The first video focuses on the Civil War and its origins. It discusses the escalating debate over slavery and inability for white Americans to see blacks as their equals, a debate that needed to be resolved with violence if necessary. The video also goes over the Compromise of 1850 that ended the slave trade in the District of Columbia. It describes details of the tensions in society that were also taking place during this period, for example the case of Dried Scott vs.. Sanford. Southern secession from the Union is also a focus of the first video and the role it played in parking the Civil War.

The second video focuses on the Civil War itself. It discusses the bloody nature of the war and the reason being because both sides were fighting for something they believed in. The video talks about where the two main places the war took place, the East in Virginia and the West between the Appalachian Mountains and Mississippi, and their main objectives. It also talks about McClellan, Lee and Grant and their strategies, triumphs and mishaps. The video goes into detail about the Battle of Vicksburg and the percussions of that battle. . In the first video, the escalating debate over slavery is interesting to me because it basically was one the roots of the Civil War. I will have to side with the North on this one though. I do not believe any one person should have to “work” for free, without given the choice to do so on their own. Being a person of minority myself, can still see racial discrimination happening in the present day. I could not begin to imagine if I had to live the type life that blacks had to endure during the Civil War and prior to.

In the second video, the subject I found the most interesting was the Emancipation Proclamation and the role it played in the Civil War. It turned what started out to be a small war into an all out war against slavery. The passion each side made it very interesting and “real”. This made the meaning of victory much sweeter and on the flip side, the defeat more devastating.

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