Do you believe that people have an unconscious head? If so. how does it impact ideas. feelings. and behaviour? The whole thought of the unconscious is far deeper than our human heads can grok. Sometimes we look back on things and inquire why we did it. and possibly if our heads were in a different province of consciousness we would hold performed better or reacted otherwise. Sigmund Freud defines this as a term for ideas or motivations that lie beyond a person’s normal consciousness but that can be made available through depth psychology ( Carpenter. 2010. p. 448 ) . I feel that there are legion provinces of consciousness that scope from the altered province of witting ( such as kiping ) to the highest degree of consciousness ( the entire integrating of one ) . Most people in their life-time ne’er achieve this province. I feel that it has something to make with happening yourself and your intent in this life and contending off whatever devils or negative energy you have environing yourself. Balance. whether it is good or evil. yin and yang. equilibrating your organic structure and head through speculation. or equilibrating your milieus through feng shui ; needs to go on in order for you to concentrate on your different provinces of consciousness.

You. as the keeper of your being. demands to guarantee this is done so you can be cognizant and focused of your milieus and what’s traveling on in life and in a manner find peace within yourself. Whatever it is. our unconscious dramas a portion in the determinations we make and the lives we lead. Everything the unconscious represents. whether it is subliminal perceptual experiences. ideas. wonts. frights. or phobias ; can be seen as the beginning of dreams. automatic ideas. and one’s internal venue of cognition. So when asked the inquiry if I believe people have an unconscious head? I say. yes. yes they do. The unconscious head plays a large function in the manner we live our life. like I stated earlier and it affects our ideas. feelings. and behaviours. It affects our ideas by taking in subliminal messages or whatever messages are around us and makes us reflect on those messages by construing it in some manner that is alone to our personality. “In 2005 Tsuchiya invented a technique. uninterrupted brassy suppression. which renders a image unseeable. concealing it from your witting sight. Yet some portion of your encephalon has entree to the image and influences your behaviour in untold ways. The manner it works is simple.

Say Tsuchiya wants to camouflage a image of an angry male face. With the aid of a split computing machine screen. Tsuchiya undertakings a weak image of this snaping cat into your left oculus. Your right oculus sees a quickly altering set of coloured rectangles. one on top of another. If you keep both eyes open. all you see are the of all time altering series of coloured spots but no angry face. The invariably aflicker colourss pull your attending in a manner that the inactive portrayal does non. Equally shortly as you close your right oculus. the face becomes seeable. But otherwise you have no intimation that the face is at that place. even though your left oculus has been gazing at it for many proceedingss. You merely do non see it ( Koch. 2008 ) ” . It merely goes to demo that this encephalon activity remains unconscious but may act upon your behaviour or bring forth a elusive feeling of malaise. The topic of how it affects our feelings is a small spot different than that of our ideas. It takes the energies around us and makes us react to them through our emotional province. For case. if you have had a good twenty-four hours all twenty-four hours and all of a sudden you are in the presence of person who has had a bad one. you can automatically go affected by it.

Before you know it. all of a sudden you are get downing to experience like you are in a bad temper. It’s like that person’s energy is rubbing off on you and even though you don’t cognize why you feel this manner your unconscious head is taking all of that in and doing you reflect on it. Behavior is merely one of those things that sometimes we don’t know why we do the things we do. we merely do them. I feel that some of this reaction to our environment stems from some kind of internal force. On the other manus I feel a batch of it originates from influential forces. For case. “subjects keeping a cold drink rated others’ personalities much colder than topics keeping a warm drink ; African American pupils primed with racial stereotypes will execute worse on rational trials than those primed with illustrations of black accomplishment ; and in conclusion. Peoples ate 69 % more jelly beans when all the colourss were assorted together than when they were separated by colourss. Besides. showing 10 colourss of M & A ; Ms alternatively of 7. increased ingestion 43 % ( Mills. 2011 ) . ”

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So what does this state about influential forces and our unconscious head? Basically. even if we don’t recognize it at the clip. our unconscious is influenced by things around us and sometimes because we can’t understand it we will deny that is go oning or do alibis for it. Have you of all time changed a strongly held attitude? What caused the alteration for you? Sometimes in life. we as people hold strongly to our beliefs about certain things. Occasionally. we change our positions. whether it’s because we lacked certain cognition we antecedently didn’t have or we grow out of it. I have to acknowledge that I have fell victim to this at certain times in my life. An illustration of this from my ain personal experiences is at a certain clip in my life I felt like the universe and everyone in it was against me. I didn’t cognize what was traveling on with me and I felt like I had to happen myself foremost. What changed this strongly held attitude was the procedure of me turning and happening whatever it was in my life that was doing me experience this manner and to alter it.

