Firstly, there are so many ways of finding out information on a particular destination.

Technology has developed to such a high degree that you can find almost everything there is on paper… on screen!

The travel and tourism industry has also bloomed with development, therefore all its consumers need to have these various sources on a daily basis to target their information needed.

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I have described the relevant examples of the various reference materials available.


This is a world map in which you can explore and zoom in on whichever destination desired. However it works best on UK destinations, and you will get a brilliant road map for anywhere in the UK.

The 6th edition World Travel Atlas.

This is a paper version atlas and is almost more useful and helpful than the Google maps. It contains a range of things from basic maps to weather maps and maps showing airports and it also shows available wildlife parks and theme parks worldwide!

In my opinion this is the best form of atlas as it is a good source of information, all in one book and even though you could find all this information on the net the researcher may not have access at the specific time.

The Internet:

Some people who are not familiar with the way computers work seem to think that you can find information about anything online which in some cases is the case but not in all cases. Other people (like my dad) seem to think that you can type in a question and receive the correct answer, well is certainly not true as you would only get a list of possible sites and then you have to pick and choose really!

The best thing about this site is that you can choose what language to read it in so it comes as a benefit to most nationalities. An unfortunate thing about the site is that the text is rather small (even I had to squint to read it.)

This site comes as another disappointment as it looks as if it would be really useful and full of information however the tabs containing the information are written in an extremely small font and not only that but all the text in the whole document is in the same size of extremely small font which makes it all incredibly hard to read.

The strange about this site is that when I logged onto it, it said “An error has occurred”

This I am not sure of why but I will keep checking this website for anything different and then I will update this piece of work.

I highly recommend this site for any tourists visiting Scotland. It gives an option of selecting where you want to stay and therefore you will find which types of accommodation are available and how much that will cost. On the tabs you can find out what there is to see and do, get information on travel, holiday offers and about Scotland in general.

Another helpful website with clear text in understandable form and with the information here you can find out about places to stay and pretty much all the same information as you can in the Scotland site. In fact you can also click on tabs to find out about our culture and history and also there is a link for maps and brochures which would come in handy for tourists.

The internet is a part of everyday life and so to take into consideration that the English language is the most spoken language in the world by far, I have found out that 30% of language on the internet is English! Chinese takes 14%. Spain and Japan both have 8%. Germany and France both have 5% and the group containing all other languages has 30% including Arabic, Italian, Korean and Portuguese.


Brochures hold a lot of information and the best thing about them is that the reader is also “holding” that information. Brochures on destinations tell you everything you need to know along with:

* Activities

* Attractions

* Accommodation

* Contact details

Brochures are trying to sell for the tour operator who made them therefore it is likely that most brochures will have a biased view (positive only)

Brochures are quite easily accessed from tourist information centers and travel agents. When I was in Florida we got brochures on every attraction that we went to, this made it a lot easier to plan our time so I definitely agree with brochures!

Statistical data:

This is a useful website which gives you information about the statistics within UK tourism. The government can and do also use this website to gather data for reports on the Travel and Tourism industry. For the success of this site, more than 50,000 people are interviewed each year to achieve a high level of reliability in their facts.


All transport agencies have timetables, Translink have bus and train timetables for public convenience. Again timetables are another easy to access piece of information as you can find them online:

You will find a bus timetable at every main bus stop and you can also pick up handbag size timetables from all bus or train stations.

Timetables are available for ferry, bus, train and coaches.

Travel guides:

These are available from all leading book stores and are always being updated with new maps and more modern information. They are useful for inbound and domestic tourists within the UK as the UK based travel guides are easy to find in the likes of Easons.

A good travel guide should include:

* Maps

* Recommended Hotels

* Recommended Restaurants

* What to see and do

* Tips and Advice

Newspaper reports:

Newspaper reports also contain some guidance for travelling within the UK but you are not guaranteed to find an article on travel and tourism in just any newspaper you pick up, so this is why I have decided this would be the least helpful source of information.


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