Isabelle Hammond was not your normal 17 year old, yes she went to school and had friends, got into trouble with parents, teachers and the police but not for the typical things. Isabelle had everything but she gave it all up for one boy, the boy she loves. Isabelle is actually me and this is timeline of events that changed my life forever!

I have always known I was adopted ever since I was small but until year seven of comprehensive school I thought I was an only child until I found out that I actually had a sister and brother that were my age and a younger brother in the year below.

And I have always been into music and musicals I got told it was because of my mum, she died performing. By the time I was eleven I had already broken quite a few world records for music.

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I was always one for the boys. I always had a boyfriend and had snogged countless boys. There was a rumor going round that I had shagged a few but they weren’t true. As far as sex was concerned I was waiting for “The moment” as they say.

Before September 2008 and before year ten in school I had always ‘loved and lost’ but this year was going to be different, I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to date anyone until I had finished my GCSEs in year eleven!. I actually was keeping to my word as well I had no boyfriends even though countless boys had tried including one of my friend’s boyfriend. But as the months moved on and soon one of the boys me and Kay knew from primary started to hang round with us and break and lunchtimes and strangely enough we became close.

And because he didn’t have internet I agreed to download a song for him because I wanted to have it as well, but as I got home that evening I had forgotten the title of the song, the stress of an exam I had coming up had made my memory really bad. So I decided to text him and find out what the song was called because I asked Kay for his number, and we got texting to each other and he answered the question I asked him in school that day which was ‘who he liked in our school’ I was over the moon he said he liked me, he asked me out!

The next day I had to keep this a secret from my friends in school, when they asked me who he likes I just bluffed them and said it was someone from another school but I knew different. After a few days when he got back from Essex I could finally tell the girls, one of my friends said she had guessed that we liked each other because of the way we were with each other on the St Fagan’s trip we went on a few days before, funny enough I worked out he liked me then after all when I started to get close to him he didn’t push me away.

But about a week or more later I found out that my band had a UK and America tour coming up but Mark didn’t know about the band at all so either I told him or I try and buff him and most probably fail, I decided to tell him and he took it quite well, I told him that he could come along on the tour with us as most of the band bring their girlfriends and boyfriends.

So the date was set for the tour the two weeks before hand the whole band was in the studio to practice and we all stayed round our manager’s house so we could get the load down of the tour day-by-day. On the first day the boys took it in turns to have a shower as me and the girls had one before we left, Jay and Rick didn’t know us girls were in the ‘living room’ they thought we were down stairs in the tour bus sorting our stuff out so they came out with nothing on Jay chuckled to himself while twirling very sexily like a lady.

“Very big!” I cried then he went red and covered himself over. I think I was kinda drunk as me and the girls had had a few cans. Mark laughed at the other two quietly to himself.

“Your turn babe” I slurred as I slapped Mark in on the thigh.

“Are you drunk?” Mark half slurred back pointing his finger at me.

“Maybe but I can still perform lol” I slurred back with a wink.

“You’re too young to be thinking of that!” He laughed.

“Get over it! I’ve been worse than this in the middle of a class in school!” I cried, I didn’t have a drinking problem and wasn’t a big slut but just loved being a rebel.

“You’re so naughty!” Mark said getting closer to me

“ooo, what are you gonna do about it then Mark baby!” I whispered in his ear

“This” he whispered back and kissed me.

Within a few moments I noticed that everyone had left the room and there was a quick note which said ‘get a room and stop making out in front of your friends princess’

“Princess?” Mark questioned

“Yeah it’s my nickname I always act like a princess” I replied as I got closer to him and then started to whisper in his ear “and I always get treated like one as well”

Later that evening I got a chance to phone home to see how my sister is, and I told her everything and I found out that she broke up with her boyfriend over her ex which didn’t make me happy at all, I liked her boyfriend we were friends and we helped each other in maths but I still went to bed that night with a smile on my face.

I made my way into the bathroom and put my make up on. Lots of foundation, blusher, mascara and eyeliner with shimmering eye shadow and sparkling lips to match. I climbed into my clothes. Mini Skirt tight top showing my boobs off (seen as they were bigger than most of the girls in my year) and 3 inch heels. I blasted McFly from my stereo while doing my hair in loose curls that made my blonde hair shine.

I wandered upstairs wanting some breakfast. As I got there Jay was already making breakfast for him and Lyndz (It is surprising how close them two have gotten) and Lyndz was laughing at Jay top that said “I have the body of a god…….It’s a shame that god is Buddha!”, I think I got him that for his birthday about a year ago. We all hanged round up by the table until the rest of the guys came up for food (that’s all they ever do eat, sleep, and drink).

Mark walked over to the table and sat next to me.

“How are you today Love?” I said winking at him.

” Alright, are you coming tonight?” he asked


“You’re all too young, let’s stay in instead” Andrew shouted with his head stuck in the mini fridge.

“Fine!” Jay pouted “do you drink much nowadays then princess?”

“Err…try the night before last?”

Jay remembered back to the first night of the tour and me and Mark kissed.

“Don’t remind me!” he said. “Anyway, we’ll be getting pissed tonight, you joining in??”

“yep why not?” I giggled.

It came to the evening and the boys were opening the cans and bottles.

Soon the whole band was pissed and we were all flirting more and more with each other. Next Mark was pressing close against me and whispering crap into my ear but I liked it.

Next we were kissing and then he lead me down the stairs into the cabin. He pushed me down onto the bed and everything went black…..

I woke up naked, nothing changes there. Scrabbling round for some clothes my head pounded. I realized Jessie was still sleeping in the bed opposite and Lyndz was Sleeping above but Jay and Mark were no where to be seen.

Scrabbling up the stairs your head got worse and worse.

Jay sat behind the table grinning.

“Got paracetamol?” I begged

“Yeh” He handed me two and a glass of water.

“You’re a life saver, I really love you” I said in relief.

“Urmm, I love you too!” he laughed. ” Remember anything from Last night?”

“Nope! I remember Mark whispering something in my ear and that’s about it. Why what happened?”

Mark opened the door to the toilet and walked out coming to sit next to me.

“We kissed I took downstairs, we kissed some more and that was it”

“Okay” I said not convinced but not wanting to believe anything else had happened. But as my headache eased I started remembering things.

I escaped into the bathroom to have a wash and remembered feeling a sharp pain shooting through your body. Then I remembered Mark moaning and breathing heavily. *we both did!*

The next day was the first stop it was in London near to where my uncle lives, so us girls decided to leave the boys and go and visit him. As we got nearer to his house we bumped into one of his friends who told us he was in work down in the west end, sounds like my uncle. We got there are saw him he was rehearsing for Hairspray that’s another thing that sounds like my uncle. As he finished he walked towards us with the usual gift bags, and said that he bought tickets for our family and friends from stage school he’s always been that kind to us.

As it was getting late and we had a concert to prepare for we said goodbye and left. We got to the London arena and were getting ready for the first concert stop, me and the girls in the usual mini skirt and the boys as boring as normal in shirts and tee-shirts and then their famous jeans. Then we went on stage.

As we finished the concert and came off stage I found my elder sister, Star waiting backstage saying that Andrew had asked if she wanted to come along with us on the rest of the tour and maybe join in on a few of the songs I was excited showing my sister everything but I knew that when we get to the Cardiff stop then her ‘ex’ would be there this made me very worried that it might cause friction.

After a few weeks Mark and I got much closer and so did Jay and Lyndz I felt sorry for Star and Jessie because they were on their own we would have to sort that one out.


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