Victimology Essay, Research Paper

I entered this category I had a reasonably good thought of what to

expecWhent. The rubric speaks for itself. Victimology is the

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survey of those who have been victimized. As a felon

justness major this is a category that I must take and besides a

category that I was eager to take. I heard other pupils speak

extremely about it.

In Law Enforcement an officer? s chief end should be to

make everything in their power to maintain the public safe. As the

motto goes? To Protect and Serve. ? An officer should set

the victims or possible victims in front of all other things.

In excessively many state of affairss the constabularies do non give plenty attention to

the victims. I believe this is the cause of ill will

towards the jurisprudence. After a individual has been victimized, they

are experiencing really betrayed and unsecure. They need person

at that place to soothe them and reconstruct safety. If they are

brushed off or non handled right they will give up hope

in the system.

When a individual is victimized they do non merely endure

hurts or loss of belongings they can besides endure emotional

jobs. These jobs can consequence their households and their

public presentation at the workplace. In many state of affairss the victim

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of a offense is incognizant of the services that are available to

them to assist them cover with their loss. This should non be

go oning. All victims should be informed of the services

that relate to their jobs. They should non hold to

continue enduring after they are victimized.

If a victim? s instance is processed through the Criminal

Justice System they may be in for even more problem. System

Engagement is known as the Second Insult. ? The system

infusions farther costs every bit shortly as people enter into the

halls of justice. ? ( Doerner, pg 55 ) . Some common jobs of

system participants are clip loss, decrease in income, and

transit jobs. Many victims say that the

courthouse experience left them frustrated and confused.

These conditions have resulted in a deficiency of engagement on

the portion of the victims.

These jobs brought about the Victim- Witness

Management Projects. This began in the mid 1970? s. This

undertaking was started by the federal authorities and it

provided support for victim- witness aid plans.

In category we received a press release that referred to the

job of faulting the victim. Law Enforcement workers are

taught to ne’er fault the victim. The press release was a short

narrative about a adult male who had his Equus caballus stolen from him. When

the people of the town learned of this they placed all incrimination

on the adult male himself. They scolded him and ridiculed him for

non being responsible. They called him names and the adult male was

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astonished by what was go oning. He asked the people why

they blamed him and ne’er mentioned the adult male who stole the

Equus caballus. The people had forgot the fact that a offense had been

committed and person had suffered from it. They focused

their attending on what the victim could hold done to

prevent this from go oning.

In the category we besides learned the importance of

finding the appropriate penalty for offenses because of

the job of overcrowding in the prison system. We did an

exercising of reading instances and finding what penalty

would be suited. We were told to seek to manus out sentences

that did non necessitate imprisonment. This was really hard

to make. In order to make this we had to take a few inquiries

into history. Such as the earnestness of the discourtesy, if the

condemnable poses a danger to society, does the penalty tantrum

the offense, and will the penalty satisfy the community and

the victim. This was a group exercising which made it even

more hard. There were several instances that group members

could non hold on. I found it really interesting to hear the

different positions on certain topics. These types of

exercisings helped the pupils to pass on with each other

and it provided exhilaration in the category. There were besides a

list of penalties that were to be handed out. These

penalties ranged from probation and house apprehension to

psychological intervention to the decease punishment. While I was

making this exercising I tried to set myself in the places of

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the victim and believe what would I desire the penalty to be

if I had been violated. I believe that is the lone manner to

genuinely manus out a sentence. Many people do non set plenty

thought into a state of affairs until they are straight involved.

One of the instances involved a male who robbed two Bankss while

on word for a similar discourtesy. My group handed out the

sentence of 1 to 5 old ages imprisonment. After looking over

the inquiries that would assist me find a sentence I

determined that this adult male was non an highly unsafe adult male

because he used no force in his actions. He did hold a anterior

record for bank robbery so we decided he would make it once more.

We thought captivity was suited for this wrongdoer.

Another instance involved a female school teacher who sexually

abused two male kindergarten pupils. She had been abused

as a kid. She did non hold a anterior record. My group handed

out a sentence that included intensive probation supervising

and psychological intervention or guidance. In this instance we

did non experience the wrongdoer deserved to be imprisoned. The

fact that she was abused as a kid weighed to a great extent on the

group. We agreed that her past experiences had an impact on

her actions. We besides agreed that since she had no anterior

record there was a opportunity that she could be cured through

psychological aid. The last instance I am traveling to discourse

involved a male wrongdoer who killed a police officer during

a foray on a cleft house. He had five anterior strong beliefs of

ownership of cleft cocaine. Our group felt strongly that

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this adult male should have the decease punishment. This adult male is

