President Kennedy School “Using one of the selected organizations evaluate their marketing concepts and principles for given products, and provide some recommendations of how they could improve. ” Distinction One p KS By Jade Warner-Eosin Tests Tests is a global organization that is the Auk’s top retailer, with over 6000 stores in 14 different countries; its marketing team is massive. Since the organization began, its awareness and sales have rocketed due to the customer’s value for money so the marketing team have a lot of work to do in non-food, trade services and international.

Marketing teams must look in to specific segments (audiences), market structures, the position of the market and their objectives. They will then look into how they can approach their audience and promote what they have to offer. For example, if the marketing team were to advertise Deco’s car insurance, the marketing team would look into what the service has to offer, who their target market are, what the customers desire, look into competitor prices and offers and then how they would promote their own service.

One of Deco’s concepts is to have “A growing business, full of opportunities” [1]. Marketing may contribute to this principle by researching new, different and effective ways of reaching specific target market. For example if marketing were looking to promote Deco’s range of fresh fruit, particularly to children below the age of 12 due to the rising population of overweight children, they may advertise on the television in the day time on channels that are popular with children.

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This would be effective as more children watch television in the day time, on the channels that they are most likely to watch means they will see Deco’s advert more than other market would and they would increase demand and sales of the angel of fruits. This will contribute to the overall principle as it means that the organization is growing. Another of Deco’s aims is “To build our team so that we create more value” [1].

Deco’s marketing will contribute to this by looking into the most efficiently priced suppliers so they can pass on the value to their target markets. An example of this would be Marketing looking into a promotion that Tests can afford to promote, for example if Deco’s suppliers were supplying Fro chocolate bars to Tests for up each, up is added for transport and storage costs then a further up was added for profit to Tests.

Fro chocolate bars are sold internationally at 1 up each, marketing could look into how they could promote the chocolate bar to appeal to parents and young children by investing the final up into a charity, like the NSP, which is a children’s charity, this would not Just increase Deco’s profit, but raise money and awareness for the charity, creating good public for Tests. Deco’s successful marketing strategies Tests clapboard [2] is an account for Deco’s regular customers to collect and save points in return for vouchers and special promotion.

This opportunity has been round for a few years and has grown on customers as well as the organization. T promotion has gone from few points for vouchers to customer competition to gain the most points for bigger offers in return. The scheme now has its own mobile AP which allows the customers to view how many points they have and what they can trade them for. This is effective as it means the promotion is more accessible to customers and means less hassle. Also the service offers more at seasonal times the year when particularly families and parents spend more (like Christmas and Easter).

When Tests marketing set this up, they would have had to of look into h any people would take part and how much Tests could offer as rewards. When Tests customers spend EYE or more at certain times of the year, E is taken off the receipt [3], this makes customers want to spend that little bit extra to gain this off This promotion is great for weekly shoppers who spend around that amount of money as it means they will continue to shop at Tests rather than competitors.

The week long promotion will attract more customers for that week which otherwise m shop at competitor super markets, this will raise figures and open opportunities f potential customers. On Deco’s site there is a price comparison area [4]. This all customers to look at prices elsewhere as well as assuring them that Tests has the best prices. The site offers comparisons on all their main products and services. Target market for specific products and services can look here for where they can the best value for their money, linking back to the organizations overall aims and objectives to ensure the customer gets the best value for money.

Having the bill compare prices means marketing can also look at how they can improve price and promotions to beat competition. This also gives Tests good publicity as their imprison must be honest as well as outlining the advantages and disadvantage their own and competitors’ products/services. Deco’s “Price Promise” states that a comparing the price of a basket of goods to SAD prices, if the results show SAD cheaper, Deco’s will give the customer Ell voucher [5].

This is good customer SE and marketing as not only is Tests marketing looking after and keeping customers they are also seeing which product prices they could potentially reevaluate to stick their value strategies. Tests marketing can use this to beat competitor prices as w as gaining positive publicity and potentially more customers. On Deco’s site, there a ‘realized’ recipe page [6]. This has a target audience of parents and the working age. Marketing would have to look in to these recipes as well as promoting what Tests sell. This is a good way to promote home cooking and healthy eating.

This could be improved by having a chief or famous cook sponsor to the page to help t promotion (for example Jamie Oliver is sponsored by Kingsbury), this would create larger target market as more people would be interested due to the sponsor of the promotion. This promotion is successful but could be improved by marketing looking into some further research and investments. Deco’s unsuccessful marketing strategies Deco’s once changed their price on their strawberries for a week so they could later set a promotion [7]. This caused bad publicity and later a costly law suit.


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