Pulau Pinang or Penang is one of the unique and attractive topographic points in Malaysia with its many civilizations which make Penang one of tourer ‘s favourite topographic points and tourers attractive forces. Basically, Penang is celebrated for their nutrient, faiths, civilizations and touristry site. Harmonizing to the UNESCO Worlds Heritage Site of Georgetown says that there are many faiths, civilizations and nutrients in Penang, therefore it can intermix good together in order to do Penang one of the well known provinces in Malaysia ( Administrator III, 2010 ) [ 1 ] .

There is press statement by YB Danny Law Heng Kiang the Penang State Exco for Tourism Development and Culture said that Penang is ranked in the 3rd topographic point under Kuala Lumpur, and Genting Highland ( Pahang ) for their touristry finish in Malaysia ( Administrator III, 2010 ) [ 1 ] . At first, Malacca is on top of Penang as touristry finish because they receive about 8.9 million tourer reaching in the twelvemonth 2009. Unfortunately, that statement by Datuk Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen may be a error because as we can see from the tabular array 2, Penang has more tourers ‘ reaching comparison to Malacca ( Administrator III, 2010 ) [ 1 ] .

Harmonizing Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, Penang is an island with an country of 108 sq mi/280 sq kilometer and it is known as one of the busiest ports in the yesteryear and it is located in the passs of Malacca, on the North-West Coast of Malaysia. Penang is really celebrated for their beautiful beaches and islands, nutrients, cultural, faiths and many more [ 2 ] .

During 16th century, Lusitanian merchandisers Penang was travel from Goa ( India ) to Far East hunt for spices, fresh H2O so they stopped in Penang. In 1786, Penang was really popular among the plagiarists because they steal ships that cross along Straits of Malacca. At one point, Penang became popular in eighteenth century and at the same clip, Captain Francis Light enter to Penang and get down to hold good relationship with the locals and besides the Sultan of Kedah in 1771. Unfortunately, at that minute itself Sultan of Kedah handed Penang to Captain Francis Light in order to acquire protection against the menaces of Burmese and Siamese. After that, they called Penang as “ Prince of Wales Island ” and after the colony ; Sultan Abdullah found out that he is being cheated by the British by non willing to offer protection therefore he gathered his ground forces to recapture Penang. Lastly, after extended old ages of fighting between the locals and the British, Malaysia achieves independency in 31st August 1957 and Penang is one of the 13 provinces. Penang now is known as Pulau Pinang ( Administrator III, 2008 ) [ 3 ] .

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1.1.1 Listen

Read phonetically

What is the Culture in Penang?

Harmonizing to Malaysia adventurer, the civilizations in Penang are really alone and most of the tourers truly interested to cognize more about Penang ‘s civilization. In 2008, the population in Penang about 2 million on the island and 1 million is in Seberai Prai which consists of 42 % Chinese, 41 % Malay, 10 % for Indian and besides 5 % for the Peranakan or Baba Nyonya. Baba Nyonya ‘s civilization in Penang which is known as Straits Chinese which originated from Fujian Province in South-eastern China is different from Malacca. Baba Nyonya ‘s in Penang really proud of their heritage plus most of them already follow the civilization in Penang ( Derrick.C, 2010 ) [ 4 ] . The Penang Baba Nyonya ‘s speaks mixture of Hokkien, Malay and English and most of the Baba Nyonya ‘s in Penang still pattern their Chinese faith and hereditary worshipping ( 5 ) .

Basically, linguistic communication that being spoken in Penang is Malay linguistic communication whereby English and the Chinese ( Hokkien ) besides being spoken widely in Penang. And in conclusion the Tamil linguistic communication is being spoken by the Tamils among their community. Next is the faith in Penang which most of the people believes such as Buddhist, Islam, Hindu, Christian, and many more. Basically, Buddhism is one of the chief faiths in Penang whereby Islam still the official faith of the province. As you can see that Penang ‘s civilization is a mixture of Malay, Chinese Indian and it is really interesting for tourer ‘s attractive forces [ 5 ] .

Furthermore, Penang is celebrated for their nutrient and this is one of the Penang ‘s civilizations. The nutrient in Penang can easy acquire about everyplace and anytime in Penang. Harmonizing the clip magazine in 2004, Penang has been the best street nutrient in Asia. Penang is the lone topographic point to happen such a fantastic, tasty and nice nutrient and besides it is so inexpensive compared to Kuala Lumpur and sometimes people called Penang is the nutrient Eden to eat. The nutrient in Penang is an mixture of Chinese, Nyonya, Malay, India, Thai culinary art. There in Penang besides celebrated for the peddlers ‘ nutrient which they sell and served by the route side [ 5 ] .

