Management [ 8 ] is a procedure in which the resources available in an organisation are used efficaciously to accomplish the ends and aims of an organisation. The resources of an organisation are of many types like employees, physical things etc. It is besides a procedure in which an person performs the act of direction. The full duty to accomplish the marks or ends of the organisation depends on the direction of the organisation. Hence direction is the basis of effectual organisational public presentation, as the success of the organisation wholly depends on the direction. The direction of any organisation can be responsible for the, make or interruption of that organisation. Many different people have defined direction in their ain positions. Some of assorted definitions of direction are that direction is an act of acquiring things done through others. Another definition of direction is that it is an art of acquiring things done which was given by Mary Parker. It can besides be defined in the following “ Management is the procedure of accomplishing organisational effectivity with a altering environment by equilibrating efficiency, effectivity and equity, obtaining the most from limited resources, and working with and through other people. ” This was given by Naylor who was one of the direction gurus. This undertaking of direction is carried by the directors who take the duty of accomplishing the ends of the organisation which are normally set by the top degree direction like the CEO, the laminitiss of the company etc. Hence it can be defined in the simplest manner as direction is what directors do. Most of the times direction is defined as art and most of the times it is defined as scientific discipline. It is ever better to specify direction as an art because direction is the procedure of acquiring things done through others and acquiring things from others requires accomplishments which are an art, hence it can be concluded that direction is an art.

There are many factors that determine the successful operation of the direction. In other words it can be said that many factors affect the successful public presentation of the organisational effectivity. These factors that affect the successful public presentation of the organisation are explained clearly in the preceding subdivisions of this study. Some of these factors are:



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Motivation of the employees

Effective preparation to the employees

Management of clip


The successful operation of an organisation majorly depends on how the communicating is carried out either in between the employees of the same section or between the employees of different sections or how the communicating is carried out from the top direction to the lower direction or the employees. It is besides the ability of the direction to transform the thoughts into actions and words, to happen the credibleness of the co-workers, equals and subsidiaries. These accomplishments besides help in listening and inquiring the inquiries, betterment in presentation etc. These accomplishments can be loosely classified into two chief types at a workplace i.e. the unwritten and written communicating accomplishments. Fr the director to give waies to his employees and to explicate the procedure effectual to the squad members the unwritten communications accomplishments are required. With exceeding unwritten communicating skills the directors are besides capable of praising the employees who have outperformed and they can besides give negotiations to group of people in an efficient mode and besides conduct successful meetings with their clients and opposite numbers. An of import and built-in portion of the unwritten communicating is listening. It is of import because the directors have to listen to their workers every bit good as to their supervisors. Besides a director must ever be hearing recommendations and ailments on a regular footing and therefore he must be able to follow through the recommendations and ailments he has heard. A director can non go a good communicator if he is non a good hearer.

The other manner of pass oning which is the authorship, this accomplishment is besides required as the directors are expected to compose letters, memos, studies and besides statements of policy and these written communications must be written in such a manner that the individual having his communicating must be able to construe what is written and must be able to understand what precisely the director is seeking to state. This means that the directors must hold first-class composing accomplishments so that they are able to compose it clearly and briefly. The lone manner by which these composing accomplishments can be improved is by holding a good cognition of proper grammar and composing.

Furthermore the communicating accomplishments can be classified based on the type of communicating that is used at a workplace. Based on this the different type of communications are

Internal Communication

External Communication


This type of communicating is most widely used communicating which takes topographic point internally in organisation and provides the anchor of how the undertakings of an organisation are carried out efficaciously. Communication is by and large between employees of same section, of different sections, between the top degree direction and the employees etc.


This type of communicating provides the organisations a intent. This intent is nil but the occupations or undertakings that are to be carried out as merely through this type of communicating that the concerns are set up i.e. communicating between the company and the clients.

Example where communicating is given more importance: Kellogg ‘s [ 1 ]

Kellogg ‘s believes that for any scheme to go successful effectual communicating plays a really of import function. Besides it believes that it has achieved its success because of the manner it communicated to its clients about its aims which was a first-class manner of communicating. The aims that were communicated were to assist the consumers to “ acquire the balance right ” . It used different signifiers of pass oning to convey the message to all of its clients and that was “ eat to be fit ” .

