Robyn woke up early one morning in winter, due to feeling chilled throughout. She slid out of bed and slipped on her dressing gown and approached the window. She opened the curtains and as far as the eye could see everything had disappeared under a blanket of snow. Robyn was surprised by the heavy downfall of snow because of the intense humidity they had been experienced just yesterday, so this weather was certainly unseasonable. The snow looked crisp and pure.

As she looked through the austere nakedness of the trees far into the distance the buildings and forest were clearly defined against the ultramarine sky. It was almost if they were awash in the refracted moonlight. The outskirts of her garden gave way onto the forest and the ghostly silhouettes of the over-grown trees were luminous against the brilliant white snow. She closed the curtains and slid back into bed. She was soon swathed by a snug, warm comforting feeling.

Robyn awoke a couple of hours later. She was awakened by an annoying buzzing sound, which vibrated in her ear. It was her alarm clock. Her eyes narrowed and her stare became fixed. She then slammed her hand down on the snooze button and sat up. She opened her curtains. The snow was still falling dramatically. The snowflakes looked symmetrical and as they caught the projected rays from the low-lying sun they shimmered, and then settled slowly on the ground.

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Half an hour later she was walking down the stairs. The smell of bacon and sausages tantalized her taste buds. She opened the kitchen door and her typical English breakfast was laid out for her. It was as if a magnetic force was drawing her towards the food.

“Hello Robyn, how are you this fine summer, well judging by the weather winter morning?” Her mom happily said when she greeted her daughter.

” Fine I can’t for school though this holiday has dragged on,” Robyn replied. Her reply was weak and her words dragged on.

“Still sleeping over Michelle’s tonight?”

“Typical,” Robyn thought, ” Her mother was such an upbeat person even at quarter to seven in the morning!”

“Yes I am, I’ll be back at about six o’clock tomorrow night”

Robyn’s mother had long, blonde hair and it flowed down her back like a peaceful river. Her eyes sparkled like two stars in the darkened sky at nightfall. Robyn on the other hand had brown hair and she moved feline grace and she resembled a striking model.

“Love are you alright? You were staring into space. You don’t need to worry about school you are extremely clever and any obstacles you can overcome”

” Yes I’m fine, you really care about me don’t you?”

” You’re my daughter and my family is the most important thing to me”

” You sure about that? Also it’s a Shame dad doesn’t believe the same thing or he would be here now, wouldn’t he?” Robyn said with a hint of irritation present in her voice.

” He had to go away to clear his head. Our marriage is at breaking point. Don’t you understand the whole world can’t revolve around you,” Jackie said raising her voice. Robyn mechanically shovelled her food into her mouth. An awkward silence like mist settled around the two occupants of the kitchen. It lingered for quite some time. Robyn pulled on her coat and as she opened the front door she met by a winter wonderland. The sluggish sunrise had taken effect on the night sky. She walked out of the door without a glance back at the once so family orientated home.

Robyn couldn’t wait to walk through the streets. To make the first marks in the perfect snow. She bent down and she picked up the slushy solid and let out a giggle. It was as if her inner child wanted to escape and go frolic in the virgin snow. She decided to walk the long way to Southern college because she wanted to enjoy the snow.

The building loomed over Robyn as she approached the door, as if it was a monster trying to entice Robyn into the school and keep her confined in the monotonous cycle that is school education

Robyn was attending the last lecture of the day. The room was compact and because there was a large quantity of people there was an increase in amount of heat generated. Robyn felt overwhelmed. Not only was the lecturer’s voice a boring drone, he looked starry eyed, lifeless in fact. Almost like a computerised robot. During his lesson she went into a trance and as you looked into her eyes a fantasy world was unfolding. Before she knew it the lesson was over.

