Fossil fuels consist of coal. crude oil and natural gas that are found under the earth’s surface. formed from one million millions of old ages of compaction and decomposition of dead works and carnal affair. They are the taking beginning of energy for the world and are used for assorted intents like energy for transit. electricity. fabrication procedure and besides used in the fabrication procedure of twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours points like plastic. Main fossil fuels are.

1. Coal
Coal is a combustible black or brown organic sedimentary stone. It’s largely C and is typically found in beds or coal seams.

2. Natural gas
Natural gas is a combustible mix of hydrocarbon gases. It’s colourless and consist chiefly of methane. Conventional gas is easy extracted. unconventional gas requires sophisticated extraction engineerings.

3. Oil
Oil is largely known as rough oil or condensate but include all liquid hydrocarbon dodo fuels. Petroleum and liquefied crude oil gas are the most common types of fuel obtained from oil extraction and refinement.

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Uses for fossil fuels

1. Power coevals for electricity – Most of the power coevals are done in thermic power workss utilizing coal as the combustion fuel. Coal is inexpensive. hence it is used but it’s a extremely fouling beginning of energy. The lone power works in Kerala that uses fossil fuel is the Kayamkulam thermal works under NTPC that uses Naptha. a derivative of crude oil.

2. Transportation system intents and family intents – Petroleum merchandises like gasoline. Diesel. jet fuel and to a little extent liquefied crude oil gas are used for powering transit intents as internal burning vehicles use them as energy beginning. They are tha mian energy beginning and service as the anchor of our economic system. Liquified crude oil gas is used for bulk of families for cooking intent as cookery gas.

3. Manufacturing procedure. Heavier fractions of crude oil obtained during the processing of crude oil have excellent lubricant intents and are used as lubricators like motor oil. hydraulic oil. crude oil jelly etc. Petrochemicals are besides obtained from different fossil fuels as a beginning of doing plastic and polyster stuffs. Plastics are used for doing bottles. containers. home bases. boxes. bags and many other points. Polyester is a strong and lasting cloth stuff which is used for vesture and other intents. Benzene is a chemical extracted from from dodo fuel which is a critical ingredient in the industry of man-made gum elastic. dyes. dissolvers. pesticides etc. It’s besides a constituent of several medicins and nutrient merchandises besides.


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