Villivaru Island is an undersized tropical beach island in Maldives. This island is universe celebrated for its natural beauty and is seemingly one of the most coveted tourer finishs of Maldives. This beautiful island is located on South Male Atoll and offers the typical desert island delectation. It is considered to be the perfect tourer topographic point for household holidaies. Tourists looking out for a relaxed and unagitated experience off from the hustle-bustle of the metropolitan life style should doubtless choose for this tourer finish.

Villivaru Island holidays is a sister resort of Biyadoo ; nevertheless, Villivaru Island holidays is much more restful than Biyadoo. Besides, the breathtaking positions of Villivaru Island are merely astonishing. Just like other islands of Maldives, this island is covered with exuberant green flora and singing coconut thenar trees.

There ‘s everything one is looking for, on this brilliant Villivaru Island vacations. Right from recreational events to well-furnished suites and from natural beauty to attractive eating houses, Villivaru Island vacation has everything in its locality. Villivaru holidays entail legion plunging musca volitanss and waterway locations. Vacations in Maldives are largely celebrated for its H2O athletics escapades, yoga and wellness activities. Vilivaru Island holidays host a assortment of H2O athleticss such as snorkelling, aqualung diving, H2O skiing, canoeing, sailing and para seafaring. If one is interested in fittingness activities, so Biyadoo has Indian Ayurtheeram Yoga and Fitness centre excessively. Villivaru Island holidays besides proffer astonishing jaunts such as fishing excursions and island- roaming trips.

Attractions and Activities in Villivaru Island vacations

Villivaru Island holidays is a perfect finish for newlyweds. Couples who wish to bask choice clip entirely with their spouse with extreme privateness can choose for this tourer finish. The twosomes can bask relaxed sauntering excursions on the beaches while taking pleasance of the local flora. The long lilting thenar trees give a picturesque position and impart a romantic feeling to the full atmosphere.

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Water athleticss adventurers can choose for assorted H2O athleticss chances here. This island has amazing 38 different plunging sites! As this island is rather known for its astonishing diving experiences, one can indulge in plunging escapades. Apart from plunging, snorkelling, para-sailing, aqualung diving and H2O skiing are besides favorite activities here. Divers can besides see the breath-taking position of under H2O Marine species such as shark, beams, alien fish and polo-necks. Tourists who want to larn diving can besides take aid from the expert PADI plunging squad of Villivaru Island vacations.

For tourers who enjoy fishing, traditional Maldivian manner fishing is besides a great experience. Furthermore, if the tourers wish to eat what they have caught while angling they can acquire it cooked in the island ‘s eating house excessively!

Entertainment chances are plenty on Villivaru Island holidays. One can take pleasance of the astonishing dark life here. Villivaru Island holidays arrange for subject darks, barbecue parties and discos.

After an adventuresome twenty-four hours, visitants can loosen up in the Villivaru Island holidays ‘ ain massage and yoga Centre. However, for better relaxing and rejuvenating experience it ‘s advisable to travel to Biyadoo resort. It is considered to be the lone committed Hebal Heath and Yoga Centre in Maldives.

Best Time to Visit Villivaru Island vacations

Apparently, merely like other tropical islands of Maldives, Villivaru Island vacations is besides a tropical island, hence it is rather barmy and humid. This island gets rather hot, has a batch of humidness and experiences few months of rainfalls excessively. But this conditions is considered to be perfect for plunging and snorkelling. The temperature normally ranges from 29 & A ; deg ; C to 32 & A ; deg ; C. The clime throws some warm zephyrs excessively. The winter season is rather enjoyable. Therefore, the extremum season to see Villivaru Island vacations is from October to March. The monsoons are rather heavy here which happens between May to September, hence for all those who do n’t wish monsoon season can avoid traveling to Villivaru Island Holidays during that clip.

Geting to Villivaru Island vacations and Around

Villivaru Island holidays is situated on the southern side of Male Atoll. It is merely 18 stat mis off from Male international airdrome. Tourists can choose for 45 proceedingss journey by hydroplane to make Villivaru Island vacations. Biyadoo the sister-concern of Villivaru Island resort is at a distance of 400 stat mis and can be reached by a short boat drive. Villivaru Island holidays is good connected with many airdromes of major metropolitan metropoliss.

Restaurants and Dining at Villivaru Island Holidays

Villivaru Island Holidays has suites situated a small inside the island and are non really near to the beach. They are based amidst the beautiful local vegetations and zoologies of the island overlooking the white sand beach. The invitees can besides bask loosen uping on knolls here. Villivaru Island Holidays has maintained its criterion by offering all sorts of luxuries, comfortss and services that one is looking for. Presently, this island resort is closed for major inspection and repair and will restart tourer services merely by 2011.

Suites of this island vacations are well-designed equipped suites with A.C. , IDD telephone, level screen Television, personal safe, laundry service and private terraces. Villivaru Island Holidays besides attributes miscellaneous daintinesss in its eating house. The eating house dishes out barbecues and particular Maldivian nutrient. The lovely saloon here, apart from functioning drinks and cocktails, besides takes attention of regular amusement such by forming dance shows and orchestra.

General Etiquette

Tiping is non a common pattern across all island resorts in Maldives. Furthermore, it is non officially encouraged at Villivaru Island Resort. If the visitants like the service, they can tip room staff and servers in the resort. However, a 10 % service charge is typically added to the measure, hence tip is basically non required.

Hotels in Villivaru Island Holidays

Maldives is universe celebrated for holding one resort located on each of its island. This makes it an ideal romantic tourer finish. Villivaru Island Holidays is the lone beach resort on the Male Atoll. However, Biyadoo the sister-concern of Villivaru Island resort is at a distance of 400 stat mis on Biyadoo Island. It can be easy reached by traversing the bluish ocean through short boat trip to that island.

Villivaru Island Holidays – A Reappraisal

Villivaru Island Holidays is a luxury hotel located in the southern portion of Male Atoll. The candent H2O in the Sun, vibrant underwater species and white sand beach at Villivaru Island Holidays confer a wonderful, composure and relaxing atmosphere. This resort is admired for its astonishing diving experiences and solitude satisfaction.


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