The agencies of communicating that Kellogg ‘s used to accomplish the success was the typical types of communicating within the organisation and those were

The External Communication

As discussed before, this type of communicating takes topographic point between the company and the external universe. Kellogg ‘s being a big organisation used many different types of communications with its consumers. One of the illustrations of how Kellogg ‘s communicates with its clients is the usage of Jack and Aimee which are the sketch characters to pass on a strong message that emphasizes on the necessity to acquire the balance right. By utilizing these sketch characters Kellogg ‘s is able to pass on the importance of exercising to the parents and their kids. Besides these sketch characters are present on the cereal packages on the back side. Another illustration of how Kellogg ‘s communicates with the external universe is that it had made different types of cusps to its clients which showed the importance of eating healthy nutrient which was rich in Ca to do the castanetss strong.


As discussed, this type of communicating takes topographic point merely within the organisation. Kellogg ‘s utilizations assorted types of communicating techniques to pass on with its employees. One of the manner as to how Kellogg ‘s communicates internally is that it produces a house magazine that is distributed among all the workers working in the company. In this magazine inside informations of acquiring the balance of the costumiers and exercising of the clients in the right manner are discussed. It besides gives a elaborate penetration of the work carried out by Kellogg ‘s towards the community and athleticss. Kellogg ‘s supplied each of its employees with a pedometer to promote walking among them. These type activities from Kellogg ‘s have helped the employees to understand the aims of the company in a better manner and as to why they are created for this concern. This shows how of import communicating is for a company.


Leadership skill [ 7 ] is the most critical direction accomplishment that has an ability to actuate a individual or a group of employees towards a common end. The leading quality is the most of import quality that needs to be present in a director. If the director is holding a good leading quality so he can acquire his full squad to be fired up and to follow his programs. Leadership accomplishment is besides merely like any other accomplishment that can be learned with some attempts and it is besides a accomplishment that needs tonss of accomplishments to get the hang it. This accomplishment is non any charming accomplishment nor is it a gift that merely some people possess while other people do n’t and it is besides merely non stating other what they have to make whereas it is a accomplishment that allows the leader to steer his people to the right way to accomplish any success. To be a good leader one has to hold a clear vision of what has to be achieved. Besides every good leader is made and he is non born with leading qualities. One will go a good leader merely if he has a desire and self-control to go an effectual leader. Leaderships are developed through a procedure of instruction, preparation, pattern, experience and ego survey. In simple words Leadership can be defined as a procedure in which “ an single accomplishes the aims and besides directs the organisation towards success to do the organisation more coherent and cohesive by act uponing others ” .

There are two of import things that determine the effectual leading in an organisation, they are:

The satisfaction of employees in an organisation majorly depends on the assurance and trust on the top leader of the organisation.

The organisations assurance and trust can be won if there is effectual communicating from the leading in the three critical countries of the organisation. They are [ 6 ] :

The employees have to be supported so that they understand the overall concern of the company

The employees have to be supported to assist them understand as to how they will be lending to accomplishing the aims of the organisation.

Information has to be shared about how the company is making and besides as to how that peculiar division of the employee is making.

To make all these undertakings the leader has to be trusty and he must be able to pass on the vision of where the organisation has to travel. Finally, a good leader I today ‘s age has to hold behaviour ‘s and attitudes that relate and qualify to humanity.


Some of the qualities that Richard Branson as a leader possessed were like he was a originative, fast moving, merriment loving, adventurer, friendly, warm, hazard taker and a workaholic enterpriser. He was dropped out of school at the age of 16. It is so that he started his first concern. At the age of 24 he was a millionaire. He is a perfect enterpriser who is a trade name builder. He acts as a drive force for his 150 to 200 companies that he owns. His companies operate in more than 26 states. He is renowned among his followings as an influencer and holding an ability by which he can make a common intent. During his presence as a leader he has a different figure of aspects to his attacks and his personality and he has besides used different manners of leading and drivers. The growing of virgin imperium under the leading of Richard Branson has a figure of tendencies involved in it. Some of them were to:

Survive through the reverses and hardship.

