Summary Introduction Review of the existing Health and safety Management system Conclusions Recommendations Action Plans References One page and laid out as per the guidance Introduction. The aims of this assignment The objectives of this assignment are Methodology How I went about it Description of the Organization. Company background. Who we are and what we do Site details Description of the site Legal Environment in which the organization works. Applicable types of law Statute Law A break down of applicable legislation think outside the box

Common Law We also have responsibilities under common law these include: This again lots will apply Report Main Body 2. 1 Our existing Health and Safety systems Describe what you have 2. 3 Gap Analysis Self explanatory (Google will help here) 2. 4 How we comply with the relevant legislation Self explanatory 2. 5 Hazard Identification (This section is for you to identify things that (may OR may not be controlled Nabobs are unlikely to visit your site to check) require work) So if your site is fantastic ? Exaggerate 2. 6 Current Health issues Identify at least 10 some may be controlled ensure some are not 2.

Current Safety issues Identify at least 10 some may be controlled ensure some are not Rank and priorities them Space for a table possibly Pick 2 The two hazards chosen for taking further actions are: 2. 8 Health risk RISK ASSESSMENT Produce your own form Nabobs do not like to see professional forms in here 2. 9 Safety risk 3. 2 Hazards Action Plan Hazards and Risk Action Plan Safety.

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