Joseph Conrad masterfully tackled the old issue of racism in his fresh Heart of Darkness. but he was in no manner a racialist. He merely exposed the surpluss of imperialism. which is embodied in the rough intervention of the indigens and the ferociousness. anguish and practical bondage inflicted upon them black indigens by their white Masterss. Joseph Conrad was merely critical of racism. as was with the chief character. Marlow.

Marlow. in his ocean trip within Africa. was exposed to the developments the white adult male endows the hapless. uneducated and defenceless black indigens. exemplified by the Company. which masks their inhuman treatment to the indigens by their benevolent purposes of educating them. Joseph Conrad merely emphasized the high quality of the white adult male over the black adult male. but non in a racialist sense. but in a manner which reveals the inauspicious and effects of the white man’s civilisation among African indigens. the field sarcasm of it. which is development.

II. My Last Duchess The topic of the sarcasm that is ubiquitous in My Last Duchess was of class. the duke and the duchess. It made a jeer of the relationship of the duke with his married woman. at times impeaching her of wifelike unfaithfulness. “’twas non her husband’s presence merely. called that topographic point of joy into the Duchess’ cheek” ( 13-15 ) . by the talker who surely is non the duke. Another satirical component was the intuition whether or non the duke murdered the duchess.

Religion was briefly referred to when the talker emphasizes the character defect of the duke to his shortly to be father-in-law. the Count. All throughout the verse form was all sarcasm. a referral to duchess’ cuckoldry. as manner of acquiring back at the duke who was a individual of such haughtiness and selfishness. covetous. full of lip service and homicidal fury. by manner of his violent death of his ain married woman. III. Dover Beach The importance of Matthew Arnold’s verse form that was written during the tallness of the Victorian Era is non because of its literary parts or literary significance.

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It stood out as the quintessential Victorian verse form by manner of its fluency and touch of sensitiveness. It did non cover with history. political relations. or unfavorable judgment but it dealt with the aspects of the human life. viz. love. dreams. aspirations. inspirations. love and the beauty of life itself. and that dimension served as the triping factor why the verse form belongs in a conference of its ain. The arrant emotions of the writer were clearly stroked. his emotions of love for his married woman and hopefulness he sees in her.

Because of his love. what the writer sees in life are non the bad elements. but the good in everything. and because of that powerful feeling. he is filled with dreams. with blithe attitude that in malice of everything. there is so much more to life. the sheer beauty of life. IV. The Odour of Chrysanthemums This short narrative captures the concealed faces of matrimony that merely demo when it grows old with clip. D. H.

Lawrence absolutely depicted the life of a married twosome that has turned rancid. of a relationship that has run out of love and regard for each other. Since get marrieding Walter. Elizabeth had led a life of sadness. because of his opprobrious nature and ailment manners. The two of them symbolized the absolute sarcasm of love and matrimony. for they were embedded in discourtesy and somberness. Marriage was meant to adorn Elizabeth’s life. every bit good as any other woman’s life. nut it did non.

Her matrimony to Walter was like a load carried on her dorsum. Their sort of matrimony is the 1 most feared by twosomes. for it is virtually a enchantment that a adult female and a adult male will populate with for all of their lives. And alternatively of experiencing mourning and somberness following the decease of her hubby. Elizabeth found herself composure and composed and in an instant searching for beauty and significance in her life. for it was about wasted by old ages of cold matrimony. D. H.

Lawrence’s short narrative wronged the perceptual experiences of people that matrimonies are precisely merely like those in fairy narrative books. and awakened Victorian England into the existent aspects of an unhappy matrimony.


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