1. Complete the tabular array below with a description of the merchandises and services for at least two commercial administrations. public administrations and 3rd sector administrations.

Please guarantee you supply a description for each administration. instead than a list.

Organisation type Name of administration Description of merchandises and services Commercial Greggs Their merchandises are bakery related like pastries. staff of life. cookies and administration other related savories and Sweets baked goods. you can besides happen sandwiches. They are focused in supplying value for money merchandises and friendly client services. Commercial Following Retail Chain Their merchandises are manner related. such as apparels. places and administration accoutrements. Friendly client services and low value merchandises. Public Fire Brigade A non-profit administration that protects the populace from unsafe administration state of affairss such as inundations and fires. They offer their services on a 24 hr bases. Public Police Force A authorities controlled administration that protect the populace from administration offense related issues such as larceny. slayings and fraud.

1. Continued.

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Organisation type Name of administration Description of merchandises and services Third sector Charity shops Organisation that attention for those in demand by selling donated to them organisation goods. like apparels and places. electric contraptions and furniture. Third sector Marie Currie Hospice An administration that cares for the ill and provides support to administration households. Largely funded through fundraising and contributions.

2. Complete the tabular array below by depicting the differences in client service between commercial. public and 3rd sector administrations. You should sketch how client service is carried out in these types of administration and highlight the differences in client service across these administrations.

Organisation type Description of client service and the differences between administrations Commercial Supplying good quality client service will do the administration successful and able to maintain their administration clients and will increase the net incomes. The difference from the other two sectors is that clients are ever paying for service and merchandises and they expect a specific sort of intervention. Public Since this sector is largely authorities funded the service they offer will be more to assist and help their administration clients Third sector This sector is about similar to a commercial administration. but they aim non to do a net income but to salvage the administration money they make to be able to fund their activities. They will still sell merchandises and do offers to clients and seek to maintain them and besides do new 1s.

3. In relation to your current administration ( or one that you are familiar with ) . sketch the function that client service plays in this administration and its industry as a whole.

With the good and friendly client services that Gregg’s provide. they are assured that their market portion will remain strong. they will hold loyal clients and there will be no fiscal loss or material going redundant.

4. Who are the major rivals to your current administration ( or one that you are familiar with ) ? Gregg’s competes with everyone who sells bakeshop merchandises and nutrient on the spell. from supermarkets to other bakers. java stores. sandwich retail merchants and fast nutrient mercantile establishments. They compete with the national multiple ironss every bit good as the independent nutrient retail merchants.

5. Identify at least two factors that could impact the repute of your current administration ( or one that you are familiar with ) .

The factors that could impact our administration are low quality merchandises and bad client services.

Section 2 – Understand employee rights. duties and organizational processs

1. Use the tabular array below to give inside informations of employer and employee rights and duties under employment jurisprudence and the importance of holding these ( see the importance to the administration. employees and clients. where relevant ) . You should include at least two employer rights / duties and at least two employee rights / duties in your reply.

Rights and duties Why are they of import? 1. Employer Health and Safety Health and safety is really of import in a work topographic point. it can cut down accidents losingss and cut absenteeism. better net income. assist both employer and employees to be more efficient and to better the company’s profile to clients. 2. Employer Equal chances and diverseness creates a on the job environment in Equal Opportunities and Diversity which enhanced parts from all employees plants to the advantage of the concern. of the employees themselves and to society by and large. It offers the chance for administrations to develop a work force to run into concern ends and to better attacks to client attention. 1. Employee A concern contract states the footings and conditions of any concern Written statement of the chief footings and conditions of employment: All dealing. including merchandise gross revenues and bringing of services.

This employees. regardless of the figure of hours they work per hebdomad. are helps the parties involved to avoid any type of misconstruing that entitled to have a written statement from their employer. within twomay arise in the absence of a written contract. Is really of import for months of get downing work. The statement describes the chief footings of the the employee to assist avoiding any misinterpretations. Written contracts contract of employment. protect both the employee and the employer. 2. Employee Having the right to develop in your workplace will assist you do your occupation The right to inquire for preparation: employees have the right to inquire for better and assist your employer’s concern. It allows you to larn new developing if they work for an administration with 250 or more employees. accomplishments. makes you more valuable. and can battle worker ennui. have been working for their employer for at least 26 hebdomads when they make the petition and they don’t already have a legal right for paid clip off to analyze or develop.

