Johnson’s reconstruction plan
Would restore the Union fairly would restore the Union fairly quickly
When the boat or first counted in the 1876 presidential election
No candidate had an electoral college majority
All of the following are reasons why Republicans lost control in the south except
Black voters switched to support the Democrats
Why did Southern Dental cracks agree to the compromise of 1877
It ensured the last federal troops would be withdrawn from Louisiana and South Carolina
After the war rumors swept the South that ex slaves would receive
40 acres and a mule
The liberal Republicans
Opposed grant
All of the following statements about the 15th amendment are true except
It ended slavery
Why did service in the Union army or navy benefit many freedmen
It provided training in leadership and alerted them to new opportunities and economic advancement and civic leadership
The primary objective of the Klu Klux Klan was
Oppressing blacks and white Republicans
What happened after the end of Reconstruction
The protections of black civil rights crumbled under the pressure of restored white rule and unfavorable Supreme Court decisions
Lincoln’s assassination Wilkes Booth
With a pro Confederate actor
The compromise of 1877
Ended reconstruction
Southern efforts to recreate a society that looked similar to the Confederacy had what political impact
Moderate Republicans move to support Radical Republicans reconstruction policies
during the Civil War Congress passed
The Homestead Act of 1862 which gave 160 acres to settlers who lived on the land for five years
Advocates of soft money or paper currency
The economic benefits and price inflation
During Reconstruction all of the following are true about African American involvement in the political arena during Reconstruction accept
Several African Americans were elected as governors
Emancipation had what impact on the south
It left the South labor system in disarray
Hard money advocates argued that government war bonds should be
Paid off in gold
Why was the 1876 Supreme Court decision in United States vs Cruikshank which pertains to the Colfax Massacre significant
I decided that states rights trumped federal authority when it came to protecting freed blacks from white terrorist
Why was Johnson picked as Lincoln’s running mate in 1864
As a gesture of unity they combined to create a national union ticket
The main issue that caused the dispute between Congress and President Johnson was
A growing conflict of opinion over reconstruction policy
In 1866 congressional elections
Gave Republicans veto proof majorities
Northern voters supported grant mainly because of
Military record
On what basis did President Lincoln claim the right to the reconstruction
Lincoln claimed on constitutional provisions pertaining to presidential power gave him the authority
During Reconstruction African Americans
Attempted to establish schools
The Radical Republicans understood that essential to maintaining Republican control of the federal government was
The rights of ex-slaves to vote
When in late 1865 the former Confederate States sent a number of X Confederates to Congress the unionist in Congress
Denied them their seats
Johnson violated the Tenure of Office Act when
He tried to remove one of his cabinet members without Senate permission
In the aftermath of the Confederacy’s defeat religious minded white Southerners
So no reason to change their thinking that God was on their side
which of the following was NOT a task of the Freedmen’s Bureau
Arming the freedmen
What was the most significant enduring legacy of reconstruction
The passage of the thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth amendments
Johnson’s proclamation of amnesty excluded the people he blamed for leaving the south into secession they were
The wealthy planters merchants and bankers
Christian missionaries who headed south after the war
Austin brought with them a commitment to civil rights and a vision of biracial social and political equality for freed slaves
What state was the only one in the nation that did not ratify all three constitutional amendments relating to ending slavery
The main purpose of the Union League was to
Organized groups of Republicans in the south
By the time President Grant took office Southern resistance to the reconstruction efforts had
Turn violent
Lincoln successor Andrew Jackson
Was a pro union southerner
Why did congressional Republicans write the wade-davis manifesto
To protest Lincoln’s Vito of the Wade Davis bill and the Q’s Lincoln of exceeding his constitutional authority
What was the main reason that Congress impeached Andrew Johnson
Violation of the Tenure of Office Act
Why did Radical Republicans want to disenfranchise former Confederates
To keep them from electing Democrats eager to restore the old Southern ruling class to power
Many former Confederates resented the new state constitutions imposed by Radical Republicans because
They’re provision allowed for black voting and civil rights
In South Carolina the fact that lower-class whites enjoyed unprecedented political power under Radical Republican rule
Led many former Confederate leaders to oppose the radical state
Jay Gould and James Fisk triggered a scandal with their scheme to
Corner the gold market
Why didn’t President Grant seek a third term in 1876
By 1875 he acknowledged the growing opposition to his renomination
In the north the Civil War especially elevated the power of
Business leaders
Ulysses S Grant
Little political experience and judgement to the presidency
Andrew Jackson was
Impeached by the house but not convicted by the Senate
The specie redemption Act of 1875
Allowed for the redemption of greenbacks and gold
Why did the radical led Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866
It was a response to the Black Codes and the Neo slavery system created by unrepentant southern legislature
Most carpetbaggers were
Union veterans
Most scalawgs wear white Southerners who
Opposed secession
the military reconstruction act
Required new state constitutions in the south
Under Lincoln’s plan for reconstruction
10% of the 1860 voters had to take an oath of allegiance to the Union
On what issue did the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates largely agree on during the 1876 campaign
Relaxing federal authority in the south
President Johnson fully broke with Congress in 1866 when he
Vetoed a bill to continue the Freedmen’s Bureau
The Black Codes enacted by Southern legislature
Try to restore key elements of slavery
At the end of the Civil War the newly freed slaves were given
Medical and legal assistance from the Bureau of refugees freedmen and abandoned lands
The radical state governments in the South did all of the following EXCEPT
Cut taxes

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