decidedly a danger to society, he showed no regard at all

for the jurisprudence, and his anterior strong beliefs showed that he could

non be rehabilitated in gaol. This exercising showed me how

hard it is to find sentences for felons. I now

hold a great sum of regard towards the condemnable tribunal

system. When we saw a instance that involved the colza of a adult female

their was a difference in responses. The females in the

category wanted a really serious penalty while the work forces were

more lenient. This goes back to the fact that a individual does

non care as much about something until it involves them


Rape is one of the most serious offenses and adult females have

every right to be enraged when they hear the instances of adult females

who are raped. We received a press release about a adult female who wrote

a missive to a justice about her assault. The adult females explained

how she was violated both physically and mentally. She

explained that the adult male who harmed her was non a alien but

a friend. She trusted this individual and ne’er expected to be

violated in the manner she was. She explained that merely because

this adult male did non hold sex with her that does non intend she

was non raped. She spoke of the jobs she had after the

incident. Such as megrims, desiccation, an ulcer, and

emphasis related back jobs. She explained that in an hr

she lost her self- regard, self- worth, and her pride. She

felt guilt, shame, and embarrassment after what had happened

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to her. She advised the justice that the adult male who did this to

her should have reding so it does non go on to

another adult females. This adult female showed that she is really strong by

composing this missive. She received long- term harm and was

experiencing really violated. By coming frontward with this

information she was forestalling this type of thing to go on

to another adult female. There are many state of affairss like this where

the adult female will non describe it to the constabulary. Many adult females feel

to embarrassed to come frontward. They get a feeling that they

are slightly at mistake. The victims believe that the constabulary

will non believe them and handle them with lower status. A

constabularies officer should demo the most compassion for a colza

victim. It non merely helps the adult female trade with her hurting but

it will promote other victims to come frontward.

The category besides did an exercising where we were asked to

act as a constabulary officer who has been called to the scene of

a colza. We were besides asked if we thought the officer in the

narrative took the right stairss at the call. There were many

facts in this instance that made the officer leery. When he

approached the door a adult female came out who he knew was a

cocotte. She was non the individual who reported the colza but

her friend interior was. The officer was told that the adult female

was non a cocotte but her vesture gave off the

feeling that she was. She did non look to be injured


nd the flat did non reflect any recent violent

activity. She did cognize the name of her attacker. She

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described him as an familiarity. This gave the officer more

intuition that she was a cocotte. The officer told the

victim that it would be in her best involvement if she did non

go on the allegations. He said that a jury would express joy

her out of the courtroom. He besides told her that it would be

a waste of clip to travel to the infirmary for a medical examination. The

officer tells the known cocotte to do certain that her

friend gets payment in progress following clip. Two yearss subsequently the

officer finds out that there is a raper on the loose in the

same country of the call. He raped a curate? s married woman and

lucifers the description of the adult male at the earlier call. This

officer has made a large error. He made an premise that

these adult females were lying. He should ne’er hold told them that

it was non deserving it to go on the procedure. This officer

was really lazy and did non make his occupation. A constabulary officer

should care for and supply the best service to anyone that

asks for it. He put himself in a state of affairs that could hold

been avoided. If I were in this state of affairs I would acknowledge my

error. The testimony of the first victim could assist the

constabularies in happening the felon.

Every officer should travel on each displacement with the

purpose of assisting the victims in every manner possible.

Military officers do do a difference while they are on patrol. If

they do everything in their power to assist people. It is

beneficial for officers to organize personal relationships with

the victims. Many people look at the constabulary as different

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than them. A personal relationship shows the victims that

they are human.

Domestic force is besides a really serious topic. There

are many families that may look wholly normal but in

world are really unsafe environments. Victims of domestic

force besides tend to maintain quiet due to fear of their

partner. They besides have the feeling that no 1 will believe

them. These victims have the feeling of imprisonment. 30 %

of all female homicides are consequences of domestic force.

Another job in today? s society is the maltreatment of the

elderly. This act is most likely the least reported of all

offenses. Military officers must be cognizant that it can and does go on.

