Since the new development of ideologies in the nineteenth century, debates over the better political theory is still continued. Socialism and liberalism are two ideologies that attempt to provide a foundation for society, while both are critics of each other. The one theory of liberalism is the general idea of all different classes of society existing together, while socialism is intended to abolish any type of classes and society shall exist together as an equal. The only aspect these two may have in common, is human progression.

The aim for socialism was to look after the prosperity of the country as a whole, and it may have been the better ideology, but this political doctrine had failed to consider many factors, the most important one being human nature. Socialism had failed to recognize the strength of determination. The absence of self-motivation in a government can result with a downfall of the country. For instance, during Lenin s rule under a socialist structure, there was no incentive to work harder. No matter the amount of labour that a factory worker contributed, each person would receive the same reward.

When ambition is taken away, apathy follows. Therefore is the reason why Russian products have such low quality, and all the while their export industry gains no major profit from foreign countries. On the other hand, Wilson s liberalism had its focus on opportunities. By giving the freedom of advancement by personal accomplishment, it gives an opportunity to achieve one s full potential. People are selfish, which is why a capitalist country flourishes, such as the United States. Though the principle of sharing a common goal and human equality may be beneficial, but the world does not run that way.

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Not every human thinks exactly alike, and some have different objectives than others. By nature, the majority of people are to look out for their own self-interest, to the point of greed, which can be an explanation of why the United States economy is prospering much more than Russia s, also the increase of poor in the latter country. It is the value of one s own benefit that creates competition and leads to the individual s success that contributes the performance of the country. In human society however, liberalism can continue as a social system as long as humankind keeps the same motivations greed and self-interest.

Human nature is a strong force, for the emotions within can drive an individual to unknown limits. Socialism failed to take this into account, and Russia proved this to the world that it is not very efficient. The fact that the United States follows the liberal structure and is also one of the most powerful nations in the world, it shows how important competition is needed in an economy. Marxian socialist refers that human labour and workers alone are the creators of value, and that all must work together to achieve a wealthy country. However, we as human beings are self-motivated much of what we do everyday is for ourselves.

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