My Family Values My family values consist of respect, kindness, and an education. The way we show respect in my family, is by not calling each other bad names nor bad words, giving a side kiss and hug to each of us, and by us having a right to share our opinion and not get Judged.

We value kindness by, cheering up anybody that seems down, cooperating the best way possible when a family member is in need of something, and if you’re not being nice, then they’ll assume you’re mad at them. We also, and really value an education because they are always lecturing us on how it will help you succeed, to always put an education first, MUST attend a college or university, and telling us to be the best scholar we can be.

Overall, respect, kindness, and an education are really significant values in our family. My family values and Central City Value High School’s 5 values bond with each other in many ways. For example value #1 (Academic Excellence) relates to my family value Respect because hey always tell us to put an education first, MUST go to a college or university, and are always lecturing us on how important an education Is and Value #1 Is Academic Excellence the means to a full life.

Another example would be Value #2 (Potential) because they’re always telling us to be the best scholars we can be, not limit ourselves, and Value #2 Is about being the best person we can be, not limiting yourself. It can also, relate to Value #3 (Respect) because whenever we see each other we give each of us a side kiss and a hug, don’t call each other bad names nor bad rods, and we respect each other’s opinion, and Value #3 Is about not Judging each other.

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Finally, the last CSV’S value my family can relate to Is Value #4 (Building Community) because If anybody In my family Is ever down we try and cheer them up, when any of us Is In need of something we’ll cooperate the best way possible, If you’re not kind, they’d assume you’re mad, and Value #4 Is all about genuinely loving and seeking good for each other. Overall, my family values and CSV’S values can relate to each other.


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