Outside the snow had disappeared and the sun was shining prominently. The streets were buzzing with people. The sound of the ice cream man could be heard in the distance

“Hi Robyn,” said Michelle breathless, “I’m so sorry but just a minute ago saying that my granddad has been admitted to hospital, so you can’t stop at mine tonight”

“Its alright I hope your granddad gets better, see you later”

“Ok bye”

“Great,” Robyn thought, ” I can go home and send some time with my mom”

Tumble Down forest stood dominantly just beyond the outskirts of Robyn’s little village. The forest had literally sucked the life from the surrounding areas. Just before you enter all you can see is darkness and as soon as you step in the darkness engulfs you. It is as if it is trying to confine you. The overgrown trees leaned over and the tips of their branches touched, so sunlight was blocked out. The branches resembled fingers and it was like they were reaching down to grab her. Keep her in eternal darkness. On the ground were fallen twigs and leaves and one step sent eerie noises echoing all over the forest. Some dew dripped on Robyn’s head, like tears of pity. The westerly wind whistled and caused the trees to groan and it sounded like desiccated voices.

As she walked on the sight of two bright, orange eyes startled her. The eyes stared balefully at her. Normally she wouldn’t be scared about going through this dreary, untended forest, but she experienced an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach. The feeling was emanated from the darkness that surrounded her. A tap on her shoulder made her blood run cold. Her heart was racing and the colour drained out of her face. She slowly turned round. Feeling relieved her eyes widened and sparkled.

“Oh my god what are you doing here da………..” In went the knife, straight through her stomach. The blood gurgled out of her mouth and tears rolled down her face. Her lips compressed tightly and she gritted her teeth. Her body went limp. Deathly silence. They looked up at the sky and their eyes glowed. It was like their body was being taken over by evil spirits and they let out a high-pitched laugh. The laughter sounded like that of a deranged psychopath. Startled birds retreated from their nests and flew away high into the sky. They then started to drag her body away and her arms flapped onto the ground. It was as if she was reaching out for help.

Jackie was in the kitchen at four o’clock in the afternoon the next day cooking Robyn’s favourite meal. The smell of bangers and mash filled the house with a warm, sensational feeling. Sudden downfalls of hailstones were sent plinking against the window. Jackie looked out of the kitchen window. The street was awash and the cars glistened with big, cold raindrops from the previous downfall. Tumble Down forest looked rain swept. It loomed blackly against the indigo sky. The phone rang.

“Hello, Jackie speaking”

“Hello, can I speak to Robyn please? It’s Michelle”

“What do you mean? She is with you,” Jackie said with a hint of confusion in her voice.

“No she is not with me because yesterday my granddad was rushed into hospital, so she couldn’t stay the night”

Jackie turned pale and her eyes moved rapidly from side to side.

“No, no, no…” Jackie dropped the receiver and froze on the spot. She went into a shocked trance. The phone went dead.

“She can’t have gone missing,” Jackie’s mind went into turmoil. Hunger. Dehydration perhaps. Lonely. Scared. Hurt. Dead. Kidnapped.

Mr Jones was taking his daily route through Tumble Down forest, with his bulldog, Ebony. Mr Jones wasn’t frightened about going through this dismal forest, as he had his pride and joy to protect him. Ebony was not your typical stereotype of a dog, cuddly and loveable. He had bloodshot eyes and two sharp fangs and he would be constantly foaming at the mouth. He was like the devil’s dog, straight from dark depths of hell. The dog suddenly went crazy and bounded off. Mr Jones with his scrawny arms could not hold such a monstrous animal.

” Ebony my lovely. Come here boy.” His words were conspicuous. Distinguished. Rallied around in the hollowing silence. “Ebony!”

He wondered over to a tangled mass of grass. Where Ebony was sitting. Innocently chewing away at a piece of meat. A putrid smell hit Mr Jones’s nostrils. He bent down and slowly began to unravel the grass. Two partially distorted eyes stared straight at him, lifeless. Droplets of blood stained her face. Mr Jones cautiously peeled back the grass and was disgusted at the sight. There lay was a rotting corpse. The open wound in her stomach oozed pus. Insects were charging all over her flesh, like a lion that has been let out onto edible prey. Suddenly a hoard of cockroaches appeared from her gaping mouth.

“BANG!!!!” One shot. One shot was all it took to literally blow his brains out. The steps of his attacker faded away into the distance. A deathly silence settled lie mist on the forest, leaving only a feeling of yet another death as the body slowly decayed. The attacker stopped and looked up at the sky and their eyes glowed. It was like their body was being taken over by evil spirits and they let a high-pitched laugh. The laughter sounded like that of a deranged psychopath. Startled birds retreated from their nests and flew away deep into the sapphire sky.


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