School of Nutrition and Hospitality Management Description: It is an improvised flashlight that is very useful during calamities and at the evacuation area. It is made out of recycled bottles with wires connected to It to the batteries College of Optometry Description: It Is called “Solar Oven” and It Is blousy made out of foil. It can be used as a means of cooking foods and/or used to sterilized things by the used of fool that serve as the main conductor of heat coming from the sun. School of Pharmacy

Description: It is a raincoat and bootee sacks, both of it are made from used sacks. It can be used as an improvised shelter and both the items are durable that even water could not enter into it. College of Nursing Discretion: It is a mini cabinet made of different kinds and colorful papers. People can put it at their study table and put their books, pen, documents or can also put clothes on it. School of Science and Technology Description: It is called the “Saver Bag”. It Is made up of recycled gallon, straws, etc. At serves as an emergency kit. Where as In times of disaster people could just grab It and go, since it contains or people could put Important things such as kits for survival, some clothes, canned goods, etc. School of Dentistry Description: It Is called the “Salvageable Bankable”. It Is totally made out of recycled plastic bottles that combined together to make an Improvise boat that souls help people survive In disasters. Description: A bed cage-like design made out of recycled box that could carry out infants around 3 to 4 months old.


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