How often do we, as United States citizens, consider how safe we actually are in our country? Without further research we may not realized the potential nationwide threat that has been previously discussed between Amman al-Zachary (head of AY Qaeda) and Unease al-Waukesha (head of the Yemen-based AY Qaeda). Hopefully, the united States’ intelligence agency has intercepted these messages soon enough before any major action has been made. The information disclosed by Mr.. Snowmen, apart of the N.

S. A. Surveillance programs, has a very broad impact on national security as a whole, as well as counterterrorism efforts. The communication intercepts between the two AY Qaeda leaders Is being described as one of the most serious plots against the united States since the attacks on September 11, 2001 _ upon hearing of this, 19 united States Embassies has closed for a week to have all of their efforts focused on the embassy in Yemen. The significance of this has the potential to become an international threat, upon being attack the U. S. A. Old have no choice but to respond back in the same manner, which could put more lives of the Innocent at risk. The actions made by Snowmen, In releasing specific details regarding the threats that had been Intercepted, was the wrong approach from what should have been made. In response to the Snowmen leaks, the terrorist groups had been seeking to change their ways of attack and ways of communication to avoid any future detection by the National Intelligence Agency. From this comes an array of questions regarding our national security needs to face.

What will AY Qaeda future line of communication be? The major Importance In this Issue because the threat could affect our national security, or even the lives of Innocent American citizens greatly. The ways that we currently could change dramatically if AY Qaeda finally decides to act on threats made like this one. A few ways that the issue could be closer to being solved is, the national security being more secret in their work and findings. This would not send our country into a panic if the threat is released to the general public.

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Another far etched Idea we could try would be, attempting to work issues out between the united States and AY Qaeda. This has the potential to keep possible the future looking brighter for both sides, as fighting and death would not be in the picture. All in all, the cautiousness of our National Security needs to step up, so future leaks of Intel could be prevented. This will overall help keep our country safer, it will allow us to keep track of our enemies and know their next move before they do.


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