Tyler is the narrator of Twisted. He considers himself an unpopular kid entering his senior year of high school who is constantly struggling with suicidal thoughts. He has always been a small guy who is teased mercilessly and hence he tries to stay under the radar. However, he decides to make a name for himself and uses graffiti to do so. However, he is caught for this behavior and put on probation. He has to do community service. This leads to him beefing up and taking on a whole new body look. This leads to Tyler gaining the attention of Bethany, the most popular girl of the high school.

Tyler is in love with with Bethany and enjoys her attention and continues to daydream about being with her. Bethany’s twin brother, Chip, a jock and super popular guy, continues to try to make Tyler’s life miserable. Tyler continues to struggle with school, his family. and gaining more attention from Bethany, when she invites him to a huge party after a football game on Halloween. He shows up late because he has to walk to get there and she is already wasted. At the party she puts the move on, but he decides not to take advantage and does not go further with it.

She is furious and stomps away from him, calling him names. As the party turns into a brawl, Tyler finds her and then sees Chip slumped over in his car, so he drives them and Chip’s friend, Parker, home. During the drive, Parker and Bethany start making out in the backseat. Tyler is furious and tries to stop it, but they won’t and he leaves them in the driveway of Chip and Bethany’s house and walks home. The next day pictures of Bethany appear on the Internet of her posed and naked. Tyler is suspected and the police show up. Tyler’s father is outraged because Bethany’s father is his boss.

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The school shuns him and he is suspended from interacting with other students to avoid conflicts while the investigation is taking place. Tyler continues to contemplate suicide as his life tumbles out of control. Finally, he decides to run away on his 18th birthday. However, he gets his father’s gun and actually puts it in his mouth, but decides not to go through with it. He calls his friend Yoda and they go to a batting cage for Tyler to work out some energy and then Tyler throws the gun and bullets in the river. He decides to take control of his life, re-does his school schedule, sees his probation officer nd heads home. The police show up and confirm his innocence which is pleasing to his mom and sister. However, the happiness doesn’t last long, as his father shows up. His father has lost his job and blames Tyler. There is a blow-up at the house, but Tyler stands his ground with his father. He then spends the evening at his friend, Yoda’s house. In the morning, when he goes home, his father is sitting on the porch outside the house. They speak a bit and make some progress. They have breakfast together and hug. His father says that he will try to do better.

Tyler sees progress happening in his life and wants to make wise choices moving forward. Tyler Miller is the main character and narrator of Twisted. He considers himself an unpopular kid entering his senior year of high school who is constantly struggling with suicidal thoughts. He has always been a small guy who is teased harshly and he tries to stay under the radar. He finishes up his community service requirement by spreading tar on the roof of the high school. He committed the “Foul Deed,” which included spray painting graffiti on the high school with insults toward the principal, Mr.

Hughes. Bethany Milbury, who is the most popular girl in school, is seen by Tyler at the car wash in the parking lot and he daydreams about her. Tyler’s mother and father then arrive to pick him up. Tyler’s father is a “Corporate Tool” and is very unhappy that his son got into trouble. His mother is a sweet woman, but a bit of a drunk. Bethany comes over to say hello and speak to his mother, but Tyler is speechless, staring at the goddess that he believes Bethany to be. The family including Tyler and his parents, along with his sister, Hannah, are driving to the Milburys’ house.

Mr. Milbury is Tyler’s father’s boss and they are there for an end of summer get together. Tyler’s father emphasizes that Tyler should be an asset and not a liability at the party. Conflict starting to rise between Tyler’s parents, as they are underdressed, thought it was potluck and not actually personally invited. They hide the pasta salad in a bush as Mrs. Milbury approaches and welcomes them to the party. The introductions take place at the party, as Tyler’s father, Mr. Miller, wants to speak business with Mr. Milbury, but this is neither the time nor place for it.

Chip, Mr. Milbury’s son and Bethany’s twin brother, joins the group and soon an arm wrestling competition is on between Chip and Tyler. Chip has long been a bully to Tyler, but with his new physique from working outdoors all summer, Tyler is stronger. However, he lets Chip win his father. Chip celebrates his win with his friends. Mr. Milbury forces him to shake Tyler’s hand as part of being a good sport. As the time of a toast is announced, Chip pushes Tyler, although nobody sees him, and Tyler falls into Bethany and waiters with trays full of glasses.

