For the purpose of achieving the objects mentioned in clause of this Article the Supreme Council may from time to time make rules not inconsistent with the provisions of this Constitution. The duties and responsibilities of the Supreme Council shall be to formulate principles, political programmer and policies, including economic, educational, cultural, welfare and social policies, to be presented to the Annual Delegates

Conference. This duties and responsibility to recommend members for appointment to the Senate and to select candidates for Parliamentary and the State Elections as proposed by the Divisional Committees. And then to control, supervise and decide on all matters connected with any elections. To co-operate and work with other organizations either inside or outside Saba but within Malaysia on political or other matters which are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Constitution.

To select members to represent the Party in any assembly or council or similar bodies. After hat, to confirm and grant recognition to the establishment of a Division and to see that its activities conform to the Constitution of the Party. To supervise and direct the activities and administration of the Divisions so as to promote their well-being. The Supreme Council is to settle, with the consent of the parties concerned, any dispute which may arise within the Party.

To table before the Annual Delegates Conference a report of its activities and progress made during the previous year together with a Statement of Account which has been audited and passed. Lastly, to end to the Divisions the Annual Report together with the notice of meeting of the Annual Delegates Conference at least forty-five 37 days before the date of the Annual Delegates Conference.

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