These victims look for supplications for aid. One in every 20

elderly are abused each twelvemonth. That is about 1.5

million aged who are harm in some manner. The most

upseting fact is that the bulk of aged people who

are abused are abused by members of their ain household. This

is tough for me to believe. I do non understand how a

person could take advantage of the individual who took attention of

them their full life. This is the most fearful act I can

think of. Family members force the aged to give them

money and other fiscal benefits. They threaten the

aged and in most instances the aged have no pick but to

do as they say. This type of offense is non reported really

frequently. They are told that they will be harmed if they tell

anyone of the incident. During one of our Sessionss we had a

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replacement named Detective Milano. I enjoyed the categories

that he filled in for. I feel he challenged the pupils in

the category to believe and show their thoughts on certain

state of affairss. I got the feeling instantly that he was

really unfastened to confrontation. A few pupils in the category were

really set on their thoughts about the constabulary and how they are

treated by the constabulary. I feel he handled this state of affairs really

good. Of class it is natural for a constabulary officer to support

his ain. He impressed me by the manner he spoke to the

pupils. At no point did he demo that he felt he was more

of import than the pupils. He merely stated his points and

stuck by them. There is a misconception that all constabulary

officers are near minded and egotistic. He proved to me

that this is non true.

He besides told us a narrative that gave me some uncertainties about

the system. The narrative was about a slaying that took topographic point in

a Kentucky Fried Chicken. The adult male was caught by the constabulary

and sent to test. Evidence was found of the adult male? s footmark

on the shop counter. He was besides caught on tape speaking

about the slayings. His sister told the constabulary that she

recognized his voice. There was besides a informant that

testified against this adult male. He was found non guilty. The

lucifer of the footmark was merely 99 % correct. This makes me

believe if justness was served in this instance. An guiltless adult male

was killed while making his occupation. He lost his life and his

household lost a loved one. They have to populate the remainder of their

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lives cognizing that the adult male who did this is on the streets

and has the chance to make it to person else. All of

this because the footmark was 99 % correct. I feel when

something like this happens we are all victims. Not to the

extent of the household of the adult male who was murdered. We have

been victimized by the system.

Another exercising that I found really effectual in the

category was when six pupils were asked to move as panel

members and one pupil acted as a justice. Each pupil was

given a press release and was required to move as the individual in the

press release. This exercising was disputing because it did non

allow the panel members to show any personal thoughts. The

panel was restricted to following the beliefs of the individual

in their press release. Each panellist presented their facts from

reading the press release. The panellists were so capable to

inquiries from the other panel members, the justice, and the

audience. It was hard to make this piece maintaining in head

that your replies must be the replies that your topic

would hold given. It was besides hard for the justice. He

was required to read all six instances and inquire inquiries to each

one of the members. I believe this exercising helped the category

in many ways. It taught us to ever be unfastened minded when

looking at a offense. It besides helped the category develop better

communicating accomplishments with each other. I besides thought it was

really good for the category to cover with the force per unit area of

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holding to reply inquiries and give grounds for their

actions. I hope exercisings like this can assist me in the

hereafter in the field of Law Enforcement. I think larning to

work under force per unit area is a cardinal facet of going a constabulary

officer. For some people it comes of course but I believe it

can be learned and improved through experience. Some of the

panel members had a more hard clip than others because

they had more controversial instances. All of the members worked

difficult and handled themselves really good. I hope I can take

portion in similar exercisings in my hereafter categories.

We besides did an exercising that at foremost seemed simple

but turned out to be honoring. When we were given a press release

on a Calvin and Hobbes sketch I did non cognize what to believe.

This exercising was really helpful for the pupils to tie in

emotion with victimization. The category was asked to read the

press release and place the feelings that the household had after

holding their house robbed. Although this was a sketch it

helped the category understand that victimization is non merely

loss of belongings or hurt. It does much more harm to people

when they feel they have lost safety. Victims are wholly

unprepared for the lay waste toing jobs they are about to

face. They try to do sense of the actions that harmed them

and inquire the inquiry why. Everyone who comes in contact with

a victim will hold an consequence based on the statements they

brand, the inquiries they ask, their reaction, and their

gestural messages. This is why it is really of import for

Chavanne 12

constabulary officers to demo compassion and comfort the victims

of a offense in all fortunes. Depending on what type of

offense a individual suffers the extent of injury will change. An

officer must cognize how to cover with each victim in each

state of affairs.

In this category we besides learned that wit can be

utilized as a manner to work out your jobs. Geo the Clown was

a invitee in this category and he showed us the importance of

laughter in all parts of life. When a individual is victimized

they get the feeling of solitariness and hopelessness. Wit

can give them the feeling that they had before they were

victimized. Even if it is for a short period.

I am really satisfied with the experience I received from

this category. I learned a great trade on how victims of a offense

feel, and how to assist them to take a normal life. I would

urge this category to all pupils particularly those in the

condemnable justness field. There are many lessons to be learned

and applied in Law Enforcement. This category is a great manner to

make that.


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