How Should our Society Assign Value to Human Life? Can we actually know the monetary value of someone ‘s life? Everyone has a different opinion about this interrogation. In the past people used to think different from how we think right now. The value of life now differs depending on the deferent kind of experiences people go through. We will all have different obstacles in our life, but the way we get through them and live to tell the tale is the way life should be valued for.

Before in the old cultures, like the ancient Egyptians, Mays, and Incas, people seed to think different. They believed a person ‘s monetary worth on Earth was over, and they should take all of that earthly worth with them to the afterlife. Now a days, our society has its priorities in the wrong order. We think that professional athletes, singers. Or actors are worth more than people who have good hearts but who do not make as much money.

If money can ;t buy happiness then how do we, as a society, put very large price tags on celebrities who live miserable lives and only pretend to be happy when there ‘s a camera pointed in their direction? In conclusion, there are lot of case like this, but this one is the most famous and make us reflect upon what Is right and wrong. Everybody s style of life is different, and therefore, of deferent value. The value of life now differs depending on the different kinds of experiences.

For example, If someone has experiences that are worth recognition, then it should be recognized in a monetary way. People should create a website like the one in “Human Life Value Calculator,” but Instead this one will count the specific occupation and education because “Human Life Calculator” doesn’t do that. People work hard so they can be here they are, and this website won ‘t recognize all their effort. It doesn’t seem fare to me. This could make the website better and give a better value to the lives of those who work really hard.

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Another good way that society would assign value to human life Is by looking at the background the person has. By background I mean the different obstacles the person has had. There are many people that have suffered, and I think these people should get acknowledged. This is also something that could be added to the website. That way we can know the value of the obstacle the person has gone through. For example, Lance Armstrong survived a long battle with cancer, and after this battle came out with a new outlook on life. When I was 25, I got testicular cancer and nearly 1). The way these words were expressed showed us how Armstrong has suffered while he had cancer. This must’ve been really tough for him and his family. In conclusion, If we also count the obstacles someone has had when valuing the value of life, we ‘ II have a better result. How should our society assign value to human life? My personal opinion is that life Is too precious of a commodity to put Into monetary values; however, it Is money that Off society should assign value to human life.


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