With a name like Animal I can tell you how both those reasons held me back as a child and made me hate my name. It was hard introducing myself to others because the sounds my name were not natural and I had to pronounce it in a way that didn’t scare the person off. Being such a social and friendly kid I had to resort to my nickname of Mol which has stuck with me for so long that my full name seems like a distant past. My nickname Just sounds better and I feel much more confident when introducing myself.

This goes to show that names can boost or decrease your confidence and cloud your identity if you don’t know how to make the name your own UT if you do and show others that Judging you by your name is not the same as knowing you and your personality then anything is possible for you as an individual. Though my nickname makes me feel more comfortable I am coming to the realization that I am the owner of the name and the name does not own me. In Sandra Concerns piece titled “My name” a young woman named Separates states that she dislikes her name so much so that given a chance she would baptize herself under a different name.

She has inherited the name but she feels it is an ugly name that does not fit her personality at all. She feels as if her name was inherited from such a time where it would have fit a girl of her age but in the modern day it does not and does not show her ambition. She displays these emotions when she says ” I have inherited her name, but I don’t want to inherit her place by the window'(12). She is expressing her individuality and will not let the name she is given determine her present or future life. I completely agree with Concerns in the way that she is standing up for herself as a woman and knows what she wants.

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Her not wanting to be like her grandmother and wanting to change her name shows early signs of being a strong woman. I also agree with her wanting to change her name because it is a distraction in day to day life. She clearly wants to go somewhere in life and wants to be someone but such distractions Are keeping her a level below those that have a normal name and do not have to worry about pronunciation and fitting in that have the upper hand. I can relate with Concerns and wanting to change my name for the same reasons even though I go by my nickname and am somewhat coming around to my full name.

I think if Separates were given some time and had a chance to rewrite her piece(given that she was the one that wrote it) I think she would be much more understanding towards her name and the uniqueness it brings to her life. In trying to find out more on my name I did a good amount of research online due to the fact that my name did not turn up in any books that I looked at and I found that my name means priceless or invaluable and comes from the ancient Indian language called Sanskrit which was used before 1200 b. C. My last name Sings is one of the most if not the most common surnames used for Indian males.

It is a common name due to the fact that India used to have a caste system and to denote such a system a lot of people changed their name to Sings. It is also derived from Sanskrit and translates to “lion” in English. According to Manifold. Com “Sings was taken on by Sikhs in 1699, when Guru Goblin Sings instructed his followers to use Sings after their names on the auspicious day of Basilisk. His purpose was to create a brave community who would fight against all the odds of the society at that time. Sikhs being true to this are a very brave community.

But it is not only the people following Sikh religion who use Sings as their middle name or surname, since a lot of North Indian Hindus had started using Sings as a common surname. ‘Sings’ is also a general middle name of there castes and religions in South Asia especially in India, Sir Lankan, Nepal and Bangladesh. In some Southeast Asians countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, people use Sings as a family name. “(meaning and origin of Sings, Map Of India). Though it is sought out to be such a common and average name I can see why every Indian male uses it as a middle name and/or a last name.

Before researching my surname I knew what it meant but I had no idea the significance it held in the lives of every Indian person. I would have never guessed that five letters could hold so much value and history. The meaning and history behind my last name is mouthing to be proud of and should be used as inspiration for everyday life. I certainly feel as if my last name is a direct correlation to my personality and how I was raised. Another step I took in increasing my awareness and knowledge of my name and heritage I interviewed my mother Sundered k. Sings about the origin, meaning, and selecting of my name.

The first question was the most frequently asked question :how my name translated into English to which she replied ” your name means priceless, something or somebody that is invaluable. It is an object that cannot be bought or put a price on. “(Sings interview #1). Though it is a unique name and is almost unpronounceable, the meaning behind it gives me pride to have such a name and to be able to represent such a name and to actually make it true about myself. The meaning is where the creativity ends and the story of my name took an unruly turn for the worst.

The next question left me asking “who let this lady and her husband have a baby and name it this way? ‘ I proceeded to ask how they thought of my name being that it is so rare. My mother put on a face which was like a half smile and half guilt face, and almost confessing told me ” we saw it in a movie which had mom out a couple months before you were born and we knew it was the perfect name for you. We asked everybody in the family and everybody agreed it was a good name. ” (Sings interview 1). I was pretty much appalled that my name had been chosen from a movie and that everybody agreed to name me after a movie.

This surprised me for many reasons but mostly due to the fact that in the faith I practice the names are usually given by a high ranking religious figure. I somehow was an exception and am glad that I can stand out in even such a minor way. The faulty process aside I appreciate my name, maybe not to the extent I should, but enough to eel proud about the meaning and origin. After learning about the basics that went into being named by my parents I was feeling pretty good about my name and the role it has played in my life. This left me wondering about the importance of names in our society altogether.

I wondered if names were as important to others as they were to me and if individuals felt as if their names dictated their lives or if they controlled their own fate regardless of their name. To get a couple answers I interviewed the person I thought would have the most outside the box answers as well as somebody who had a thinking and belief system most opposite of mine. I came to the conclusion that my younger brother was the perfect person for this Job. I began the interview with a simple yet at the same time sophisticated question : do you think names a play a huge role in our society why or why not? E did not take an time to think and quickly answered Yes they do because different cultures and ethnic groups have unique names which they take pride in. Names have negative effects as well due to prejudice and bias individuals who tend to Judge others by their name. Many believe names are microcosms of what people become in life” (Sings interview#2). I agree that different cultures and ethnic groups have unique names which they take pride in but I don’t agree with how names affect people because of prejudice and bias individuals.

Judging somebody by their name is something that happens a lot but I don’t feel that it can have a major effect because once you show the person behind the name nothing else really matters. The people behind the name are the ones that dictate how they are perceived but sometimes names bring unity as is the case with surnames yet a family with different surnames may not seem to be as united. This is discussed in Liz Brisling’s piece titled Does A family Nee o Share A Surname. Brisling is contemplating giving her son her surname instead of the traditional surname of the father.

She wants to voice her rights as a woman by going outside of the social norm and giving her son her surname but realizes the downside of having a family where members have different surnames. She also talks about how it might bring up complicated questions at places like the doctor’s office o with border patrol. Though she is a strong independent woman, Brisling sees that giving her son her surname will not make them any closer but neither will having the name name, ” would keeping my birth surname in the family make me closer to my children?

No. We had growing, nurturing, breastfeeding times. I am the default setting for comfort in our home… We are intrinsically linked far beyond words. “(Brisling 67). I agree that a simple word or name cannot make your family any closer. It is about the natural bond that a family shares and how closely knit they are as a unit that dictates their relationship and “closeness”. Switching up names might simply complicate things but I have seen families with different surnames that are closer than families with the same surname.

Names play as big of a role as you let them, they will not however, determine how close your family is or will become. Names are very important part of our society and can either make you or break you. Certain names can cause humility and shame due to the fact that they are different and may make a person feel like an outsider but if you can persevere and let the person behind the name make the person and show that you are as unique as your name then such issues will never come up again. The realization that comes with such a feat is the one of the best feelings a person can have.


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