He had a high belief in himself and was determined to win.

He was able to acknowledge his ain failings and his strengths and was supported and surrounded by people who could indicate out his failings.

He had a strong sense of moral duty towards his employees at virgin ; besides he treated all his employees reasonably and with equity.

All the above qualities from the leader of the virgin group, Richard Branson, resulted in the company accomplishing the ends and aims that were set. Hence a good leader is really of import for the successful public presentation of an organisation.

Motivation OF THE EMPLOYEES [ 3 ]

The motive can be defined as the combination of the desire and the energy that is directed by a company towards an employee to actuate him towards the ends of the company. Motivating others is to acquire others do a undertaking that needs to be done. The motive of any individual depends on two chief things. These are:

Strength of some demands: These are the basic demands of a individual that have to be fulfilled foremost in order to actuate him towards the ends. These demands can be anything like nutrient, vesture, occupation surety etc.

Percept about an action if done will assist to fulfill the demands: This shows how of import a peculiar undertaking is for a peculiar clip.

There are many ways by which the people can be motivated. Some of the forces by which the people can be motivated are the values, beliefs, fright, involvements and causes that are worthy. A few of these forces are internal and a few of these forces are external. The internal forces are the values, beliefs, involvements and demands. The forces that can be classified external are the environment, danger, force per unit area from a loved 1. Motivation can non be achieved easy as no 1 can judge the human nature ; hence the directors must maintain a unfastened point of view about motive. There are many complex forces that steer the way of a individual and theses forces can neither be seen nor can they be studied by any other individual even if the same forces are driving two different people as the two different people will move wholly different for the same forces. Some of the ways in which the employees can be motivated in an organisation are:

The demands of the squad have to be allowed to co-occur with the demands of the organisation

Ever employee is concerned about the occupation security and publicity and many other facets related to their occupations. Similarly the organisation besides has the demands of gifted people in a broad assortment of occupations. Hence the director can ever guarantee that his squad is good equipped with the needed endowment to progress.

Good behaviour must be rewarded

Good behaviour of any employee has to be rewarded in the signifier of thanks or a certification or a missive of grasp or by any which manner which will do the employee motivated and do him work better. Though these things might look little but they will move as strong incentives. In add-on the wages should be prompt and specific.

Set the function theoretical account

The director must go the function theoretical account for his employees so that the employees develop themselves to be like the director.

Developing the morale within the employees

Morale is the emotional, religious and mental province of any employee. Anything the employee does will hold a direct impact on the organisation. Hence the director must be cognizant as to how his actions might impact it. Morale is sometimes defined as the spirit of an organisation. It is the consciousness of an organisation that allows the employees to be a portion of it.

Every employee must be allowed to be a portion of the job resolution and the planning procedure

By making this the employees will be developed and be more competitory and will let the directors to train them and most significantly it motivates them.


Siemens believes that actuating the employees stimulates and encourages them to execute highly good and makes them to set more attempts. The employees that are motivated are ever happy about the workplace and they will be more productive and will bring forth work of high quality. There are many other factors other than nutrient and shelter which the wage can supply that actuate the persons. At Siemens, the employees are motivated by authorising them to better the procedures by seting their ain thoughts. It besides provides the employees with the chance to larn new things and the chance to win and come on within its concern. By taking these stairss Siemens ensures that the employees are more loyal to the company and stay with the company for longer continuances as all their demands are met. This civilization at Siemens clearly demonstrates that how of import motivated employees are for the company to win.


Time in an organisation can be regarded as the most critical factor for the successful public presentation of the organisation as clip is irreversible and is a changeless. There is no replacement for clip in an organisation as it can ne’er be regained. This factor can be even more fatal when the organisation is related to services. Thus clip has to be managed efficaciously and therefore clip direction accomplishments by a director become the most of import factor for the successful operation of an organisation. Some of the ways by which clip can be managed efficaciously by any person at a workplace are:

The determination doing procedure hold to be, managed and non the determinations

Merely one undertaking has to be done at a clip

Precedences based on day-to-day, short, mid and long term have to be established.

