Violence Essay, Research Paper

Enjoying Violence

There are many different positions on how violent movies and music affect people.

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Personally, I believe violent movies and music do non impact people, but some surveies show

they do. There are besides assorted grounds why people want to see violent movies, and why

creative persons and manufacturers continue to bring forth violent movies and music.

From the article? Film Violence and Subsequent Aggressive Tendencies, ? they

write that even in the 1920? s and 1930? s people were affected by watching and reading

things incorporating violent behaviour. The writers write that media force induces offense

and juvenile delinquency. Through their experiments, when a movie is being watched, the

emotional province of the audience plays a large function. When kindergartners watched the

aggressive behaviour of grownups in a film, they subsequently reacted to mild defeats. Violence

in movies does non merely affect childs, but people of all ages. In the same survey Lovaas

and Walters experimented with the same thought. Their concluding decision was that, ? stimulations

presented on the film screen can elicit antecedently learned aggressiveness wonts,

bring forthing overtly hostile behavior. ? As you can see through these experiments, people

can and sometimes make react to force in movies.

Most frequently, nevertheless, people do non respond to the force in movies and music.

Peoples who have been raised? decently? and who have word construction will most likely

non respond to the force that is put out at that place on movies and in music. On the other manus, if

you were raised in a violent state of affairs with faltering vocal construction, force could

majorly affect you. Aggression is normal in all of us. But when aggression turns into

force, the people behind the force are likely troubled already.

The hit individual, C.R.E.A.M. ( Cash Rules Everything Around Me ) , by hip-hop

creative persons Wu-Tang Clan, best describes why people make violent movies and music ; its the


money says Danyel Smith, ? Tough Talk on Entertainment. ? Rappers rap about hiting

people and gunshot in vocals. Films show people being changeable to decease. Make you truly believe

the hearers and viewing audiences are traveling to travel out and hit person or something? The

manufacturers are all about doing money excessively. In the article? Tough Talk on

Entertainment, ? rapper Ice Cube summed it up in an interview. ? His work is for immature

people and if his audience wanted something else H

vitamin E would give it to them. ? These

people are about doing money and by making that they have to bring forth things that

people want. I guess force is in right now.

When movies and vocals show force or have violent wordss, I believe that this is

quality. Violence in the media, in this instance movies and music, does non do force, but

simply reflects the truth of the society we live in. Any sensible individual can see that

merely? disturbed? people are the 1s responding and this is why we have all the force we


So why is at that place so much force in the media? There are many grounds why

people enjoy traveling to violent movies. From? Why We Crave Horror Movies, ? Stephen

King writes, to demo that we can and that we are non afraid. Another ground is to

re-establish our feelings of indispensable normalcy. We besides go for merriment. This merriment, in a

distorted manner, we get when we see others threatened, sometimes even killed. Basically,

horror and violent movies entreaty to all that is the worst in us. Peoples enjoy the suspense

and the reaction of others. Many grounds come to mind why I go to see violent movies, but

Stephen King amounts it up in his article, ? If we portion a brotherhood of adult male, so we besides

portion an insanity of adult male. ?

I realize that force in movies and music can impact people. I thinks that if people

incrimination movies and music on their actions, they are nescient. Yes, you may acquire thoughts in your

caput, but if you act upon those thoughts so you must be mentally sick. The manufacturers and

creative persons do it for one chief ground, the money. If people didn? T enjoy violent movies and


music, so why is there such a high demand for it?

*Final Note

As I stated earlier I do non believe that force in the media has a impact on the

force in society. When people blame song wordss and films on their actions, I do non

believe them. Their heads were already disturbed, they merely eventually decided to travel and

make the force. If we are seeking to halt all the force that is traveling on, we should

make it by rough penalty, non by taking away what people enjoy watching and

listening to. This paper was a small on the tough side for me. I did non hold on what

most of the articles were composing approximately, so hence I do non hold many facts to back up

my sentiments on the topic. We need to halt concentrating on the? sham? force and get down

covering with the world of force.


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