In Trinidad and Tobago the spiraling offense state of affairs has been committed predominately by immature males. This survey focuses on the relationship between the force in schools and the offense state of affairs in the wider society in Trinidad.

By controling school force it will greatly cut down the condemnable activities happening in society. Surveies have shown that immature heads are easier to model instead than adult heads. This scheme is a proactive step in the decrease in the degree of offense in society.

Violence in schools has been a contemplation of on the degree of offense in the society in Trinidad. Early research has shown that Trinidad was a offense free state, a Eden, where offense was non a concern.

Today, offense is the figure one job which faces the authorities and people of Trinidad and Tobago. The intensifying offense rate in the state affects the economic system ( investings, concern, touristry ) , society good being and safety. Violence in school was non seen as a conducive factor for offense among male pupils.

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The point in focal point is the supervising of immature male secondary pupils from the age of 12 to seventeen ( 12-17 ) old ages which is missing at their places and at schools over the old ages.

Reappraisal of literature

School force in Trinidad have become a serious job with most recent out interruptions of force among rival schools in El Dorado particularly where arms such as guns or knives are involved. It incorporates force among school pupils every bit good as physical onslaughts by pupils on the school staff members.

Many of them are from individual parent households most frequently without male parents and with working female parents. A recent survey suggest that “ Teenss from single-parent or stepparent places are more likely to perpetrate a school offense ( possess, usage or distribute intoxicant or drugs ; possess a arm ; assault a instructor, decision maker or another pupil ) than teens from integral places. ” ( Orr 41 )

The current Euro-centric instruction system does non supply immature people with the imperative gear, subject and ego consciousness to last in the universe today. After many old ages, some kids in the public schools are allowed to go through through the school system without deriving a proper instruction. However, these pupils find themselves as a societal drain on the economic system being unemployed, unacceptable and ill-sorted to society. These individuals have a deficiency of ego assurance and happen themselves in a entire failure syndrome with no manner out and nowhere to turn. They in bend hate the instruction system that did this to them. In their limited logical thinking capability/capacity, retaliation so automatically becomes the order of the twenty-four hours. They see themselves as miss-fits in society.

Patricia Neufeld conducted an experiment proving that parent engagement causes the decrease of aggression in pupils to go violent. The experiment concluded that parental engagement was positively correlated with positive pupil attitudes towards schools and negatively correlated with job behaviours such as school force and aggression ( Neufeld 207 ) .

Parents who are cognizant of how their kids experience about school can help them in work outing the jobs that they may be confronting before these kids become violent ( Neufeld 207 ) . A kid whose parents are readily available for him/her is less likely to keep bitterness towards their parents, and take their aggression out on schoolmates at school ( Neufeld 207 ) . Parents need to be more involved in their kids ‘s ‘ lives and go familiar with their feelings to diminish the animus that their kids experience towards them, so that choler is non brought to school the environment.


This survey would be based on the effects of force among immature male secondary school pupils from the age of 12 to seventeen ( 12-17 ) old ages in Trinidad and the inclination to perpetrate offenses in the hereafter. It would affect a cross sectional study. Eligible schools within the eight counties in Trinidad would organize the sample frame. There are one hundred and one secondary schools with about twelve 100 kids each, about half are males between the ages of 12 to seventeen ( 12-17 ) old ages. The sum is about one hundred and twenty one thousand kids.

All pupils with records of violent behavior from January 2005 to January 2009 would be surveyed by manner of questionnaire. These pupils will be selected from the school records at the Ministry of Education with permission from the Minister of Education responsible for all schools in Trinidad, besides from the Minister of National Security responsible for force and offense.

The ethical issues raised were that the privateness of pupil ‘s record was reviewed in order to transport out the exercising. The parents of pupils, pupils and principals of schools were assured that the information would be kept confidential by manner of a pledged papers. However, individual who refused to take portion in the study and individual who did non return the questionnaire will merely non be considered to protect the privateness of the person.

One questionnaire was prepared and the study is to be done in January to March 2010.

Preliminary Surveies

The Curepe Junior Secondary School was used in the pilot trial and preliminary surveies of the study. It was found that 20 six individuals had violent behavior record at the school. Fifteen of them have completed their schooling at this school and out of that figure ; seven were arrested by the constabulary detention two for serious offenses and the other five for junior-grade offenses.


[ I ] Donald Orr, “ Premature Sexual Activity as an Indicator of Psychosexual Risk, Pediatrics, 87:2, Feb. 1991, 141-7, as cited in Free Teens “ Deciding Your Future ” multi-media presentation.


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