Besides that, one of the ground why Penang famous is because they have assorted of events and festivals that they celebrates such as Penang International Dragon Boat Festival, Chin-gay, Pesta Pulau Pinang, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Thaipusam, Chinese New Year, Hungry Ghost Festival and many more. These festivals would pull many tourers from all over the universe to come and see throughout the festivals. Furthermore, it would be nice if tourers from Malaysia or outside Malaysia to give support and celebrates together in these interesting events. The international firedrake boat festival normally held around June and July during the school vacations. Chingay is one of the celebrated cultural events in penang because it is being celebrated because of the birthday of Kuan Yin or the Goodness of Mercy. Normally, this event is being celebrated every twelvemonth and attracts tourers as far from United States, Japan, South Africa and besides Netherlands. Chingay festival is a parade which squads of people will demo their accomplishments at equilibrating 40 foot bamboo range poles on their organic structure such as caputs, shoulder, custodies, and articulatio genuss. And in conclusion, Pesta Pulau Pinang is one of the cultural events that being celebrated by all races in Penang. Pesta Pulau Pinang is a carnival that being celebrated in December and it ever be lively, go oning and colourful carnival every twelvemonth. There would hold a tonss of activity includes unfastened air concerts, assortment shows, nutrient bazars, merriment carnivals, pet shows, exhibitions, games and many more [ 6 ] .

1.1.2 What is an event?

Basically events is about to hold a peculiar map or to inform our guest that when some exciting things is traveling to go on and traveling to observe. For illustration, book launches nuptialss, concerts, carnivals and many more. It is more like a readyings for that peculiar maps to do it runs swimmingly and attractively. It starts from the PA systems, music, VIP suites, nutrients, ruddy rug, invitees and many more [ 7 ] .

1.1.3 Cultural events that being celebrated by in Penang

Penang is celebrated for their civilizations, ethnicities, nutrients and festivals. Penang ‘s has so many events and festivals that being celebrated throughout the twelvemonth. Hence, the full tourer from every parts of the universe celebrates together with colourful occurrences events in Penang. There are few festivals that being celebrated by all races in Penang such As Chinese New Year, International Dragon Boat Festival, Penang Beach Carnival, Penang Cultural Festival, Malaysia Festival and Pesta Pulau Festivals. The intent all these festivals are held because is to garner everyone and celebrates the harmonious and alone multi civilization in Penang. Many activities are held on the festival ‘s illustration manner parades, inter-hotel competition, public presentation, sell handcrafts, and many more [ 8 ] .

1.2 The Problem Statement

The intent of me taking this subject is because as we can see Penang is developing to one of the taking touristry provinces. Cultural and events touristry is a merchandise which is hard to be tested foremost earlier usage, so by holding the cultural events in Penang can besides gives Penang acknowledgment as a universe heritage site and will be portraying the cultural diverseness of Penang. On top of that, by holding cultural events and festivals in Penang can analyse the figure of tourers inbounds to Penang. Besides that, tourers can come over and seek to see and distribute the intelligence to everyone out at that place about the cultural events that being celebrated by all races in Penang. There are few popular cultural events that being celebrated such as Thaipusam, Chap Goh Meh, St. Anne ‘s festival, hungry shade festival and many more. Basically, Penang is celebrated for their cultural diverseness where they preserve their ain traditions and executing humanistic disciplines. On top of that, Penang has ain tradition of street civilization, jubilations, festivals, and cultural groups and it will be the most unforgettable minutes for the tourers who come and experience the festivals. Last, the “ Visit Calendar 2010 ” has their programs to do Penang as the active touristry sector.

Research Objectives/ Aims

The aim of this proposal is:

To analyse the figure of tourers inbounds to Penang during the cultural events jubilation.

To unify all people together to observe cultural events in Penang to back up the motto “ Satu Malaysia ” .

To look into the figure of tourers that visit Penang harmonizing their nationalities.

To find the most favourable cultural events to the least popular and why?

To analyze the gross or loses generated by tourers as to the cost incurred by the province authorities to these events.

By roll uping these consequences, we can find whether to prolong, continue or to advance cultural events or festivals for the coming old ages.

Research Questions

What are the figure of tourers inbound to Penang in the 2009?

Should Ministry of Tourism Malaysia promote more cultural events jubilations in order to give Penang acknowledgment as a universe heritage site?

