When comparing the film Troy. directed by Wolfgang Petterson. and The Iliad. written by Greek poet Homer we can clearly see that although Petterson has made an first-class movie he has clearly left out certain facets of the Iliad which truly define the narrative. Both versions portray the Trojan War between Greece and Troy. Achilles killing Hector and King Priam sing Achilles to inquire for the organic structure of his boy Hector back. However both versions do non portray accurate versions of the battle between Menelaus and Paris. nor do they right explain why Helen has come to shack in Troy nor does the film portray the proper burial rights of the Greeks. This is due to the absence of the Gods and Goddesses in the film.

Now in order to compare the two we must foremost research what the film and narrative are both about and the narrative each one follows. The Iliad starts 9 old ages after the beginning of the Trojan War with the Achaean ( Greek ) ground forces busting the town of Chryse and taking two adult females. Chrysies and Briseis. Agamemnon claims Chrysies and Achilles claims Briseis. Neither nevertheless counted the fact that Chrysies’ male parent. Chryses was a Priest of Apollo. After Chryses offers a immense wages for the return of his girl and Agamemnon refuses he so prays to Apollo who in return sends a Plague upon the Achaean cantonment. Agamemnon consults the prophesier and learns he must return his award but in return he demands Briseis. Once hearing this. Achilles refuses to contend any longer in the war and holes himself up inside his collapsible shelter. Achilles filled with his ain fury and stupidity. asks his female parent Thetis is ask Zeus to fall in the side of the Trojans. the Army the Achaeans are contending against. Zeus complies and starts to convey his fury down upon the Achaean cantonment.

Finally Achilles feels bad about the actions that he has taken but still refuses to contend. He proposes a program with Nestor that his friend Patroclus will travel into conflict have oning his armor in order to raise the liquors of the Achaean ground forces. This program backfires and Patroclus ends up dead due to Apollo strike harding him to the land and Hector murdering him. Achilles now filled with fury about the decease of his beloved friend Patroclus. decides it is his clip to contend and sit out to conflict. He slays every Trojan penetration and even contend the river God Xanthus until he comes upon Hector. Achilles chases Hector around until Athena fast ones Hector into turning about to contend Achilles. cognizing that it will intend Hectors decease. Once Achilles lands the concluding blow he straps Hectors organic structure to the dorsum of his chariot and drags the organic structure around Patroclus’ funeral bier for 9 yearss. His organic structure nevertheless does non go tarnished as the Supreme beings have put a protective enchantment on it.

The Gods all eventually agree that Hector deserves a proper entombment and they send Hermes to escort King Priam. Hectors father. to Achilles collapsible shelter in order to inquire for his son’s organic structure back. Achilles gives up the organic structure and Hector receives his hero’s entombment. The film Troy follows a somewhat different narrative. The film opens with Agamemnon progressing his ground forces towards Thessaly. King Triopas ( King of Thessaly ) bargains with Agamemnon. reasoning that they should each show their best combatants and the battle can make up one’s mind who wins instead than holding a war. Achilles easy wins the battle and Agamemnon additions control over Thessaly. Meanwhile we see the Princes of Troy. Hector and Paris. in the Banquet hall belonging to King Menelaus of Sparta. Paris sneaks off to run into Helen. Menelaus’ married woman and convinces her to return to Troy with him. Once Menelaus finds out he vows to acquire retaliation on Troy and asks for the aid of his brother Agamemnon. Achilles and his immature cousin Patroclus are enlisted to assist acquire avenge on Troy.

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Achilles goes to seek advice from his female parent who warns him that if he goes to conflict against Troy he will happen ageless glorification but he will be doomed to decease. but if he stays and does non fight he will happen love. raise a household and dice as an old adult male. happy with life. Achilles with his love to contend joins the war against Troy. non believing in what his female parent has foretold of his destiny. Once they land on the shores of Troy. the instantly sack a nearby town which includes a temple of Apollo and Achilles takes one of the Priestesses. Briseis. as his award. unbeknown to him that she is the cousin of Hector and Paris. Agamemnon begins to claim that Briseis was his spoil of war which angers Achilles to the point in which he vows that one twenty-four hours Agamemnon will fall under his blade. We so see a cartridge holder of Helen trying to go forth Troy as she believes if she returns to Menelaus it will forestall more lives from being lost. Hector sees her and persuades her to remain. stating her she is a princess of Troy now. The following twenty-four hours. Agamemnon as his ground forces March to Troy and demand the return of Helen or a war would interrupt out.

Hector offers up his brother Paris to contend Menelaus in order to make up one’s mind who would acquire to maintain Helen. Just before Menelaus can present the decease blow. Paris crawls to his brother’s pess and fells behind him in cowardliness. Hector so delivers the decease blow to Menelaus which sparks of the beginning of the combat. As the combat progresses on the conflict field we see cartridge holders of Achilles and Briseis and we see that they have begun to fall in love. Achilles makes programs to return place with Briseis and his darling cousin Patroclus. As morning attacks on the conflict field we see Achilles siting into conflict which shocks everyone but raises their liquors. unbeknown to everyone it is really Patroclus have oning Achilles armor. Hector slits Achilles pharynx so removes his helmet to happen that it is non Achilles like everyone believed it to be but Patroclus. Hector who is now repenting what he has done. drives his blade through Patroclus’ thorax to complete him off. Achilles filled with fury at the loss of his cousin drives into conflict against the Trojans and slays Hector right outside the walls of Troy.

