Using a cell phone and driving is distracting and dangerous. 21% of teen drivers involved in fatal accidents were distracted by their cell phones. That’s the amount of people who are in car crashes because of texting and driving, just because they don’t crash doesn’t mean they’re not texting. According to AAA poll, 94% of teen drivers acknowledge the dangers of texting and driving, but 35% admitted to doing it anyway. Even with the risk of hurting themselves and others they still text and drive.Texting and driving is worse than driving while intoxicated. “That a driver on a phone had the same reaction speed as someone legally intoxicated, that those talking on the phone behind the wheel are four times as likely as to crash, that texting while driving is even more dangerous”(Hanes 1). A person on the phone is a lot more likely to crash than someone who is intoxicated. “An estimated 2700 young people die each year as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol and 282000 are treated in emergency rooms for injuries suffered in motor-vehicle crashes”(Ricks 1). The amount of people who were hurt in car crashes do to being on their phones while driving is more than 165 times more than people who die in car crashes due to being intoxicated. “Trends clearly show that more and more drivers use their phones texting while on the road, putting themselves and others at risk”(Gaddis 1). The numbers show how much of a risk texting and driving is.Teens nowadays overestimate their driving skills. “Studies have shown that teens tend to overrate their driving skills and underrate risks on the road. They also have more trouble multitasking–talking to friends, listening to the radio, and texting are particularly hazardous. Teenage drivers risk of a crash increases 44 percent with one teenage passenger and quadruples with three or more. Two thirds of teen deaths happen in a car driven by another teen”(Zernike 1). It is more likely to have teens crash while texting or talking while other teens are in the car than when a parent or adult is in the car. “Sixty-seven percent of teen drivers who use their cellphone while driving reported that being stopped at a red light makes them more likely to use their cellphone compared to when the vehicle is in motion”(unknown 1). More than 50% of people are more tempted to use their phone while stopped than in motion but, most people don’t put the phone down when they put the car in motion. “But then, in september last year, a driver using a cellphone plowed through a red light and slammed into Ms.Smith’s mother’s mini-SUV”(Hanes 1). You are not only going to hurt yourself but you can kill other people with your decisions. Teens are more likely to crash texting and driving than adults. “Ten percent of all drivers 15 to19 years old involved in fatal car crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crashes. This age group has the largest proportion of drivers who were distracted at the time of the crashes”(unknown 1). Teens with phones are almost always on their phones, teens don’t realize the risks and even if they do they still choose to text and drive. “Percentage of people who said that they texted while driving between September 2010 and December 2011:males 49%, females 45%. By age: 16 36.5%, 17 46%, 18 58%. Note: figures are based on an analysis of 8,947 high school students from 158 high schools”(Ricks 1). The older they got the higher the percentage got. There are many car crashes due to distracted driving. “In fact, the horrific crash that spurred the NTSB’s recommendation involved a 19 year old who had received or sent texts 11 times in the minutes preceding the accident that killed two and injured 38″(unknown 1). One glance at your phone can cause an accident but when you have a whole conversation the consequences are much larger.Texting and phone calls aren’t the only distractions, distracting passenger, other electronic devices, and eating can also distract a driver. “The number at teens who text and drive has doubled since 2010″(Gaddis 1). With the amount of teens who text and drive imagine how many teens go out with their friends, they mess around in the car and don’t pay attention to the road, which can cause a huge accident. “Nearly all of the teens (96 percent) responding to this survey reported owning a cellphone, and almost all of those teens (94 percent) said they owned a smartphone and rove a median five hours per week”(unknown 1). Most teens with a smartphones are addicted to it, they “need” to be able to see what’s going on. Most teens when they get a message they have to respond as soon as possible even if they’re driving. “Electronic devices, such as texting, emails,and downloading music were among the biggest distractions p, accounting for 7% of the distractions”(unknown 1). There are even more distractions in the car, that was only 7% of the distractions, so many things can distract someone.People text and drive knowing the consequences. There are so many accidents that happen because of distracted driving. Even when they know the risks 94% of people still text and drive. Texting and driving can even be more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. So many people die because of distracted driving; 282,000. Stop distracting driving and the roads could be safer.


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