Utopia Essay, Research Paper

Secluded in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, is a topographic point called Sashy, a wonderful, perfect society. It is ever peaceable and nil bad of all time happens on the island. The island & # 8217 ; s air is ever fresh and free of any toxins or pollution. Temperature on the South side of Sashy is ever warm with no humidness nowadays. On the North side of Sashy the conditions is ever perfect for winter activities, the temperature is merely cold plenty for the snow to fall. The North side of the island is full of steep, snow-clad mountains. On the South side of the Sashy clean, flaxen beaches cover the land. The ocean H2O is crystal clear and warm. Sashy is the perfect topographic point to populate. On the island, every individual is treated as peers. No one individual thinks or acts as if they are better than another. There is no racism or sexism present, all types of people reside here and acquire along together. Populating on the island is people from all different civilizations and backgrounds. Everyone lives in peace with no combat, force, offense, or war. The people of Sashy, called Sashians, do non judge each other by their visual aspect or whom they interacted with. There are many diverse faiths in this community. Each one does non knock the others for their beliefs. Once a month all the different faiths get together at the island community edifice and congregate together to discourse their point of views and ideas on their religion. On this island there is no poorness, disease, or hungriness. Everyone has plentifulness of money, but have to work for it. Not everything comes easy. There is still much competition in the economic system. Citizens of the island do non worry about money though.

The Sashians are involved in a broad assortment of athleticss and leisure activities all twelvemonth long. This is possible because of the utmost temperature differences on the North and South sides of the mountain. The North side is ever cold so the citizen can ski and snowboard at the Sashian Mountain Resort. The resort would offer a broad assortment of different leveled inclines for the skiers on one half of the mountain. On the other half of the mountain there would be a Snowboard Park dwelling of a inclines and half pipes purely for the snowboarders. A snow tube park would besides be available for any whom has involvement in snow tube. There would household tubings and individual tubings available for usage. All these activities and more on North Sashy will hold minimum charges to take advantage of the installations.

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On the warm and cheery South side, the beache

s are clean and free of charge for all citizens. The beaches have volleyball tribunals open to anyone. At the wharfs there are docks where people can lease Jet Ski’s, Speed Boats, Yachts, and Party Boats for their recreational pleasance. Sidewalks and waies are on manus for Sashians to roller blade, skateboard, drive motorcycles, and run, jog, or walk. Boating trips are besides available that take groups out in the center of the ocean to scuba dive and snorkel.

Throughout the whole island are shopping centres, restaurants, and athleticss composites of all types accessible to all. Any shop conceivable exists. A shopper & # 8217 ; s heaven! The sum of topographic points to eat would be unbelievable. Any type of nutrient that a individual had a craving for would be accessible. The Sashian Society would ever seek to do the island gratifying for each individual. Schooling would be one of the most of import facets of life on the island.

It is required for all citizens to get down their instruction at simple school degree and go on up to collegiate degree. It is non required, but if the parents wanted to get down directing their kids to nursery or preschool the installations would be unfastened for usage free of charge. All schooling on the island is free of charge because instruction is of great importance to the people of Sashy. The schools administer the best instruction possible. There is a big assortment colleges available for pupils to take from. Students will be required to travel to school for nine months out of the twelvemonth. Altogether, pupils are required to go to 17 old ages of schooling. In order to see that the pupils are acquiring an first-class instruction the instructors would hold to take a Teaching Exam every five old ages. If the instructors fail to finish the demands and the written subdivision of the trial they will non be permitted to learn for one twelvemonth. Teachers are besides required to travel back to college yearly and take two classs to broaden their cognition. All steps would be taken that would be necessary to keep the finest quality of instruction for Sashians.

The citizens of Sashy make up their ain Torahs and regulations. Each twelvemonth selected members the community sit down and revise the Torahs from the old ages before if necessary. Each community on Sashy have representatives that go about and take thoughts and ideas on how the island could be changed and run to do it better topographic point to populate. Laws ne’er are passed if a big figure of people on the island disagreed with them. The authorities & # 8217 ; s chief concern is the felicity of the lives of the Sashians.

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