In my dialogue for Viking I played the axial rotation of Sandy Wood and I attempted to negociate with Pat Olafson sing a scope of issue that we have had with each other over the past several old ages. These dialogues were highly complicated because they dealt with three at least different issues. We had to calculate out what to make about an outstanding loan that Pat had given me. We besides had to come to an understanding on the affair of how much Pat was traveling to pay for work that I had done for his condominium undertaking. The last item that we had to negociate was whether Pat would go on to lease me the infinite that I was presently utilizing. One facet of the dialogue that I was pleased by was my readying. This was a really complicated dialogue so the readying for it was really critical. I truly didn’t have many options available to me. I felt traveling in to the dialogue that I would hold really minimum power so my BATNA was to declare bankruptcy. I felt that this was the lone card that I could play. I knew that Pat would be worried that if I went into bankruptcy he would lose some of the 200k loan that I owed him. My biggest concern traveling in was that I wanted Pat to pay me for the revised bill. which was the chief ground for our current difference. I knew that Pats aim monetary value for the work was 700k. which was the original sum. My mark was 910k. which was the cost of the work that I paid out of pocket.

My readying had me experiencing powerless as the dialogues started. Thankfully once they started my frights were unsubstantiated as Pat came to the tabular array looking to join forces together to calculate out how we can make as much value between the two of us as possible. This attack showed me that he was willing to negociate in good religion so I was able to be every bit unfastened as possible with him. Once we were able to set up trust we both laid out our involvement and we both collaborated together to calculate out how to accomplish the best possible scenario. We determined what each others involvement were and we were able to come to an understanding that we were both comfy with. I was really pleased by how we collaborated together because we were able to maximise the value of the dialogue.

One country where I feel like I could hold done a better a occupation was in the bargaining. I feel that I might hold been able to negociate a better trade for myself because Pat came to the tabular array desiring to negociate and I feel that I might hold been able to acquire a better trade for myself if I wasn’t so willing to do grants to do a trade that was reciprocally good. I could hold used my bankruptcy menace more efficaciously to negociate a better trade for myself. I have a fright that If in future dialogues if I am excessively willing to join forces that I may be losing on some of value that I can maintain for myself.

The one thing that I took from this dialogue is that even when you feel that you are non in power. any sum of power can be used to your advantage. You can ever utilize your place to acquire some purchase over your opposition. I walked into these dialogue with what I believed was the worst possible power place but I was able to utilize my place to leverage myself a reasonably good trade.

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