“Though writing business letters was never an easy task, business letters are genuinely meaningful in various ways. ” The Value of Business Letters as related to: The Principle of Effective Communication It is indeed true that effective communication and writing skills are very significant in our daily lives. In reality, people will judge us by how well we communicate, either by speaking or writing. A business letter needs to be easily understood by its recipient. Therefore, one must write effectively.

When you write a letter you create an image of you and your company in your reader’s mind. It should be clear and concise, with short sentences and simple words, with correct grammar. It should keep to the facts and be easy to read and to understand. It should not include excessive words or “jargon” to avoid confusion on the part of the receiver. The Principle of Audience Analysis In writing, your primary consideration is your reader. You should “adapt” your writing to the message you want to imply and be relative to the needs and interests of your receiver.

In the business world, your audience may consist of different people who may have different needs and expectations. In other words, you may have a complex audience. These people maybe technically equipped in a certain field or not, therefore you must have a background-knowledge about the person you are writing to. It is also important that you anticipate questions from your receiver, and be sure to answer them. The Principle of Persuasive Writing One of the main goals of business letters is to persuade or convince your recipient to do something that you want him/her to do.

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This is not easy. The ability of senders to write business letters that are appealing to the eyes of its readers is admirable. It pains to make believe of something wherein your only tool is your pen and paper. Conformity to this, one must have the power to convince. A persuasive letter needs to have reasons why the person should do what you are suggesting. Reasons are to be included to support your cause and explain what the consequences will be if your suggestions are to be done. Persuasive writing is a vital tool to give motivation and understanding to which you are writing to.

Business Letters as Public Relations Tool Business letters are one of the most widely used medium of relation among individuals and organizations. This is because business letters build a foundation of fonder relationship to senders and receivers. It ties people together. It is very useful for the reason that, it can carries information and messages that do not require direct exposure of individuals in the busy world of business. Business letters as public relations tool can be seen as an instrument to enhance a company’s reputation and good name.


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