In the book. The Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race. Racism. and White Privilege. perchance one of the most important statements that the writer. Robert Jensen wrote. is “The United States of America at the beginning of the 21st century-a century and a half after the terminal of bondage. four decennaries after the transition of the Civil Rights Act-is a white supremacist society. ” The statement. merely put. agencies that even if the period of bondage of inkinesss has long ended. the United States still remains a human dynamo non merely economically. politically. and technologically. but besides in race.

It fundamentally meant that while there are people who believe that racism has ended and people who welcome diverseness in race. it is still apparent. although anonymously and discreetly. and there are systems that privilege white people more than black people. He said that that the colored people continue to populate substandard lives and are stereotyped. Jensen pointed out that the chief job in all issues sing race are the white people themselves and besides stressed that it is clip for them to face this world.

His statements are well-supported by his ain personal experiences. One illustration he used was when he attended an assembly in which the audience were largely black people and in which he was a panel talker along with black talkers. He recounted that as he approached the dais and saw one of the black talkers. he all of a sudden couldn’t aid but experience superior to him. even though he acknowledged the fact that the talker was a smarter adult male than him and even though he knew of the speaker’s repute.

In narrating existent his racism experiences. Jensen emphasized that the historical Acts of the Apostless of against black work forces or colored work forces. has someway infused into the modern society. which is why white people have a inclination to still experience superior over their colored opposite numbers. Personally. I believe that the statements and thoughts of Jensen were factual. It was an eye-opener for me and I really am earnestly rethinking my positions on colored people.

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Jensen. R. ( 2005 ) . The Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race. Racism. and White Privilege. San Francisco: City Lights Books.


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