VISION & MISSION OF AIRTEL Group member name Ramesh Sharma Kamlesh Patil Rounak Jain Narendra Jain Submitted to Prof. Aslam Type Founded Founder(s) Headquarter s Key people Industry Products Public 1995 as Bharti Tele-Ventures [2] Sunil Bharti Mittal New Delhi, India Sunil Mittal (Chairman) & (CEO) Telecommunications Wireless Telephone Internet Satellite Television ^ US$ 6. 73 billion (2008) ^ US$ 1. 59 billion (2008) ^ US$ 12. 28 billion (2008) Bharti Enterprises Bharti Group Airtel Revenue Net income Total assets Owner(s) Website

VISION “To be globally admired for telecom services that delight customers” MISSION ? Customer service focus ? Empowered employees ? Innovative services ? Cost efficiency BACKGROUND OF One of India’s leading private sector providers of telecommunications services The company was the first private operator to provide mobile services in all the 23 circles in India The number of telephone subscribers in India increased to 494. 07 Million at the end of August-09 from 479. 07 Million in July-2009, thereby registering a growth rate of 3. 13%.

With this, the overall Tele-density in India reaches 42. 2 Total subscriber for airtel till aug. 2009 are107996533 The company complements its mobile, broadband & telephone services with national and international long distance services. The company also has a submarine cable landing station at Chennai, which connects the submarine cable connecting Chennai and Singapore BACKGROUND OF Recent Highlights 2005-2006 •    New structure created to take forward the corporate vision of making Airtel the most admired brand by 2010 ? Manoj Kohli to be the President Of Bharti Airtel ?

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Joint Presidents appointed for three independent SBUs – K Krishnan (Broadband & Telephone Services); Vinod Sawhny (Enterprise Services) and Sanjay Kapoor (Mobility) ? Airtel Management Board Chaired by Manoj Kohli to consist of three Joint Presidents and Sarvjit Dhillon (Director -Finance & Business Integration), Jai Menon (Director IT & Innovation), Hemant Sachdev (Director, Marketing & Communication), Don Price (Director, Networks) for Bharti Airtel. MARKETING VALUE ? Matching Demand to Supply ? Just in Time Marketing ? Consumer win win approach ? Customer first thinking ? Market creation ?

Trust & empathy MARKETING PROCESS & COMMUNICATION INTERACTIVE ? Point of need Communication ? Personalization ? Interactive ? Conversations MARKET ANALYSIS ? Customer delight ? Measuring customer satisfaction, channel satisfaction, walk in feedback score ? Marketing performance ? Brand performance CONSUMER APPROACH ? Anticipates customers needs ? Transparent in dealing with customers ? Attending the problems of the customer before one’s own ? Creates energy & excitement at work ? Goes beyond tasks to attend the emotional needs of people GSM Market Share 2. 8% 4. 0% 5. 2% 11. 2% 2. 9% 2. % 27. 9% Bharti BSNL Hutch Idea BPL Spice Aircel Reliance MTNL 19. 3% 24. 0% MARKET SEGMENTATION & POISITIONING BASES OF SEGMENTATION ? Geographical segmentation ? Demographic segmentation ? Behavioral segmentation POSITIONING OF ? A decade ago, Airtel positioned itself as an aspirational & lifestyle brand. ? The target customer was clearly defined: elite upmarket, professionals & entrepreneurs. ? Airtel’s power trip : logo was black with tagline “power to keep in touch”. power to keep in touch ? Airtel brand then aimed at leadership, be it in innovation, network, offering or service. Tagline indicated it: “Airtel celebrates the spirit of leadership” & The first choice of corporate leaders”. ? In 1999, communication changed from “power” to “Touch tomorrow”. Touch Tomorrow ? In 2002-2003 it was changed to “Live Every Moment” ? In 2003, Airtel adopted the “ Express Yourself “ positioning which is also its current tagline. BRAND IMAGE ? Aggressive market expansion ? Functionality & Efficiency ? Physical presence ? People’s emotions BRAND MANAGEMENT ? Unlocking consumer scarcities ? One to one, one to many relationships ? Need for a trusted partner ? Consumer outsource

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT ? Towering strength ? Meet requirement ? Developing applications MARKETING ENVIRONMENT ? Aim:- To create, capture n deliver value. ? They introduce cutting edge marketing management which involves thinking & provide framework & strategies. ? Emphasize market leader. ? Cross cultural negotiation. Pricing policy ? Dynamic Pricing ? Multiple pricing Points. ? Value addition to customer. ? Freedom of choice. MARKETING REVERSE SYSTEM ? Process Organization ? Mass Customization ? Sector Destruction ? Integrated Solutions ? Integrated Business Design ? Consumer Spaces ? Social Responsibility


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