been suspended from school over an empty bag of marihuana. larceny. and graffito. and the male parent and brother of Zimmerman remark on the instance that Trayvon round and threatened to kill Zimmerman. .

March 21 in New York City hundred of peoples gathered for the “Million Hoodie March” to honor Trayvon.


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