There are fundamental steps that have been taken to set the ground for these steps including profound leadership by the secretary general in the development of statements of core values and competencies which have been communicated to all staff members. The purpose of this paper will be to propose some key steps and strategies that the UN should adopt in order to be at par with other high-performing large organizations. If carefully implemented, it would go a long way in streamlining the Nun’s human capital and developing a management system that is efficient for the provision of necessary services.

Sources of Information In this paper, the information used will be from first hand observation and clear analysis of the UN systems provided in the public domain and through the numerous publications available on the internet. Concepts and Techniques In looking at the strategies that the UN needs to put in place in order to ensure that there is a performance management system that is competent, it is important to examine each initiative with the corresponding objective it will be aimed at achieving.

First, in order to create a results oriented workforce, the UN should implement an appraisal system that is based on merits and which corresponds to the objectives it hopes to achieve in the long run. There is also a need of identifying and specifying the competencies that will be emphasized. There is need for more training given to staff in order to ensure that the skills they gain are in line with the set out core competencies. This, together with continuous learning which should be aligned with expectations, would be important to increase performance.

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The development of a current employee database, a staff skill inventory, long-range personnel planning and the short-term assessments would assist in the planning for the human capital needs and increasing responsiveness to those needs. Efficient recruiting practices and increment of staff mobility would also be an area where the UN could greatly improve. This could be done by the implementation of faster recruitment systems that are more efficient in the Secretariat and revising the procedures in the work place so that there is faster mobility in the workforce.

The development of a more reliable and standard method of attracting potential employees and the initial training they are offered would also set a good basis for a new and improved performance management system (Aimer 2003, up. 66-77). For the UN to ensure that t is accountable and promotes initiatives among its employees, it must start by delegating authority to line managers who are the most suited in implementing meaningful changes at the lowest levels.

There is also the need for a manual that can easily be used by staff in the interpretation of their respective duties and the issuance of a code of conduct. Some of these recommendations are in the initial stages of implementation, but their impacts have not been fully realized (ROOM 1999). The United Nations needs to fast track these reforms in order to fully realize he benefits of streamlining the workforce. This will eventually lead to cost cutting and efficiency in service delivery.


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