Having come from a very ‘conventional’ family where a career within music is not accepted as a ‘real’ career, I was keen to break the mould and build a career around something I am not only interested in, but something I am passionate about. Music has always been a prominent part of my life. It fascinates me how it can change the way you feel at any one moment in time.

I have chosen the degree which will enable me to combine musical theory with practice. I feel

I am particularly suited to a degree in Music Technology because of my flair for the subject and an interest in furthering my knowledge of it too. All elements of the Music Technology course interest me, mostly I am eager to broaden my knowledge and skills with studio recording

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and live sound recording. I am very keen to learn the techniques required to be successful in my career. The course I have chosen ties in well with my career aims, as it has elements of recording and sound engineering, as well Industry based modules.

Playing in bands is something I have done for a few years now. Drumming is something I learned whilst at secondary school, after my music teacher taught me a simple drum beat. I took it upon my self to develop my drumming skills myself, as well as within a band which helped me to develop my teamwork skills. Working within a team is a vital element of a successful band.

After recording a demo CD at a friends home studio, I became very interested and aware of the different equipment used to do this. It was also at this point that I was eager to learn how the equipment all works and links in together to create high quality music tracks.

Currently I am studying on the Access to Higher Education programme at my local college. This course has given me the opportunity to study subjects I am particularly strong in, Mathematics and ICT, which are also elements of the Music Technology BSC.

During my time at secondary school I was given the opportunity to undertake a three week work experience placement in a local recording and rehearsal studio. This was the first time I had any encounters with the technical side of music. I had the opportunity of recording my own track onto CD, with the help of the sound technicians. I was taught some basics of recording,

but my main task was booking bands for rehearsals, and setting up and taking down equipment ready for when the studios were in use. At the end of my three weeks I was also given the opportunity to attend a charity concert the studio put on to fund local schools trip to Africa. I thoroughly enjoyed this placement, and it was this period that sparked my thirst for music technology and studio engineering. This work experience gave me the chance to develop my team working and timekeeping skills.

For over a year now I have been organising and promoting live music events in the south of Essex. I take control to organise the hiring of the venue to booking the bands, and negotiating payments with the bands and the sound technicians. As well as organising my own events, I also help out at a charity event which is held on a monthly basis which caters for the youths of the village, giving them a platform to showcase their music to a real audience. Any money made from these events is put back into the venue to provide better equipment for the bands.

I have also been involved with helping younger bands book shows at some prestigious venues in Essex and London. Organising these shows, I feel, has helped me gain valuable organisational and time keeping skills, as well as showing my leadership skills


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