In this essay. I am traveling to depict an episode of attention for an person which I was involved in whilst on arrangement at a local nursing place. I am traveling to take an appropriate theoretical account and reflect on this episode and within this contemplation analyze my ain values and beliefs associating to the person receiving attention. I will besides research the values and beliefs that will underpin my hereafter pattern as a nurse. Valuess are ideals. attitudes and beliefs held by persons or groups to stand for what they consider to be of import. They are used to steer behavior as are ethical motives. which provide criterions of behavior where a determination about right and incorrect is required ( Chitty 2005 ) . It is believed that professional values learned during preparation. together with persons selfless grounds for desiring to work in health care will supply a moral model that lasts throughout their professional life ( Tyreman 2011 ) .

Most professions have an ethical codification. such as The Code set out by the Nursing and Midwifery Council ( NMC 2008 ) . These codifications give basic guidelines which persons can use to different state of affairss when make up one’s minding which actions to take and put criterions of behavior which nurses need to present systematically throughout their calling ( NMC 2008 ) . There is besides Guidance on Professional Conduct ( NMC 2011 ) which is specifically for pupil nurses and accoucheuses. A codification of pattern sets out behaviors and actions that are assumed to be right in a given state of affairs and a good codification should reflect what the bulk of professional would make in that state of affairs anyhow ( Tyreman 2011 ) . In 1970 the wellness attention system began looking holistically at the patient and their rights. instead than merely handling them medically. This is termed as bioethics. and focuses on state of affairss separately. utilizing ethical rules to find the best class of action ( Chitty 2005 ) . During my nursing place arrangement. I was able to work with the nurses who came into the place each twenty-four hours to go to to patients. Before come ining a resident’s room. the nurse would give me a brief description of what we were traveling to make.

In the instance of one occupant. who I shall name Mr Smith for the continuance of this essay. she described him as being hard and was non certain if he would even allow us into the room to alter the dressings on his cankerous legs. She besides warned that he frequently refused all personal attention from the nursing place staff. On come ining his room I was rather shocked at the sight of Mr Smith. he had a long face fungus. long hair and long. dirty fingernails. His room smelt strongly of piss and the bed he was puting in was soaking moisture. as was the pajama shirt he was have oning. Mr Smith did let us in and the nurse changed the dressings on his legs. His lower legs. mortise joints and pess were badly cankerous and Mr Smith was unable to stand so sat on the border of the bed. Mr Smith complained of being cold and wet and I suggested that whilst he was sitting up I could alter his bed for him. He refused to allow me make this but did let me to alter his pajama shirt for a clean one. I tried to carry him that he would be much more comfy in a clean dry bed but he was inexorable that the bed non be changed. Once the nurse had finished dressing his legs. he got back into the moisture bed and we left. informing the nursing place staff of the state of affairs.

Brooding pattern is one of the most of import ways in which we learn from our experiences. by believing about them in different manner we can derive a greater understanding and place which actions we can take as a consequence ( Jasper 2003 ) . To help me with composing my contemplation on this episode of attention. I looked at a figure of brooding theoretical accounts which were recommended to us on our values class. The first one I looked merely had three phases and used the inquiries What. So What and Now What ( Rolfe et al 2001 ) . I found this excessively brief for this essay but I do believe it would be utile to reflect on state of affairss which could happen during your working twenty-four hours. as it is consecutive frontward and a comparatively speedy contemplation. Another theoretical account I looked at was by Chris Johns ( 2000 ) and I found this one a spot excessively drawn-out for this peculiar episode of attention. although it does hold some good points and I may utilize it for future brooding work. The theoretical account I have chosen to utilize is Gibbs’s Reflective Cycle ( Gibbs 1998 ) . This brooding theoretical account appealed to me the most as it is laid out in an easy to follow diagram. there are six phases and each phase has s prompt. hence giving you an thought of what you could include in your contemplation.

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It besides includes an action program and I think this is an of import portion of the contemplation as it will corroborate that you did something good. or assist you to better your actions for the hereafter if necessary. Gibbs’s Brooding Cycle ( Gibbs 1998 ) starts with a description of what happened. I have described the event already but I think it is besides of import to add that whilst speaking to Mr Smith he did look confused as to what twenty-four hours it was and how long he had been a occupant at the nursing place but apart from that he seemed to be doing good sense and his attention program showed no issues sing dementedness or mental wellness jobs. The following phase in the brooding rhythm is feelings. and what you were believing at the clip. Before come ining the room I felt some apprehensiveness as to how Mr Smith would respond to us. due to the information I had merely been given by the nurse. I think that the nurse was right to warn me of the possible reaction from Mr Smith. but I besides think that by stating me that he was hard caused me to from a negative sentiment of Mr Smith before I had really met him.

When I saw Mr Smith I did see a certain grade of daze at his visual aspect and the smell in the room. I did experience rather disgusted at first. but I besides wondered how person could be in such an unkempt province when they were populating in a nursing place and purportedly being cared for by others. Part of the pre-admission standard for this nursing place is a mental capacity appraisal ( MCA ) . the consequences of which will find the type of attention given to the occupant ( Avante 2012 ) . The Mental Capacity Act ( 2005 ) states that a individual must be assumed to hold capacity unless it is established that he or she lacks capacity. as Mr Smith clearly had capacity so he finally has a right to make up one’s mind his ain personal hygiene criterions. I feel that if Mr Smith has ever lived in this manner so he should non hold to alter his wonts at this phase in his life. as we must handle people as persons ( NMC 2008 ) and esteem their self-respect. When I spoke to Mr Smith I found him to be a pleasant. polite and intelligent adult male and I felt guilty for my earlier feelings of disgust.

