“Uglies” is about a topographic point that separated two towns called Uglyville and Pretty Town. Peoples who are ugly lived in Uglyville and people who were reasonably lived in Pretty Town. A miss named Tally Youngblood had been waiting all her life to turn 16 because that is the age where she is able to turn reasonably. To go reasonably you have to travel through plastic surgery and they will repair up everything to do you visualize perfect. When you have become a reasonably. your whole lifestyle alterations. You live with no declinations. you party every dark. you are ever happy. and you don’t truly retrieve the yearss when you were ugly. Tally Youngblood wanted to populate that life.

One twenty-four hours she met a miss named Shay. they met each other concealment behind shrubs in Pretty Town because they both tried to see their old friend that have turned reasonably. It was forbidden for Tangelos to be in Pretty Town. but Tally knew the span that connected the two towns so it would non chatter on her. Shay had de-bugged a hoverboard so Particular Circumstanced could non track the hoverboard. Both misss loved escapades and they become best friends since that twenty-four hours. They both shared the same birthday and Tally was excited that she could turn reasonably at the same clip as a friend. but Shay had other programs. Shay told Tally about how there is a whole different universe outside these towns and she was traveling to run away before she turned 16. Tally thought she was lying so Shay taught her how to utilize a hoverboard and they went outside the town.

Shay mentioned to Tally that there are people that unrecorded outside these towns because she met person who lived in a topographic point called the Smokes. The people who live there are all run-away Tangelos. Shay wants Tally to run off with her. but Tally wants to remain back and go reasonably.

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