Unneeded things have to be thrown off.

Other people ‘s clip should non be wasted.

Thingss have to be kept simple.

When to halt a undertaking or policy have to be known beforehand.

Example of a company where clip direction is done expeditiously: SYNGENTA [ 5 ]

Syngenta is a works scientific discipline concern company which is universe taking which promotes sustainable agribusiness by research and engineering. At Syngenta clip is of most importance as the consequences have to be measured at a peculiar clip without any holds because if there are holds in the surveies conducted so appropriate consequence will non be generated from the researches. Hence the staff at Syngenta has used the clip efficaciously.

The above factors showed their importance in the successful public presentation of the work organisations. Similarly there are other factors that deteriorate the public presentation of an organisation. There are many factors which act as obstructions to the organisation public presentations. A few of the factors which are most common among the workplace environments can be explained as follows

Employees taking a figure of leave either casually or due to some ground can be major factor that can impact the public presentation at the workplace. This normally happens when the employees have no involvement in their occupations because they are less motivated. An employee taking a figure of foliages clearly shows the marks of him go forthing the organisation in the close hereafter.

Another factor can be that if the employees are non given the acknowledgment for their work they will no more be interested in their work and therefore the productiveness will be decreased.

When the employees are overstressed by giving them more work than they can manage. This can be a consequence in deficit of employees or misdirection from the directors.

All these factors will impact the organisations public presentation and will cut down the possibilities of the organisation to be successful.

The organisations are continuously seeking to alter in today ‘s competitory concern universe to vie with their rivals ; this is in respect to a alteration that is organisation broad. Earlier the alterations in organisation were little graduated table like adding an employee to the organisation or changing or modifying any procedure. But the organisation broad changes most of the organisations are undergoing are the alterations that include the alteration in the mission and vision of an organisation or it can be altering the aims of an organisation. This alteration is non done for the interest of a alteration ; nevertheless this alteration is done to accomplish or carry through a peculiar end. This alteration is chiefly caused due to the external drive forces like support cuts, new markets, to increase the services or productiveness etc. This alteration can be done to germinate the organisation to a wholly new degree like altering from a reactive enterpriser organisation to a stable and steady organisation.

The organisations should non be traveling for the organisational alteration because there are many factors that need to be considered before undergoing the alteration. Besides, alteration in the organisation is the major measure in the organisation so it has to be analyzed before taking this measure. As the results of the alteration can non be predicted, it can be either a successful alteration or it can take to the devastation of the organisation as the results of the alteration are unknown. This type of alteration besides goes against the involvements of the members of the organisation, i.e. It can impact the beliefs of the members of the organisations about how the things are to be done. Most of the clip organisational alteration is related to civilization alteration of an organisation that includes alterations in the values, beliefs. Hence it is non advisable for the organisations to choose the procedure of organisational alteration. Alternatively they have to look out for options by which the alteration can be minimized to a bare lower limit without impacting the values and beliefs of the organisation.


After analyzing the different theories and practical illustrations related to these theories about the direction it can be concluded that direction is the basis of organisational effectivity and it plays a really of import function and in fact can be described as the anchor of an organisation. Besides it can be concluded that direction is an art as it requires many accomplishments by a director to make effectual direction in the organisation. Besides that direction depends on a figure of factors that include the positive factors and the negative factors. Every factor in the direction has to be given importance as all these factors are interrelated to each other.

This assignment provided a clear position of the constructs of organisational behaviour as it gave me an chance to associate the theories with the practical constructs. By making so, I got an thought of hoe immense organisations are working and how they use the constructs of organisational behaviour to be successful and to vie with their rivals. Besides by making this assignment I got an thought as to how the employees at any organisation must act themselves so that they can mount the ladders of success of easy. It should non a be a pick but mandatary to larn the constructs of the organisational behaviour as the organisations undertakings will be reduced if all of its employees know the manner to carry on themselves at the organisation.


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