2. Give inside informations of employer and employee rights and duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act. You should include at least two employer rights / duties and at least two employee rights / duties in your reply.

Employers have a legal responsibility under this Act to guarantee. so far as is moderately operable. the wellness. safety and public assistance at work of the people for whom they are responsible and the people who may be affected by the work they do. Employers have the duty of guaranting the minimal first-aid commissariats are in topographic point. including a first assistance box and person who has been appointed to cover with first assistance state of affairss when they arise. Employers have a responsibility to set about an appraisal of the hazards to the wellness and safety of their employees and anyone who will be affected by the employer’s projects. Employers with five employees or more must maintain a record of their hazard appraisal and reexamine it periodical. Employees should take sensible attention for the wellness and safety of themself and of other individuals who may be affected by his Acts of the Apostless or skips at work ; and as respects any responsibility or demand imposed on his employer or any other individual by or under any of the relevant statutory commissariats. to co-operate with him so far as is necessary to enable that responsibility or demand to be performed or complied with.

3. In relation to your current administration ( or one that you are familiar with ) . depict the organisation’s processs for wellness and safety and any relevant certification that is used.

If possible. supply relevant wellness and safety policies / paperss from the administration to back up your reply. These paperss should be annotated to foreground the relevant subdivisions.

The charity retail association is utilizing the Health and Safety programme purposes to develop good pattern in charity retailing. peculiarly concentrating on: H & A ; S safety direction. hazard appraisal. accident coverage and probe. manual handling and vulnerable workers. The Association. with the support of Oxfam. has produced an initiation usher for charity store squads on wellness and safety issues. This 20 page A5 brochure is written in apparent English with color illustrations throughout. Besides the Association has produced two wellness and safety preparation resources for stores. one for operations directors and one for store. There is a free larning zone that the members of the Association can entree which hosts an eLearning class on Health & A ; Safety. Last the association has launched this new wellness and safety involvement group at the terminal of 2006 for members.

4. Sketch how the Disability Discrimination Act relates to employment.

The Act covers all signifiers of favoritism in the workplace. including enlisting. footings and conditions. publicities. transportations. dismissals and preparation or any other damaging intervention because of disablement. It besides encourages employers and employees to work together to interrupt away from stiff employment patterns. place what accommodations and support might be needed. and happen flexible ways of working that may profit the whole work force.

5. In add-on to the information provided in the inquiries above. place the other cardinal statute law that specifically relates to your chosen administration and its industry as a whole.

cardinal statute law that affects most administrations covers the undermentioned countries:
¦ First assistance and accidents
¦ Display screen equipment
¦ Manual handling
¦ Personal protective equipment
¦ Hazard appraisals
¦ Slips. trips and falls.

6. Describe the processs followed by your chosen administration in relation to equality and diverseness. Your reply should include inside informations of any monitoring that takes topographic points and certification used.

Marks and Spencer is committed to an active Equal Opportunities Policy from enlisting and choice. through preparation and development. assessment and publicity to retirement. We promote an environment free from favoritism. torment and exploitation where everyone will have equal intervention regardless of: • Age

• Religion or belief
• Ethnic or national beginning
• Marital or civil spouse position
• Hours of work
• Sexual orientation
• Race
• Gender
• Disability
• Colour
• Gender reassignment
• Nationality
• Pregnancy/maternity

Any determinations associating to employment patterns will be nonsubjective. free from prejudice and based entirely upon work standards and single public presentation. We are antiphonal to the demands of our people. clients and the community at big. We are an administration which uses everyone’s endowments and abilities and where diverseness is valued.

Section 3 – Understand calling tracts within client service

1. Describe at least two different types of calling tracts that may be available within a client service function.

Charity shop gross revenues volunteer- Charity shop squad leader volunteer- Assistant charity shop manager- Charity shop manager- Area director.

Part clip saloon staff- Full clip supervisory saloon stuff- Assistant saloon manager- Bar manager- Area director.