Bethany was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, though others at the party stopped the bleeding before they arrived. Tyler’s father tries to convince his boss it wasn’t Tyler’s fault. Tyler then asks a doctor to help him commit suicide. Chapter 8 brings us into the Miller home and Tyler is in his room playing a video game, Tophet, which has the player working his way through the levels of Hell. Also, there is a peep into a day of Tyler’s childhood, when his grandfather and father are upset with him for not taking a catcher out to score a run in his Little League championship game.

When he keeps drowning in level 42 of Hell, he finally goes to bed. Tyler spends his last Saturday of summer working, digging a hole as his part of a landscaping job. Yoda, Tyler’s best friend, has a crush on his younger sister, Hannah. Tyler doesn’t want to hear about it or talk about the incident with Bethany either. After lunch, he loses himself in the work of digging. Later on Tyler goes home and he sees nobody is around and eats a bowl of cereal for dinner by himself. When he notices his dad is home, but down in the basement, he doesn’t speak to him.

Some good memories are shared of Cub Scout Wilderness Weekend and his father and him having fun together. Tyler’s parents no longer share a bedroom. Tyler goes to his room and thinks about running away and death – two things which are often on his mind. Tyler finally waking at around noon and notices a nice freshly baked cake. His mom tells him it is for the Milburys and that he is going to deliver it. He thinks he can get out of it, but finds out his dad also wants him take it to them. Tyler rehearses what he will say to Bethany when he gets to her house, as the cake starts to melt in the heat.

When he arrives, he stumbles over his words, but Mrs. Milbury is gracious and asks him to come in and see Bethany. Bethany’s mom heads out to get her new crutches, since Chip broke hers and Tyler is left with Bethany. He finally apologizes by groveling on the floor, but Bethany pulls him up and invites him to eat some cake with her. Bethany eats cake and Tyler watches her as his fantasizes about her. When Bethany needs to use the restroom, Tyler carries her up the stairs because she can’t walk and he is too tall for her to hang on. The perfect moment is interrupted by Chip’s arrival.

He’s there to take Bethany to try out crutches and is not happy to see Tyler with his sister. He leaves, dazed because Bethany said she will see him tomorrow. It is now Tyler’s first day of school, as he wakes up late and pulls on clean clothes. His sister, Hannah has a different idea, forces him to change clothes, and then fixes his hair for him. Tyler arrives at school and the other students are noticing him much more than they previously had. The principal, Mr. Hughes reminds him that he is watching him. His sister is actually happy to know that Tyler’s reputation is starting to change a bit from just being a nerd.

Then she alters her clothes and heads into school. Tyler has an extremely tough schedule. It includes Calculus, AP English, French IV, AP Art History, and AP US Government and Politics, which were all forced on him by his parents after his misdeed. On his way home, he figures out he has at least 6 hours of homework on the first day. He decides he will have to discuss this with his dad after dinner. Tyler tries speaking with his father about changing his schedule, but his dad is firm. While Tyler dreams of fighting him, he doesn’t and looses the battle.

Tyler’s dad tells him he has to stop working so he can stay in the classes and do well. Tyler mentions that he will be 18 in November, but his father ignores him and goes back to his work. Tyler’s mom makes excuses for his dad and Tyler goes to his room. Tyler relays a memory of seeing a plane crash and fantasizing about how it would have been to be in it. He does quit his job as his father demanded, but breaks a CD which his father likes as revenge before leaving for school the next day. Tyler feels happier as Bethany smiles at him in homeroom every day for 2 weeks.

He is amazed because she is speaking with him and he manages to meet her between classes to carry her books for her. The bad news is his grades quickly becoming doomed. Also, Yoda is trying to get Hannah’s attention, so he becomes the manager of the JV football team because Hannah is a Cheerleader. Tyler is starting to get a routine of getting a ride with Yoda to school, along with Hannah. Yoda pays more attention to Hannah than driving, but they arrive safely to school. Tyler swears that the girls all decided together that the day would be a seminude day, as so many girls are dressed provocatively.

The girls got upset that the guys were staring and making crude remarks. However, Tyler and the rest of the guys were enjoying the view. Bethany was not at school this morning, so Tyler is a bit sad. He also finds out he has 48 hours to re-do an essay for AP English. Tyler is in the cafeteria for lunch with Hannah. She wants advice about Yoda. Then Bethany comes in and hobbles over to their table. She props her leg up on Tyler’s lap. He’s sure that this is as good as life gets. Tyler hazily attended his afternoon classes. After school, he is looking for Yoda and can’t find him. Then he hears Yoda screaming in the locker room.

