Math is my worst enemy. I really hate math since when I was in elementary because it gives me headache and it always irritates and annoys me especially when it comes in solving equations and problems. And I need to deal and associate mathematics with the experience of terrible and strict teachers. I Just hate the fact that some of my math teachers were too strict that cause me to hate them and their subject.

But, now that I am older, however, I need mathematics because I also have a growing curiosity and interest for It. And it’s even part of our daily activities in life and other. Despite of, hating mathematics I still have to manage to learn more about mathematics and love it as well. Experiences? There are many experiences that I encounter in learning mathematics. Mathematics is a challenging subject for me as being a senior high school student because it’s one of the major subjects in the academic curriculum in the High School Department.

And based on my experiences, I have a fear in the back of my mind that my knowledge and understanding of mathematics Is not sufficient enough. I also seem to have some problem grasping even the simplest mathematic questions, problems and equations. But now that I am a Senior high school student I promised to myself that I will conquer my fear in mathematics and educate myself. First meeting in Algebra class, Sir Scenic asks us If what Mathematics Is for us. I answered him: “Math Is complicated. ” Why complicated? Simply because It needs too much calculations, loving and proving.

It even stressed and depressed me Just to understand and learn our every day new topics. I’m also afraid that I might get a low grade during our long quizzes and activities. But, having Mr.. Ruben Cancel as our Math teacher Is a great and wonderful feeling because Sir Cancel Is part of the most well-known teacher In Bucolic Region when It comes to subject “Mathematics, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics and Calculus. ” Every moment of understanding Is a tremendous amount of fun. Mathematics Is also the key to our success.

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