2. Identify a scope of beginnings where a individual can happen information and advice on the client service industry. businesss and calling patterned advance.

A individual can happen information either from internal beginnings of information such as the Organisation Handbook. the Line Managers. the acquisition and development experts and the administrations intranet. or from external beginnings of information such as the Institute of Customer Service. Websites. National Careers Services. Public libraries and Local colleges

3. In your current administration ( or one that you are familiar with ) . what methods of larning are available to assist with calling patterned advance?

Specsavers has a broad assortment of chances for calling patterned advance. Employees will pull off their personal development program with the shop director. This will give them a structured way that could take them into a managerial function if that’s where they want their calling to travel. Whatever their function. if they show the thrust and finding to win. Specsavers will give them the range to develop their calling in any portion of their concern. Specsavers. is committed to give their people all the preparation and development chances they need to accomplish their full potency.

When you join one of their shops you receive a full initiation into the Specsavers concern. together with the preparation and support you need to be the best you can be. Throughout your Specsavers career. you’ll have your ain personal development program and will go on to hold entree to a assortment of preparation. This will include everything from hands-on workshops and one to one mentoring to squad exercisings and external classs. We even have our ain Specsavers Academy. which offers a full scope of chances. Your Director will back up you every measure of the manner and will supervise your advancement against your development program. In drumhead. you’ll benefit from a full scope of preparation resources that will enable you to construct an gratifying and successful calling with us. It’s up to you to do the most of them.

4. In your current administration ( or one that you are familiar with ) . what is the process for accessing formal larning programmes? What is the process if an application for entree to acquisition is refused?

If possible. supply relevant organizational processs to back up your reply. These paperss should be annotated to foreground the relevant subdivisions.

The acquisition and development squad offers developing yearss and arranges classs to better organizational public presentation. Besides my administration may be able to assist me entree client service makings. Examples of such makings include an NVQ at Levels 1. 2 and 3 in Customer Service. for which I may be given twenty-four hours release to analyze at a local college. or an e-learning based making. I can besides utilize my ain enterprise to broaden my cognition of the client service sector.

5. Explain how new client service state of affairss can assist with ego development and calling patterned advance.

New client service state of affairss are enormously good to person looking to come on towards managerial functions. Each new state of affairs requires you to react otherwise and. as you come across a larger assortment of client service state of affairss. you will derive huge experience and a wide cognition of working in such an environment. You are able to understand the client. to work out jobs. been able to use the new accomplishments you learned in existent life state of affairss. You learn more about the administration and with tie you are able to pull off others.

Section 4 – Understand how employees are supported within the client service function

1. Identify a scope of beginnings where a individual can happen information and advice on employment rights and duties. You should place at least three beginnings of information in your reply.

A individual can happen information on employment rights and duties from External beginnings of information that can be found outside an administration. Those can be the libraries. the citizen advice agency. the Chamberss of commercialism. etc. Besides you can acquire information from internal information beginnings such as: Line directors. Forces specializers. Books and paperss held within the administration. etc.

2. Complete the tabular array below with inside informations of the representative organic structures related to your chosen administration / industry. You should besides include inside informations of the chief functions and duties of these organic structures and their relevancy to the administration / industry.

Representative organic structure Roles and duties
Relevance The Union of Shop. Distribution and Allied The purpose is to enroll. organise and represent For the retail portion of Mark’s and Spencer’s Workers ( USDAW ) workers in the retail. distributive. fabrication and service sectors for the intent of procuring the best possible footings and conditions and supplying support and protection at work. The Institute of Customer Service ( ICS ) This is the independent. professional For any portion of where client services are rank organic structure for client service. They are applied the first port of call for every facet of client service. Members are administrations — from across the commercial. public and 3rd sectors — and persons. The purpose is to assist members larn from each other and offer wide-ranging support so they can go on to better their client service. The United Transport Union ( URTU ) The United Road Transport Union ( URTU ) is the For the logistics section UK’s merely brotherhood dedicated to functioning the involvements of workers in route draw. distribution and logistics. They are an active brotherhood invariably runing. negotiating and lobbying to guarantee that members are decently rewarded for the skilled work they do. This involves reexamining wellness and safety processs. working conditions. pension strategies and basic wage.

