Assignment 2: Use Cases Objective Automatic teller machines (ATM) are electronic banking system that allows custom with a debit or credit card to access their account to make some basic transactions such as withdrawal, deposit, or transfer. Our object is to developed use cases to support the bank ATM service, that include all scenario such as customer withdrawing money from an ATM, making an account deposit, making an account transfer. Identify and discuss any ethical issue maybe expose with the development or use of the ATM system. Start Session

When a customer inserts their ATM card into the card reader of the ATM machine, a session will started to read customer card. If it can’t read the card due numerous reasons, then the system will eject the card and error message will display on screen. If the system successful read the card, it will ask the customer to enter his/her PIN, if the pin match with server database a system main menu will display. The main menu consists of multiple types of transaction such as withdrawal, deposit, transfer, or account balance. In an event of invalid pin was entering, system will ask customer to try again.

It will allow customer three times to enter the right pin. If customer did not enter the correct pin for the fourth times, a screen will display to ask customer to talk to bank representative. The system will keep customer ATM card. Otherwise when the customer is through with his/her transactions, the card is ejected from the machine and session ends. Use case for Session Start Withdrawal Transaction After customer have completed their start up session by enter correct Pin, a main menu will display on the screen with multiple option.

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If the customer selects Withdrawal option from main menu system will start withdrawal transaction. Withdrawal transaction has many steps, first it will ask the customer to choose a type of account to withdraw (e. g. saving, checking). After the customer choose account type, and then customer will enter the amount of money that they wish to withdraw in a range from $10 to $300 as increment by $10. The system will verify that the account has sufficient balance (If not, the customer is informed and ask to choose another amount).

If everything pass through the bank will approve, and appropriate amount of cash will dispense from ATM. After complete withdrawal transaction it will ask if customer would like to do another transaction or else will end transaction. If the customer choose another transaction option it will take to appropriate session of that transaction. Otherwise it will completed withdrawal transaction cycle, and a receipt will print out at the end of transaction. Account Deposit Transaction In Similar case as withdrawal session, but this time customer will choose deposit instead of withdrawal from main menu.

Once customer chooses deposit, type of account to deposit, it will ask customer to enter the amount of money to deposit. It will then transfer customer information to the bank servers to check whether the customer can deposit through ATM card. If everything approved it will ask customer place a deposit check or cash in provide envelope, and insert it to envelope acceptor slot. Once envelope has received, a confirmation window will display that the bank have received and credit to the account.

It will then ask if customer would like to do another transaction or else will end transaction. When customer chooses to end a transaction it will print out a receipt and return ATM card back to customer. Account Transfer Transaction After Customer have completed start session and select account transfer under main menu. It will ask the customer to choose a type of account to transfer from a list of available account. Then customer has to enter the amount of dollar that he/she wishes to transfer to a new account.

Once the system received all response from customer, it will transfer to bank server to check for approve. If everything is accepted from server the bank will display successful message, and ask customer if he/she want another transaction. If not receipt will print out and completed account transfer transaction. Ethical Issues After reviewed the use case above, I think that there is one major ethical issue maybe expose in our new ATM system. In today technology security is one of the most major issues in most company, guarding sensitive information become more complex and difficult.

Because of that I would highly recommend we must be very planning carefully to make sure that the data that transfer between ATM and server to be secure and up to date on security software implementation. Second we must train all our operators about customer privacy and protect them against outside world. Reference Bjork R. 2004. Use Cases for Example ATM System. http://www. math-cs. gordon. edu/courses/cs211/ATMExample/UseCases. html Bynum T. 2008. Computer and Information Ethics http://plato. stanford. edu/entries/ethics-computer/ Fox O. How to Withdraw Money From an ATM. http://www. ehow. com/how_6517335_withdraw-money-atm-machine. html


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