Should we continue, promote and prolong our cultural events in Penang in order to draw more tourers from all over the universe?

What the pull factors are for tourers to visits Penang every twelvemonth?

Hypothesis Statement

Hypothesis statement for this subject would be that Penang ‘s civilization has a alone property that brings people together by holding cultural events and festivals throughout the twelvemonth. To tout those cultural events and festivals requires fiscal capital, cultural capital and besides societal capital to run those events ( Datuk L.G.Eng, 2009 ) [ 9 ] . The being of cultural events makes people understand other people ‘s civilization better so that they can understand one and another every bit good as back uping our Malaya ‘s slogan which is “ Satu Malaysia ” . Harmonizing to Datuk Lim Guan Eng, says that they have to give 100 % committedness to protect, continue, sustain and advance the cultural events in Penang so that it can convey the people together and unify the civilization and observe it jointly. These would reflect the multiracial people and good continue civilization and heritage which is being listed in UNESCO World Cultural and Heritage Site recently ( R.Haw,2005 ) [ 10 ] .

In the past 6 old ages, there were 12 states affected by Tsunami catastrophe on 26th September 2004 and one of the states is Malaysia. There were two provinces in Malaysia was affected by Tsunami which is Penang and Kedah. Both these countries lost everything during the tsunami catastrophes. At that clip, most of the people or tourers are in fright for going to other states. Most of the fisherman ‘s small towns in Kedah are destroyed by the tsunami. On top of that, Penang ‘s touristry somewhat decline due to this unwanted catastrophe. The Government, Corporate, NGO ‘s, and besides persons contribute 1000000s of dollars to assist the victim ‘s adjustment, medical and many more ( R.Haw, 2005 ) [ 10 ] . Furthermore, there was a alteration in political relations, economic system and society due to the tsunami catastrophe. Penang ‘s economic system somewhat decline because lacking of tourers from outside and inside the state. Tourists afraid to come and visits Penang therefore non much activity or jubilations can we held during that peculiar period of timer ( R.Haw, 2005 ) [ 10 ] .

As we know that the mass media plays of import functions in advancing any advertizement does n’t count in the web site or in the day-to-day newspaper. By advancing and publicize something in the web site or newspaper, and so forth may increase the figure of tourers who visits Penang. This is one of the schemes to draw tourers to come to Penang after the Tsunami ‘s calamity. There are some advertizements that may force tourers out of their province or state to come to Penang by holding Cheap Air Flight to Penang inclusive Hotel Rooms. For illustration, in figure 1.0 and figure 1.1 show that Air Asia offer or promotes inexpensive flight tickets inclusive a room for the tourers [ 11 ] . The travelling period for the tourers is at any clip in July 1st 2011 to November tenth 2011. This is because we want more tourers to come to Penang for holiday and besides at the same clip we can advance different cultural events and festivals that are being observing every month [ 11 ] .

Furthermore, Penang State Tourism is advancing their province as by the run goes “ Visit Penang 2010-1012 ” . So there are many sorts of activities and events is held for illustration Esplanade in Action- an Evening of Cultural Performance, Penang Sakura Blossom, Chinese New Year cruise-Lili Marleen and many more. Besides that, the nutrient is one of the attractive forces besides cultural events in Penang for illustration, Thai Food Fiesta 2010, Penang Durian and Fruits Festivals, Pesta Pulau Pinang and many more.

Harmonizing to Natalie Lee, one of the pupils from University New South Wales stated that Facebook is one of the top turning societal networking in the universe nowadays which has more than 140 million users in the whole universe. It allows us to happen and pass on with our friends and portion exposures, advancing touristry sites and many more. Penang promotes their touristry sites through Facebook, websites, web logs and many more to draw tourers from every parts of the universe. They can portion exposures, promote hotel suites, flight tickets to Penang, and update latest events in penang and advance it to all their household members, friends and many more. It is one of the best ways to advance Penang to foreigners ( N.Lee, 2009 ) [ 12 ] . .

Theoretical/ Conceptual Framework

1.6.1 Theoretical model

As what I have showed the conceptual model below shows that the research is focus more on the cultural events that being celebrated by all races in Penang. It will be scoped into structural support and cultural infrastructure/ infinites for the cultural events. Following under structural support diagram it will be divided into few parts such as managing publicities, fining, licensing, printing and distribution of circulars. Besides that, for the cultural substructure / infinites will be divided into two chief points which is cultural hub and besides communities.