That dark Achilles is visited by King Priam inquiring for the return of his son’s organic structure. as Achilles had taken it after murdering him. Priam explains to Achilles that Hector didn’t know that it was Patroclus underneath the armor and asks Achilles how many brothers and cousins he has killed in his clip. He weeps over Hectors organic structure before giving it back to Priam and he allows Briseis to return to Troy with him. After non being attacked for 12 yearss the Trojans travel to the Grecian cantonment to happen a elephantine wooden Equus caballus. something they believe to be a gift of resignation. This is where the myth of the Trojan Equus caballus is intertwined with the narrative. The Trojans take the Equus caballus into the metropolis walls. unbeknown that it contains a whored of Grecian soldiers. Once dark autumn has appeared the Greeks Begin to assail. interrupting free from the Equus caballus. Achilles runs to be with Briseis but as he is with her Paris shoots him in the dorsum of his heel. killing him. The Greeks win the conflict and in the shutting scene of the movie we see Achilles organic structure on a funeral pyre within the ruins of Troy.

As we can see from reading over both relation of the narrative. they appear greatly different. The Iliad merely covers a little sum of the conflict of Troy compared the film which attempts to portray the whole war in a affair of yearss alternatively of the 11 + old ages the war raged on. The Iliad besides has a proper representation of entombment in comparing to the film ; Homer dedicated a whole book of the Iliad to the ideals of Grecian Burial. In the film we see wrong entombments of both Patroclus and Achilles. In the film we see them being burned directly off on the funeral pyre alternatively of the elaborate entombment rights they received in the Iliad such as the coins over their eyes to pay the ferryman Chiron and the proper funeral emanation before morning. This characteristic upset me as Peterson objective in this film was to portray the Greeks in an accurate was utilizing the Iliad as his get downing point yet he has failed to make so. Another facet of the film I feel does non reflect the Iliad was the deficiency of inclusion affecting the Gods.

In the Iliad the Greek Gods played a big portion of the narrative and in comparing with the film they don’t truly play a function at all. they are non-existent. Homer truly emphasized the Gods. including them in all facets of his books. Homer has besides emphasized that they were the cause of the Trojan War. conveying us back to a narrative which occurred merely before the Iliad at the beginning of the Trojan War in which Paris was chosen to be the justice of a beauty competition affecting Athena. Artemis and Aphrodite. He chose Aphrodite and as a wages he gained her favor and was allowed any adult female in the word he so desired. Paris being immature and now thought of the effects he chose Helen of Sparta ( who so became known as Helen of Troy ) . This angered Menelaus. Helens hubby and he declared was on Troy. We can compare this to the film Troy which shows us that the cause of the war besides Helen traveling to Troy but non because she was compelled by Aphrodite but because she had fallen in love with Paris. she went to Troy on her ain free will cognizing the effects that would happen. In the Iliad Aphrodite saves Paris’ life during the battle between him and Menelaus.

Merely before he goes to present the decease blow. Aphrodite blows in a storm and whisks Paris back to his Chamberss to be with Helen. Menelaus becomes enraged and so he declares war. We can compare this to the film in which merely before Menelaus delivers the decease. Paris crawls to his brother’s pess in cowardliness and so Hector slays Menelaus. Both these scenes though meant to be the same are instead different as one consequences in the decease of Menelaus and the other does non. Other Gods are besides portrayed in the Iliad such as Hermes. who guides King Priam to Achilles collapsible shelter safely so that he can inquire for the return of his boy Hectors organic structure while in the film ; King Priam makes the journey by himself. Apollo is another God who is mostly featured in the Iliad but non in the film. Apollo is one of the cardinal figures in the Iliad as he is the 1 who sends the pestilence upon the Achaean cantonment and he allows Hector to kill Patroclus which leads Achilles to go involved in the war once more. Apollo was the 1 who truly kick started off the combat between the two rival ground forcess even though he is non the God of war. Hephaestus. a God frequently forgotten was one time once more forgotten in the film. He did play a portion in the Iliad nevertheless. He forged Achilles new armor for him as a favor to Thetis before Achilles went to conflict.

These disregarded facets in the film truly enraged me as Petersons ideals in the film Troy were to seek and accurately demo Grecian lifestyle and war yet he failed by go forthing out a immense facet which was involved in this. the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. I personally feel that the film should hold included the Gods as many others like myself most likely feel the same. The Gods were an indispensable portion of Grecian life style. The bases of their full civilisation were based upon the will of the Gods and Peterson has seemed to merely bury this. One more difference between the Iliad and Troy which managed to thwart me vastly was the wrong representation of Briseis in the film and the complete deficiency of Chrysies.

In the Iliad the snatch of Chrysies is what started the pestilence in the Achaean cantonment. another facet that seemed to be forgotten. which so led to Achilles choler as Chrysies was returned and Briseis became wanted by Agamemnon and his eventual refusal to contend. In the film Chrysies has merely seemed to disappear from being and Briseis is now a cousin of Hector and Paris. Not to advert that in the movie Achilles wasn’t be aftering to contend as he wished to be with Briseis as he had fallen in love with her. The movie portrays Homers character of Briseis wholly incorrect and has forgotten a chief accelerator character. As person who had cognition of the Iliad before seeing the movie it absolutely enraged me. As one can evidently see Wolfgang Peterson has made an wrong representation of Greek life style and war and I personally hope that if he makes another film which originally was a book I will ne’er hold to see it. I besides hope that he comes to his senses and makes another proper representation of what he wanted to accomplish.


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