New Year is ever an of import vacation of each state in a twelvemonth. As the New Year clip. an ambiance of states are happy and it looks colourful because people try to clean up and adorn everything such as street. house. and everything they have. However. the new twelvemonth ‘s twenty-four hours of each state are difference. As we know that America and Europe have one New Year twenty-four hours is the first twenty-four hours of twelvemonth. but Tet is the abbreviation of Tet Nguyen Dan which means the first forenoon of the first twenty-four hours of the new period. Tet marks the beginning of a new twelvemonth on the lunar calendar. and the beginning of spring. So Viet Nam has same New Year clip with China. The image of Tet ever exists in my head. Now I am populating in America. but I can non bury Tet. Tet is an of import vacation for every household in Vietnam. therefore I will present you about the first three yearss of my household in Vietnamese New Year.

Tet is a immense jubilation enduring three yearss. The first twenty-four hours is a particular twenty-four hours of my household during that clip. All the member household will come to my grandfather’s house ( my father’s side ) to run into each other and receive lucky money. I am really aroused in this twenty-four hours because I will have a batch of lucky money. An grownup individual will set money into a ruddy envelope with a phrase about New Year. so they will give it to a child. So I merely state some good thing for all individual who older than me. they will give me a ruddy envelope. However. sometimes my household makes a gag on me by giving me an empty envelope. Then we will fire a pyrotechnic. The sound of the pyrotechnic is really loud. but it makes people happy. “Pop… pop…pop. . ” is a sound of every house in Viet Nam during first twenty-four hours of the twelvemonth. They believe that it will give a household a fantastic twelvemonth. The image of the first twenty-four hours ever in my head. it is really happy and great. .

On 2nd twenty-four hours of Tet. Iwill go to a temple with my household. My household normally comes to see at least five temples in that twenty-four hours. The ground that we are traveling to temple is pray for a good twelvemonth. In this twenty-four hours. a batch of people go to temple to pray for a good twelvemonth because they believe that Buddha will give them more lucky and happy. You can easy smell fume in this twenty-four hours because a batch of people fire Joss stick to pray in temple and their house. The ambiance is really gay. Incense is burned in the temple. The colour Red. typifying good fortune and felicity is seen everyplace. Morever It helps to do the atmosphere heater and connect people with God. After we pray and donate for temple. we will hold a good clip to bask a vegetable noodle in temple. All noodles are made by vegetable and bean curd. The gustatory sensations of it is really pure and fresh. It is really delightful. When the 2nd twenty-four hours is gone. we about done with our Tet. Third twenty-four hours is a last twenty-four hours of our Tet. This twenty-four hours is non fun to me and and other people who still want Tet to be longer. because everything will go normal by tomorrow.

On this twenty-four hours. our household will come to my house and have lunch together. The odor of traditional nutrients spread in my house. You can easy smell a rice bar. egg axial rotation and curry. Oh! These odors are really good. I can non wait any more. The mark of Tet is about gone. Many members in my household come back to work. We merely have some organic structure for tiffin. That’s why the ambiance is non excessively crowded like the first twenty-four hours and 2nd twenty-four hours of Tet. Peoples are taking of a phrase. motto for Tet. The trees look sad. the walls look empty. It hurt me a small spot. It ever likes that. The last twenty-four hours of Tet ever give me a difficult clip to acquire over with because I love the beauty of it and that is the clip all the members of my household can run into each other after a long clip separation. Finally. Three yearss of Tet was over but it is still stay in my memory a fantastic clip of the traditional vacation. I hope that my essay will assist you cognize a small spot about Vietnamese New Year. It merely have merely three twenty-four hours. but it will give you a batch of merriment. and you will ne’er bury it. Now. a batch of people in Viet Nam are acquiring ready for Tet. I know that they will hold a great vacation. However I feel small sad and homesick. I hope that I can come back and bask Tet in oneday shortly.

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