In Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles. ” elements such as puting. personality. and behaviour are used to put the temper for this offense narrative. In this narrative. a adult female is being accused of killing her hubby. and what better than a drama to move out such a thing. I feel that through the usage of actions. costumes. and props. the ocular elements in this drama truly assist to convey out this slaying enigma to life. In the beginning of the drama. the scene starts out with the description of the house and its kitchen. This “abandoned farmhouse” ( pg. 909 ) is given the word picture of solitariness and somberness. The portraiture of the “gloomy kitchen” gives “signs of incompleted work” with “unwashed pans under the sink. a loaf of staff of life outside the bread-box. a dish-towel on the table” ( pg. 909 ) . All these of import visuals give off this feeling of a abandoned and vacant place. connoting its inhabitants’ need for a sudden flight. As the people begin to come in the place. the order in which they come in gives this impression of importance. The work forces: the County Attorney. Hale. and the Sheriff enter foremost and are “followed by the two woman” ( pg. 909 ) . As ever. the adult females are the secondary characters and merely play the functions of “extras” as their characters importance is diminished by their sex.

Subsequently on. when the work forces go upstairs to look for grounds at the offense scene. “ [ The adult females listen to the men’s stairss on the stepss. so look about the kitchen. ] ” ( pg. 913 ) . Once once more. the adult females are left behind and are of small concern to the work forces. These two adult females are non of importance so hence. make non hold the right to step into the room. This impression of lower status is portrayed throughout the full narrative as the work forces laugh at the adult females and the “unimportant” things that they do. This thought is subsequently emphasized when the County Attorney “ [ Kicks his pes against the pans under the sink. ] ” ( pg. 912 ) . This action shows the sloppiness that this adult male has for the woman’s house and or work. This is merely another manner that he is decreasing the woman’s housekeeping as he disturbs it more than it already is. Overall. the County Attorney shows nil more than discourtesy to the woman’s work by executing such an action. Following this. Mrs. Peters “ [ arranges the pans under the sink which the Lawyer had shoved out of place. ] ( pg. 912 ) .

This action shows the woman’s concern for the pans. in a signifier of regard to the widow‘s place. It besides brings about a connexion between the adult females who seem to understand one another in what truly concerns them in the place. What may look of small importance to the work forces. seemed to be of huge value to the adult females. This so brings about the difference of idea and behaviour between the two sexes. Overall. I felt the elements in the drama helped convey out the characters and issues in this narrative. With the usage of actions. the story’s secret plan every bit good as the scene gave the drama a sense of pragmatism. This likely would non hold been possible without the usage of such elements in the narrative. Visuals did more than plenty to add to the readers comprehension of the drama with the puting out such issues that became the key parts in the narrative. Without the usage of such elements. the readers would most probably non experience as connected with the narrative in respects to the deficiency of imagination that would normally be provided with such devices.

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