Then we had our breakfast. Then we all make line to visit Pushcart Temple & Bridal Ashram at 9:00 am to 10:1 5 am. Then we wrote a summary about this programmer. After that we took lunch at 10:30 am. After having the lunch went to hall for the speech by Guarded Gunman Brachia. We found many knowledge-able things from there. Then there was the speech given by our Programmer Director Sir Mr.. Dharma Poker on the topic problem facing the children in rural area, prefect use of facility given by parent’s. After this we had a Tiffin time. Then there was a speech given by our Principal Sir Mr..

Dive Raja Pander on the topic of Value of Life. At last there was a conclusion by our Programmer Coordinator Sir Mr.. Ram Parkas Daunting on the topic of Important of the workshop. Then we all came home back at 3:30 pm. Find-out By this workshop we can learn many things. I liked this programmer very much. From here we can learn how to make ourselves discipline, obedient, confident and so on. This programmer is very important for us. We should be kind to animals also. We shouldn’t kill them for us. They also like to live in this Universe like us. God has made us to save this universe.

If we only try to destroy this beautiful nature then we can’t live in this universe. Animals think that we don’t like them. When we wake up in the morning, we should worship our parent’s. If we do so then the god will help us in everything. We should help to old and weak people. If someone needs help we should help them. Parent’s plays a great role in our life. 3 Conclusion At last in conclusion we should nerve give trouble to old and sick people. We should always do meditation to be activate, aware of germs and so on. We should meditate till min in school time in morning or 1 hour in holiday time. It makes our mind fresh.

There is a statement that “the sea is big but my boat is small”. It meaner that the universe is big but we all the human, animals, plants are small according to it. We should not waste our time by doing others things form which we can’t get any moral or education. If we do so then our future will be dark. To make our future bright we should use our time properly without wasting any time. The time is very important in our life. Time plays a vital role in our life. We didn’t even swoon that what game the time is playing with us in our life. There are three types of time. They are as follows:- 1) Past 2) Present and 3) Future 4

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