Sometimes you merely have to alter your environment and from clip to clip that means altering people. topographic points. and things. All of my changing of perceptual experiences had to make with me turning up and happening my function in this universe and to halt faulting everyone else for my jobs and populating in denial. It’s the procedure of turning up and making whatever you feel it is that comes of course to you. Some people ne’er get it and travel their whole lives without carry throughing anything and alternatively of passing their clip making something constructive they wind up contending whatever devils it is that is forestalling them from traveling on and happening some kind of peace within themselves.

Our text negotiations about salience prejudice ( “why people sometimes suggest that a despoiled adult female in a short skirt was inquiring for it or that stateless mendicants should acquire a job—a phenomenon besides called “blaming the victim” ( Carpenter. 2010. p. 404 ) ) ” and besides self-seeking prejudice ( is motivated by a desire to keep positive self-pride and a good public image ) ( Carpenter. 2010. p. 404 ) ” and I feel that it all has to make with the manner people carry themselves. These attitudes can be changed depending on the person’s will to make so. If a individual is so obstinate they can’t see the truth for what it is. even if there is scientific cogent evidence of it. they are merely in denial and if and when that individual comes to be at peace with whatever it is that’s possessing them from seeing clearly so they can get down to alter their perceptual experiences on things. Until so they will be stuck with those negative ideas or energies.

Do you believe that you are free of bias? After reading this chapter. which of the many factors that cause bias do you believe is most of import to alter? Prejudice has plagued this universe since the beginning of clip. I think it all has something to make with free will and one’s unconditioned ability to do determinations for themselves. Equally long as there is good and evil we will ne’er be free from it. that includes myself. I believe that there is a manner we can sort of put it on the dorsum burner kind of speak. but I feel that it will ever pull strings you in some manner even if it’s another individual around you moving in that manner or merely some unconscious thought that your head or scruples is throwing at you. It may be from some deeper unfulfilled premise about something that you ne’er truly set the pieces together about or some subliminal message that is doing you feel that manner. Whatever it is. we have to all work on it together as one to extinguish it off of this universe or else it is traveling to linger around in a dark corner someplace waiting to assail.

Our book discusses bias and all of the many factors that cause it. I feel that the most of import factor we as people have to take into history in order to alter bias all together is conformance. Conformity is the act of altering behaviour as a consequence of existent or imagined group force per unit area ( Carpenter. 2010. p. 413 ) . Human existences are influenced in some manner or another at one clip in their life. Some people fall victim to it more than others. it merely depends on how strong their character and personality are. If leaders can act upon their followings ; spiritual figures can act upon our liquors ; and famous persons can act upon our manner. so why can’t we take all of that influential force and utilize it for something positive. such as extinguishing bias. It has to get down someplace. so get downing with the people who have the strongest impact and working its manner down the line is how it needs to go on. If all of the world’s leaders were prophesying and practising the same thing so all of the remainder would hold to follow. Just like the old expression goes “if you can’t all in em’ articulation em’ . ”

Have you of all time done something in a group that you would non hold done if you were entirely? What happened? How did you experience? What have you learned from this chapter that might assist you avoid this behaviour in the hereafter? Like I said earlier conformance. influence in all of its forms and signifiers. and prejudice happen to us at one clip or another and are both caused by internal and external forces. Sometimes we do things in a group that we would hold ne’er have done entirely and all of the above and other grounds play a factor into that. I can retrieve a clip when group activity influenced me. I was a adolescent hanging out with friends. Person comes around with some rapture and I kept stating them I didn’t want to make it but when everyone else started taking the pills I felt like because they were all making it so why shouldn’t I? When the pills came into consequence I got ill and started throwing up. After a piece I felt better and I was very well but the following twenty-four hours after I woke up I felt awful. sick to my tummy. visible radiation headed. and merely didn’t feel right.

I knew I would’ve ne’er have taken the drugs if they weren’t making it. It gave me a bad experience and I regretted making it because of the manner it made me experience. but it was the cool thing to make at the clip. I can look back on it now and see how naive I was and still can’t truly understand the construct behind a group’s ability to act upon a individual. The term groupthink is referred to when depicting this behaviour ( Carpenter. 2010. p. 426 ) . The lone manner we can forestall this happening from go oning in the hereafter is to environ ourselves with positive influences. positive topographic points. and positive activities or things. This gives us the ability to forestall the state of affairs from go oning in the first topographic point. Our text negotiations about cooperation and low-level ends as a manner to forestall biass by making strong feelings of in-group trueness ( Carpenter. 2010. p. 424 ) . I feel that it is our duty as people to back up our friends and household. That includes act uponing our group to collaborate in undertakings together in a positive manor. Whether it is making group activities or traveling to church. This creates a stronger bond between you and doesn’t separate you from the bigger image. It besides prevents others from acquiring bored in their milieus and turning down a destructive way.

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