To bring information to poor high school learners about institutions of higher learning through career days Paving a road for learners to higher academic institutions by providing information Providing career counseling Conducting social life skills projects at high schools. About Disenchants Disenchants is one of the rural areas in Limp Province. It is situated km north of Moaning (formerly known as Potentiometers) in Monongahela municipality within Wattenberg District, Limp Province. It’s the future potential platinum mining area.

It is producing some of the most influential people in the Wattenberg District, Province and country. Is the village which has produced Medical Doctors, Engineers, and many other ceramics . The following are names of some of the people from Disenchants who are contributing positively in the development of this country: Call K Balboa (current Mayoral Committee member: Wattenberg District) Organizers Disenchants career day is an initiative in-waiting by youth from, Disenchants who value and understand the importance of education. They are currently in different parts of the country busy with their ceramics and work.

They all share one common goal which is to give back to the community which raise them. Career Day AIM: Is to provide information and career guidance to learners from grade 10 – 12 OBJECTIVES: * Motivate learners to take education serious. * Provide in-depth information on their career choice or field they intent to study after metric. * Provide information regarding bursaries, NAIFS, Scholarships and Institutions of higher learning such as Universities, University of Technology and Feet’s. * Provide career counseling. About 2500 learners from Disenchants village and surrounding villages will participate in the Career Day.

We intend to have the following institutions and personnel on the Career Day: Motivational speakers. * Different stands of companies and departments offering information. * Monongahela Municipality officials and strategic institutions supporting the event The above mentioned institutions and personnel are important in making the Career Day to be successful. Marketing Career Day will be marked using the following channels of communication: * School visit * Social Media such as Backbone and Twitter. * Youth radio programmer * Mass meetings * Swords * Print Media such as banners and posters General

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An event like this will help to motivate learners to work hard towards achieving their goals and to be passionate about the career or field of study they intend to take. The aim is to invite all stakeholders and institutions which share the same dream like us to be part of the movement. They can assist by: * Any kind of help which will make Career Day a success * Sent representatives who will motivate and provide learners with information and assist on how their institutions can help to make learners dreams a reality. Institutions of higher learning can send representatives to offer information, prospectus and application forms.


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