However I am glad to state that these feelings were unbroken private and did non impact my intervention of Mr Smith. This is an of import demand for being a good nurse as you must non know apart against those in your attention in any manner ( Royal College of Nursing 2012 ) and must ever handle people with kindness and consideration ( NMC 2008 ) . Personally I besides thought that Mr Smith should hold a good bath. haircut and manicure and acquire out of his sleeping room and make something societal. for his ain benefit. Social groups. such as household and friendly relationships. assist us to derive a sense of belonging and credence. worlds need to be love and be loved ( Maslow 1943 ) and I feel this is an country lacking in Mr Smith’s life. However I do non cognize the patient good plenty to judge the grounds for this though I assume that it is his pick and hence this right to populate this manner and possibly nursing place staff have tried their best to affect him in activities to no help. The following phase is to measure what was good and bad about the experience.

I felt that the nurse did a good occupation and that she treated Mr Smith good. As he was unable to acquire out of bed and into a chair she was forced to work at an uncomfortable angle. He resisted at first but she gently talked him into it and allowed him some control in the state of affairs. I felt defeated that I did non win in altering the bed but I besides acknowledge that I worked within my guidelines as you must non get down any intervention or attention without first deriving consent ( NMC 2008 ) . Besides I realise that in this peculiar state of affairs I was merely at that place to detect the nurse and altering the bed at that clip was non the top precedence although it would hold improved the patient’s comfort. The 4th phase in the Gibbs rhythm is analysis. in other words. what else can you do of the state of affairs. I am still inquiring how Mr Smith has become how he is today. I about feel that he has given up on himself and I am funny about his old life. To happen this out I would necessitate clip. and cooperation from Mr Smith that he may non be willing to give.

This experience has shown me that one of the barriers to giving attention to person is their ain opposition and it has made me consider ways of get the better ofing these barriers. It has taught me that there will be state of affairss where you do non win in assisting person in the manner that you wanted and each individual has the right to accept or worsen intervention and as a nurse you must esteem and back up that right ( NMC 2008 ) . The decision phase of this rhythm asks what else you could hold done. In this state of affairs I do non believe there was much more that we could hold done. Our undertaking was to travel in the room and alter the leg dressings. which we did. We tried to alter the bedclothes but failed to make so and we informed the nursing place staff that this needed making. We treated Mr Smith with regard and maintained his self-respect. We gained his consent to alter his leg dressings and we recognised that consent was non given for altering his bed. In this instance I was inexperienced. as I had non met anyone like Mr Smith before. if I was to transport on caring for Mr Smith I would see it to be in his best involvements that I made a referral to another practician ( NMC 2008 ) or called on others for advice.

Teamwork is indispensable when sing the holistic demands of a patient and we need to be cognizant of the functions and duties of others involved ( NMC 2011 ) . The concluding phase of the Gibbs Reflective Cycle is an action program so I thought about what I would make if a state of affairs similar to this one arose once more. The most of import thing for me would be to non let myself to prejudge anyone and pattern in an anti-discriminatory manner. Thompson ( 2006 ) describes favoritism as the procedure of placing a difference and giving unjust intervention on that footing. I will retrieve that each individual I treat is an single and sometimes you have to accept that persons have the right to decline services and frequently exercise that right ( Thompson 1995 ) . I have found this to be a truly utile exercising and can see the value of contemplation. Without contemplation on all the different facets in given state of affairss. it could be easy to fault yourself when things go incorrectly. It is of import to admit that restraints in the workplace can forestall you from accomplishing a positive result every clip ( Taylor 2000 ) . At the same clip a contemplation on an episode where you did everything right and had a good result can construct assurance.

An inability to reflect could do an inability to see that you were incorrect and hence you are unable to larn from your errors. Life offers us lessons. we merely necessitate to be unfastened to larning them ( Taylor 2000 ) . Having carried out this brooding exercising I can now see that really I have used contemplation before. in mundane life we reflect on all sorts of state of affairss without even gaining it. Reflection is indispensable for growing and development. and the accomplishments learned during your professional preparation will remain with you ( Jasper 2003 ) . Valuess are frequently seen as a good thing to hold and good to the holder. with the suggestion that the stronger your values are the better. but this is non ever the instance and we can utilize the illustration of Adolf Hitler to underscore this point ( Pattison & A ; Pill 2004 ) . In fact aside from the basic moral virtuousnesss it is judged indispensable for any professional to possess. named as bravery. honestness and justness. I feel it is of import to maintain your ain values and beliefs to one side when sing state of affairss and non allow them act upon your determinations.

Problems will originate if an individual’s strongly held personal belief struggles with the professional values they have been taught and are expected to follow ( Pattison & A ; Pill 2004 ) . Nurses will frequently meet state of affairss which challenge their ain personal values and ethical motives ( Chitty 2005 ) and ethical quandary are common. The ability to react to such dilemmas depends on the nurse’s ain personal properties. such as honestness and unity ( Gallagher and Wainwright 2005 ) . Good character is a requirement for nursing. this is judged on behavior. behavior and attitude and trust and honestness are indispensable ( NMC 2011 ) . With these bing values we can develop our professional values through preparation. contemplation and experience to be the best nurses we can be.

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