3. For a client service function in your current administration ( or one that you are familiar with ) . utilize the tabular array below to supply inside informations of the support that is available in relation to the undermentioned issues: • Equality

• Health and safety
• Career patterned advance

Issue Beginnings of support Equality From the HSE enchiridion: Equality is about making a fairer society in which everyone has the chance to carry through their possible. Peoples are non likewise. Everyone is different. Diversity. therefore. consists of seeable and non-visible factors which include personal features such as gender. race. age. background. civilization. disablement. personality and work-style. Harnessing these differences will make a productive environment in which everybody feels valued. their endowments are to the full utilised and organizational ends are met. Diversity is about acknowledging and valuing difference in its broadest sense The following guidelines have been developed and are available at World Wide Web. hse. Internet Explorer. Guidelines on Equality Legislation Equal Opportunity/Accommodating Diversity Booklet and C. D. Rom Equal Opportunity/Diversity Strategy and Policy Objectives Equal Opportunity facets of Recruitment. Selection and Promotion Guidelines on the Employment of people with disablements Dignity at Work Policy Health and safety From the HSE enchiridion: Occupational Health Services expression after the wellness and safety of all Employees.

The accent is on forestalling the development of occupational wellness related accidents and disease and authorising staff to advance and protect their ain wellness. Servicess include: Pre-employment showing appraisal – to find the wellness position of possible Employees. taking into history the demands of the occupation in inquiry. The pre-employment appraisal interview with Occupational Health besides provides chance to discourse immunization demands and give specific advice on the jeopardies of the peculiar station. The Occupational Health Department looks after the occupational wellness and public assistance of staff with the accent on wellness publicity and forestalling work related accidents and disease.

This is done in assorted ways. e. g. pre-employment showing. vision testing. sickness absence direction. manual handling advice. infective disease bar. work-place reviews with ergonomic advice. immunization. wellness and surveillance. influenza inoculation. advice on conformity with statute law and risky substance appraisal. The Line Manager will rede of inside informations of local Occupational Health Department. Career patterned advance From the HSE enchiridion: Promotion All staff are encouraged to develop their calling by viing for both impermanent and lasting assignments and publicity through the HSE’s Recruitment Service. The HSE welcomes feedback from campaigners and carries out recruitment studies sporadically. Recruitment and choice for assignments in the HSE are carried out under the licenses issued by the Commission for Public Service Appointments ( CPSA ) . Designated senior stations are managed by the Public Appointments Service and are advertised on their website World Wide Web. publicjobs. Internet Explorer. Appointments to places in the HSE are capable to the Code of Practice published by the CPSA.

The Code of Practice sets out how the nucleus rules of probity. virtue. equity and equity might be applied on a principle footing and inside informations the duties placed on campaigners who participate in enlisting runs. The Code of Practice besides outlines processs in relation to petitions for a reappraisal of the enlisting and choice procedure and reappraisal in relation to allegations of a breach of the Code of Practice. Information on the reappraisal procedure is available in the papers posted with each vacancy entitled “Code of Practice. information for campaigners. ” Details of the Code of Practice are available on World Wide Web. careersinhealthcare. Internet Explorer. Vacancies are advertised on the HSE’s calling site World Wide Web. careersinhealthcare. Internet Explorer. in selected newspapers and are notified internally by agencies of electronic mail and notice boards. Each vacancy posting to the web site contains a full occupation specification which describes the service where the vacancy exists. the eligibility and choice standards and the responsibilities and duties that are attached to the station. The enlisting and choice procedure involves eligibility showing. shortlisting and choice interview. Merely those appliers who pass through these filtering phases are progressed to interview. Following interview campaigners are entitled to have inside informations of the tonss they achieved and an rating of their public presentation.

Section 5 – Know the organisation’s policies and processs

Please answer all of the inquiries in this Section in relation to your current administration ( or one that you are familiar with ) .

1. Use the tabular array below to depict the chief rules. policies and processs of your chosen administration. You should besides include inside informations of certification used to back up these rules. policies and processs.


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