Tupac Shakur Is Still Alive Essay, Research Paper

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Tupac Shakur Is Still Alive

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On September 7, 1996, Tupac Amaru Shakur was siting in the rider side of a black BMW driven by Marion Suge Knight, president of Death Row Records. Tupac and Suge had merely finished watching Mike Tyson licking Bruce Seldon at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tupac was standing up through the sunshine-roof while the auto was stopped at a traffic visible radiation. The Cadillac incorporating the gunslingers passed an cortege of Tupac? s Alliess, many of them escorts. Four unidentified work forces pulled aboard Suge? s auto, fired 13 unit of ammunitions, and sped off. No 1 gives pursuit and there were no informants on the street. How come? Why non, particularly after a heavyweight battle? Tupac was shot in multiple topographic points including his pelvic girdle, manus, and trunk. Suge was grazed in the caput w/ a bullet of a slug fragment. On Friday, September 13, 1996, he was reportedly pronounced dead at 4:03 p.m. at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas. But, did he truly decease? There are many leery inside informations about his going that contribute to this theory. It is supposed that Tupac is still alive b/c of things said before and after his decease, actions done before and after his decease, and other studies.

? I got a large money strategy, and you ain? t even wit? it, ? 2Pac provinces in the vocal? I Ain? T Mad At Cha. ? 2Pac surely earned a batch of money by forging his decease. His LP All Eyez On Me ( 1996 ) , knap? s foremost 2 phonograph record album, shooting back up to the Billboard top 10 in the hebdomads following his decease. His latest Cadmium, The Don Killuminati: The Seven-Day Theory, recorded under the assumed name Makaveli, debuted on the Billboard charts as the figure one album in the state. By selling 664,000 transcripts, it surpassed the? gold? tableland in one hebdomad and is now a multi-platinum hit. Gross saless of his other Cadmium? s besides increased dramatically, w/ his 3rd solo album, Me Against the World ( 1995 ) , really mounting back onto the Billboard charts.

Las Vegas is a final payment metropolis, intending all kinds of folks have been known to be on the return, like attorneies, physicians, imperativeness, etc. When Tupac was in the Las Vegas infirmary and one of his lungs was removed, the physicians were tight-lipped about his status. One nurse made the public statement that Tupac would populate and that she was positive of it. The fact that a trained medical professional stated clearly that 2Pac would populate shows that his status may hold been much better than what was reported at the clip. Suge Knight released a statement that in an interview that after the shot occurred, 2Pac was awake and doing conversation in the vehicle. Apparently, Suge was seeking to happen a infirmary and 2Pac laughed before stating, ? Why are you taking me to the infirmary, you? re the 1 who got shot in the head. ? Possibly the most urgent piece of grounds that he is still alive International Relations and Security Network? T what has been said, but has remained unexpressed. Time magazine studies that constabulary spokesman Phil Roland said, ? We? re puzzled that his whole cortege had their caputs turned and didn? t see anything. ?

Actions have been taken that lead us to assume that 2Pac has to still be alive. A bulk of these actions were taken by 2Pac himself. In interviews prior to the shot, he discussed how he wanted to halt rapping, being a mobster, and step out of the spotlight. Approximately one month before the shot occurred, Tupac recorded a new picture for the vocal? I Ain? T Mad At Cha. ? In this picture, 2Pac walks out of a Las Vegas nine and is changeable much in the mode of how his decease had truly occurred. He dies in the ambulance and goes to heaven. Is the fact that the September 7th hiting closely resembles his picture highly coinciding or was it planned? Besides, while on the topic of picture, in the picture? To Live and Die in L.A. ? he wore a brace of the new Jordan? s before they even came out. Tupac

? s name alteration besides leads one to believe his decease has been faked. Back in early 1996, when he released All Eyez On Me, he had a few paths that featured a group that he was portion of called the Outlaw Immortalz. Here is where his name alteration started. He selected his assumed name to be Makaveli, though spelled otherwise, is a anonym for the sixteenth century Italian philosopher Nicolo Machiavelli. Machiavelli wrote a book titled The Prince, in which the chief character fakes his decease in order to gull his enemies. 2Pac studied Machiaveli in deepness while in prison, was a fan, and had read his books several times. Possibly Tupac was taking his advice? He surely has enemies on the East seashore, most of who are connected to Bad Boy Entertainment, a challenger of Death Row. In 1994, 2Pac was shot five times in New York City while he was on his manner to the studio, and he claimed that Bad Boy had something to make with the failed hit. In any instance, his name alteration became to the full complete on his posthumous album, where he states in the brochure, ? Exit: 2Pac, Enter: Makaveli. ? An eerie three-fingered handprint besides appears on the interior of the Makaveli brochure. Tupac had two of his fingers shot off during the September 7th shot. Is it happenstance? It is unusual that an necropsy was ne’er performed on the organic structure ( since when Don? T you autopsy a slaying victim? ) , and 2Pac? s household reportedly cremated his organic structure the twenty-four hours after he died. No one exterior of the household has seen Tupac? s dead organic structure, other than the physicians, who could hold easy been paid off with Tupac? s wealths. These actions, both before and after the shot, are unusual and point to the fact that Tupac Amaru Shakur is still alive.

Other studies have been published that point to the fact that Tupac isn? t dead. One such listing came from Chuck D, once of the group Public Enemy. Chuck states many grounds as to why Tupac International Relations and Security Network? T dead, and when they are added together they point to the consensus that he is still alive. One tip-off is that Tupac purportedly died on Friday the thirteenth. He besides explains that Tupac? s forthcoming films and music will sack immense successes in the hereafter, and has since his decease, 2Pac has since his decease released three films, three LPs and has done legion couples. He wonders why 2Pac ever wore a bulletproof vest even to the 1996 MTV Music Awards, but didn? Ts have one on the dark of a public event like a Tyson battle. 2Pac even provinces in his music that he ever wore one. In the vocal? Lord Knows, ? he says? Everyday is a trial, have on my bullet-proof waistcoat? ? Besides in the vocal? I See Death Around the Corner, ? he comments? Pack a rod in district attorney waistcoat under my apparels as I frock? ? Both vocals appear on the Me Against the World album. The last statement that he makes is that he makes is inquiring why memorial services were canceled in Los Angeles and Atlanta, both of which were unfastened to the populace.

One counterargument that may misdirect people into believing that Tupac is still alive is the fact that an autopsy image and study were released. Have you of all time been standing in a food market line and go on to see The National Inquirer? Well, if so, so you know how images can be altered, right? Besides, on the autopsy study, it states that he weighed 215 lbs when he merely weighed 168. Not merely that, but it besides declares that he was 6? 2? when he was merely 5? 10? .

Another counterargument that is seeking to confute his still being alive is that his female parent is traveling around the state speech production of her boy? s decease. Of class she or anyone for that fact, that knows that he is still alive International Relations and Security Network? T traveling to acknowledge it. He purportedly faked his decease, so why would anyone blow his screen by acknowledging that he is still around?

Once one summarizes all the grounds, the things said before and after his decease, actions before and after his decease, among other studies, it becomes obvious that Tupac Amaru Shakur is non dead.

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