At the top portion of the model shows that some of the events and festivals that is being celebrated by all races in Penang. Cultural festivals that being celebrated in Penang is Pesta Pulau Pinang, Hungry Ghost Festival, Chinese New Year, Chingay, Bon Odori and many more. As stated by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in Malaysia National New Agency, the intent of forming those cultural events is because to aimed and pull more locals and international tourers to the province of Penang ( Anonymous, 2009 ) [ 13 ] . Since Penang has affirmed that they are one of the World Heritage Site in the universe because of their beautiful beaches, architecture, and delightful nutrient and besides the events, it can assist to prolong and advance the cultural events so that more and more tourers can come and visits Penang for the following approaching old ages ( Anonymous, 2009 ) [ 13 ] .

For the 2nd stage of the model, is the cultural substructure and infinites which can be divided into two parts which is cultural hub and communities. Harmonizing to S.B.Tan, Professor School Of Art, University Sains Malaysia says that the cultural hub, is fundamentally where the public presentations or festivals is traveling to carried out, for illustration museums, eating houses, and many more. Whereby, for the communities are fundamentally about where the festivals or events should be placed in countries where most of the people live, for illustration metropolis in Georgetown or Balik Pulau. It would be much easier for the people in Penang to go to those peculiar topographic points to observe the events ( Goh, C.H, 2008 ) [ 14 ] .

Traveling on, on the 3rd stage is the structural support for illustration handling publicity, fining, licensing, distribution circulars and printing.

Conceptual model

Cultural Events Tourism for Penang

Events and festivals

Pesta Pulau Pinang

Bon Odori


Hungry Ghost Festival

Cultural substructure

/ infinite


It should be placed in countries where the people lives

Eg: metropolis of Georgetown or Balik Pulau.

Cultural Hub

where the performances/ festivals, events is traveling to carried out

eg: museums, eating houses, and many more

Structural support

Printing and distribution of circulars



Managing publicity

Figure 1.2

Scope and Restrictions

The range for this survey is chiefly based on the Tourism Industry in Penang that is quickly turning in this twenty-first century. The importance of this sector to the Malaysia ‘s economic system is to draw more tourers to come and visits Penang through the 3 old ages run of the province authorities by advancing their “ VisitPenang 2010- 2012 ” [ 15 ] . Harmonizing to hotel statistics, in 2008 [ 16 ] , Penang received 6.3 million tourer inbounds excepting the sightseer who arrive on sail or live with their household and friends. The figure is higher than old twelvemonth which is 5.1 million. Penang State Government ‘s has a mission to aim 10 million tourers in 2014 which is 4 old ages from now. Penang ‘s most profitable income earner comes from touristry sector after fabrication. Harmonizing to Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia, the figure of local and international tourers reachings in Penang in 2005 is 48 % international tourers whereby for the locals is 52 % which comes up 4, 351,909 tourers overall. Every twelvemonth, the figure somewhat increased does n’t count it is international tourers nor local people. Unfortunately, in 2009 the figure of tourers declined aggressively which is from 6,307,468 in 2008 but unluckily in 2009, the figure has dropped to 1,347,356 overall sums. Penang this is because Penang focuses more on developing medical touristry and eco-tourism in this few old ages [ 16 ] . This survey will look at the statistics rate or the figure of tourers come and visits Penang to celebrates and see the cultural events and festivals therefore nutrient every bit good. There were restriction beginnings to happen for this subject. To happen for informations and information ‘s, research worker utilizing Google Scholar with diaries, articles, Pdftop.com, Kdu Library and on-line book. Some of the diaries and articles need to be purchased or log in as a member in order to read the articles and diaries.


1.8 Significance of the survey

Significance of analyzing this subject is to analyse the figure of tourers inbounds in Penang during the cultural events jubilations whether it gives impacts towards Penang ‘s economic system or local environment. Besides that, it is of import for us to cognize what is Penang ‘s mission and mark for the touristry sector. Currently, Penang is being ranked at no.4 in foreign and domestic tourers reachings in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur, Pahang and Sabah. YB Danny Law Heng Kiang, Chairman for the State Tourism Development Culture, Arts, and Heritage says that he truly hopes one twenty-four hours Penang would be No.1 or No.2 in foreign and house servants tourist ‘s reachings in Malaysia. Harmonizing to statistics, the figure of hotel invitees is increasing quickly from 68.8 million in 2008 compared to 61.6 in 2007 particularly during the cultural events and festivals that being celebrated every month. It shows that the graph for touristry sector will increase every twelvemonth [ 17 ] .


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