Tyler rescues Yoda from 5 JV football players who had duct taped his butt cheeks together. Although before Tyler would have gone away scared, he takes a new position and barks out at them. He slams one of the boys, Parker, into the lockers, as Chip Milbury walks in. Chip sides with the players, but Tyler, though scared, holds his ground and challenges them. Chip makes the excuse that it isn’t the right place and Tyler taunts him. When Chip herds the others out, he tries to gain an edge, but Tyler persists with the challenge. When Yoda and Tyler get back to Yoda’s house, they have a soda and snacks and watch TV.

They don’t talk about the instances when they have both been on the receiving end of bullying. However, Yoda does say he will do Tyler’s English essay and Tyler gives Yoda permission to go out with Hannah. Tyler asks his mom to buy him some new clothes, since Bethany had complimented a shirt she had bought. She agrees, but reminds him about his meeting with Mr. Benson, his probation officer the next day and the family Christmas photo session on Friday evening. The next morning is another ride to school with Tyler, Yoda and Hannah. Hannah is in her field hockey uniform and discusses the fact that the uniform violates dress code.

She compares school to fascism, Yoda is intrigued and of course, Tyler thinks they’re insane. When they get to school Tyler is called to the principal’s office. Mr. Hughes heard about the altercation from the day before. However, nothing official was filed and the principal has to let it go. He reminds him his grades are poor and that he needs to “keep his nose clean. ” Bethany ate lunch with them again and sat next to Tyler, which made his day much better. Tyler goes to see his probation officer, who sees that he is doing fine and encourages him to keep his nose clean also.

Tyler does share that he originally thought of a bomb instead of spray paint, but after nightmares including others being hurt, decided to go with Plan B. Hannah and Tyler got home late from school on Friday and late for the photo session their mom scheduled. Tyler is forced to wear a reindeer sweatshirt from the year before, which should be bad enough. Making it worse is that it is too small. They barely make it to the appointment, but Tyler’s dad didn’t, but never explained why. Tyler’s mom is obsessed with Christmas and reschedules the session. Tyler attends Hannah’s field hockey game.

Yoda has become their manager as the he starts dating Hannah. During the game Hannah is aggressive and does well in the first half. However, in the second half, she gets hit directly in the face and knocked unconscious. Surprisingly their dad shows up to take Hannah to the ER to have the doctors run tests. Tyler informs us the concussion was minor, but she had to sit out 4 games. Their dad leaves for a business trip and Tyler helps his mom look for her own photography studio. Also, Bethany gets rid of her crutches, but still continues to talk with Tyler. Chip is not happy with this, but does nothing to stop it.

The high school’s homecoming football game has arrived. However, someone has defaced the school’s field with “WARIORS SUCK! ” Tyler is worried people might think it was him because of he is known for bad spelling from his previous vandalism. However, Hannah assures him he was at home the night before. Hannah asks Tyler to meet her at the homecoming game. After that, Tyler goes into an unconscious state. Tyler’s father came home from work early. He demands that the family sit down to eat dinner together and will not allow Hannah or Tyler to go to the game.

Tyler’s mom cooks dinner and then heads to bed hung over while Tyler and Hannah eat the meal with their father. Hannah goes to her room and leaves Tyler and her father at the table. His father is edgy, but trying to cover and act like nothing is wrong. Monday morning the family acts as if everything is perfect and normal. Tyler apologizes to Bethany for not being at the game. She understands that parents can freak out sometimes, and then offers to take him shopping, since he is too old to let his “mommy” buy his clothes. The next 2 weeks Bethany is flirting with Tyler and several other guys.

Tyler sees his probation officer. He got his first hug from Bethany when she got permission to play tennis again from her doctor, along with many other people. Then she invites him to meet her at the bonfire, football game and then a party because she wants to spend time together. Tyler rides the bus home so he can mow the lawn before his dad gives it as an excuse that he can’t go out. He goes to the bonfire before the game and waits for Bethany who finally shows up right before it ends. She has an excuse about a flat tire, but Tyler doesn’t mind – and he gets his first kiss.

Tyler and Bethany watch the football game together. However, he is too dazed to watch the game. She heads to the party with her friend’s and no room in the car for Tyler, but gives him directions how to get there and another kiss. Tyler walks 2 hours to make it to the party because he doesn’t have a ride and didn’t want to tell Bethany. When he arrives at the party, it is in full swing and Bethany is already plastered. They dance together and he feels he is in heaven. He isn’t happy when he sees his sister at the party with Yoda though, but is too wrapped up in Bethany to worry too much.

Then Bethany starts to get tired and leads him upstairs. Bethany comes onto Tyler full swing. She is so drunk though and he has a debate between his hormones and his brain, but his brain wins out and he stops himself from going further with her while she is drunk. He thinks he is being a good guy, but she is insulted and yells at him as she walks out. Tyler starts to follow Bethany, but loses her in the crowd and decides not to worry about her. He sees Yoda and tells him what happened, but when Hannah finds him and tells him he should talk to Bethany, he refuses.

