These brave and honorable souls who are among the living and dead, that fought these wars are called veterans, to whom we should stand up and say “thank you’’ for protecting our country, letting us know that we’re safe, and giving us freedom. Today, our young men and women are volunteers who serve at their own risk and it’s often their sacrifices that should be honored, because they choose to be in harms way, for all of us. The ultimate sacrifice is when they are leaving grieving family members, a child, and a wife (husband) behind; worrying if they will come back home. For example, Bill Cosby (William Henry Cosby [1956 hospital corpsman]), Montal William (1974 U.S Marines), Tony Bennett (World War 2, army), and Jonny Carson(World War 2,V-5 program) are few men who has dedicated their lives to this nation and who has fought for what they thought was right. I asked myself, what are veterans, and why do we have a national holiday for them? What do they do? Veterans are men and women who has, or is serving in the armed force, and who is proud to serve their country. Veterans Day (Armistice Day or Remembrance Day) is a day to honor and thank our living, men and women in the military that has served and is continuing to serve and protect this country.

If America never had veterans where will we be? If it wasn’t for veterans, people wouldn’t have as much freedom as they do now. Our rights and privileges, would have been gone if we didn’t have veterans. Without them we are nothing and we have nothing. Think about the stuff they do every day in Iraq and how comfortable you are on your couch right now. That’s why we honor our American veterans.


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