A huge fight breaks out and Yoda and Hannah leave. The guy whose house the party is at arrives – having not known it was going on. Tyler finds Bethany passed out on the floor barefoot and wonders how he is going to get her home. He sees Chip passed out in his Jeep and Tyler manages to move him to the passenger seat and put Bethany in the backseat with Chip’s friend, Parker. While Tyler is driving, Parker and Bethany start to make out, he tries to stop them, but they don’t. He leaves them all in the Jeep in the driveway of the Milbury house and walks home.

Tyler is super depressed by the incident at the party and afterwards. He visits his grandfather’s grave and cries, but it doesn’t help. It is now Monday morning and Tyler is going to school to face everyone. Rumors of all kinds spread through the school throughout the day, including that Bethany blew him off. He cuts some classes and is called to the office, where he runs into Bethany. At first, he is nervous, but then he decides to taunt her. Chip shows up and defends his sister, but the principal also shows up. They all go to class, but Bethany is crying. That night Hannah bursts into Tyler’s room.

She shows him a webpage with pictures of Bethany from the party, posed naked. Bethany does not show up to school, but rumors fly about the situation. Tyler tries to protect her and finds the rumors changing to him being accused. Tyler is called to the office the next day. Mr. Hughes, the principal discusses the significance of the situation, but Tyler is adamant that he didn’t do it and has no idea about who did. The rumors continue to swirl, accusing and judging Tyler for it, saying he was arrested for it. However, he wasn’t but the police did show up at his home that night.

They question him and take his computer as evidence. He tells them that he didn’t take the pictures and about what really happened. They are investigating and he is an official suspect. After they leave his father berates him and assumes he is guilty and that he will lose his job because of it. That night Tyler is trying to sleep, but his parents are in a yelling match. Hannah comes in to sleep in his room and as they drift off to sleep tells him she knows he didn’t do it. The student body starts their punishment, assuming that Tyler is guilty. They shove him, kick him, and harass him with every step in the hallways.

Hannah and Yoda try to encourage him that it will get better, but have little luck. Friday has arrived and Bethany has come back to school – forced by her parents. Tyler is kept in the office for homeroom by the principal. Tyler is bullied and hit by other students, but then the principal removes him from classes. The family goes for their annual Christmas picture. They don’t talk and all pretend that everything is normal. Tyler’s father wakes him up early to do chores. While Tyler is on the roof, his dad brings up pliers and they have a short heart-to-heart where his dad almost apologizes, but still blames Tyler.

The police officer comes again on Sunday to interview him, but he gives the same answers. In Chapter 59, Tyler is called to office on Monday morning. In the meeting with his parents and the principal, his mother defends him and his right to stay in classes. However, Tyler says he would rather just have classes in study hall – a sort of in-school suspension. While he is stuck in there he continues to hear the rumors, others are being investigated as well, but the students all agree that he is garbage. In Chapter 60, Tyler has his 2nd day in “limbo” and is still harassed by other students.

Yoda comes by at the end of the day and they go to the mall together. Yoda is looking for a job and then they eat. But Tyler is in another world, as Yoda tries to talk to him and get him to open up. They get in an argument and Tyler says Yoda is just trying to get in his sister’s pants. Yoda says he will regret saying that and leaves him. In Chapter 61, Yoda goes on a trip to look at colleges. Tyler’s English teacher tutors him in his free period. Bethany stops by the study hall room Tyler is in, but neither of them says anything and then she leaves.

The police come by to ask questions again, but his mom gets her lawyer’s card and tells them the interview is over. His dad has a scotch, but his mom makes a decision not to drink. In Chapter 62, Tyler finds most of his classes easier now that he is not in the classes, except English. His teacher, Mr. Salvatore, gives him extra tutoring after school. He misses the late bus because his locker jams when he is trying to get his jacket out. He has to walk home. On his way, he is jumped by 3 guys in Halloween masks.

They covered him with a blanket and then beat him up, it was Parker, Chip and someone else. When they left, he walked hom. In Chapter 63, he arrives to an empty house. When his parents see him, they are upset and his mom takes care of him. Tyler and his dad talk and he admits he knows it was Chip and his friends, but says if they call the police he will not cooperate. His father agrees. Then his father tells him that they are thinking about sending him to a military boarding school. Tyler is outraged. He goes to his room and then his mom arrives and his parents get into another shouting match.


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