“ Every clip we bring an alien animate being out into the populace it has to be for a preservation message. Like it or non, the Toronto menagerie is here for preservation, though were seen as an attractive force. ”


It ‘s early December 2010, and the freshly developed Animal Outreach plan has merely completed its first one-fourth of operations. The plan is a new enterprise launched in August 2010 by the Toronto Zoo that plans on widening the preservation message of the menagerie “ beyond the Gatess of the park. ” and portion its message of sustainability by conveying assorted alone and alien animate beings to clients and public events.

However, Olie Claffy, the caput of the Animal Outreach plan, is concerned with the fact that the plan is going a separate entity from the menagerie instead than an extension of the menagerie. He is besides happening it highly hard to increase demand and consciousness of the plan, while staying to be really selective of its clients. In other words, he believes that the issue they face “ is truly a inquiry of tantrum ” .

On the other manus, Cynthia Shipley, the caput of Marketing at the Toronto Zoo, believes that “ it ‘s a inquiry of growing and sustainability ” oppugning the _____________ of the plan. Both Olie and Cynthia want to see the plan grow and win, but they are both concerned that it may take a drawn-out period of clip to make so if they wish to keep a strong focal point on preservation instead than amusement.

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The Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo ‘s Vision Statement:

The Toronto Zoo will be a dynamic and exciting action Centre that inspires people to love, regard and protect wildlife and wild infinites.

The Toronto Zoo ‘s Mission statement:

To continue and propagate species at hazard of extinction, and to protect those that still have healthy populations. To convey a wide position of zoogeographic and ecological relationships for the enjoyment of the sing public as an educational experience and resource.

To advance the populace ‘s consciousness and engagement in preservation. To set about scientific research for the promotion of wildlife direction for the preservation of unreplaceable familial resources, both carnal and works.

Background of the Toronto Zoo

History and Attractions

In 1888 the “ Riverdale Zoo ” opened for the first clip. It is now presently named the “ Toronto Zoo ” which officially opened under this name to the populace on August 15th 1974. The Toronto Zoo is located in Scarborough, Ontario along the Bankss of the Rouge River and has evolved into the largest menagerie in Canada.

The Toronto Zoo covers a sum of 710 estates of land which is divided into 7 geographical parts ; Indo-Malaya, Africa, Americas, Australasia, Eurasia, Canadian Domain, and the Tundra Trek. Each encapsulates the diverse animate beings that are native to each country, adding to a sum of over 5000 animate beings and more than 500 species on show. The carnal exhibits consist of indoor shows in tropical marquees every bit good as out-of-door shows of realistic environments, each of the shows offers screening of the animate beings at many different degrees. The Indo-Malaya exhibit features workss and animate beings found in Southern and Southeast Asia such as Indian rhinos, Pongo pygmaeuss, spinous polo-necks, the rare Sumatran Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams and many more. The African Savanna was opened in 1998 and is the largest enlargement of the Toronto Zoo to day of the month. It features king of beastss, zebras, elephants, river horses and other animate beings found in Africa and is besides place to the universe ‘s largest indoor gorilla exhibit. The Americas Pavilion features panthers, flamingos, several species of monkeys and other animate beings from both North and South America. The Australasian Pavilion is home to animate beings of the Australian mainland and environing islands such as kangaroos, electromagnetic unit, wombats and komodo firedrakes. Eurasia is the oldest part of the Toronto Zoo and characteristics animate beings such as Siberian Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams, snow leopards, ruddy coon bear and Bactrian camels. The Canadian Domain characteristics animate beings from Canada in their native environments, such as bison, moose, pumas, silvertip bears and muskox. The newest exhibit is the Tundra Trek which opened on August 1st, 2009 and is designed to learn visitants the impacts of clime alteration and planetary heating and characteristics animate beings including but non limited to polar bears, north-polar fox, caribou and snowy bird of Minerva.

In add-on to the carnal exhibits, the Toronto Zoo offers many other attractive forces. There are four drives available within the menagerie, dwelling of the Zoomobile, Conservation Carousel, camels and ponies. The Zoomobile is a guided coach circuit of the menagerie that can be purchased to boot from an admittances ticket, and was foremost introduced in 1980. The Conservation Carousel is a carrousel that links back to the twelfth century and the Crusades. It is educational and portrays preservation messages about endangered species to its riders. Camel and pony drives are seasonal drives that offer visitors a opportunity to take a drive on each animate being.

Along with the four drives available, there is the Zellers Discovery Zone which includes a H2O drama country, theater, and kids ‘s menagerie. The H2O drama country, which opened in 2002, is called the “ Splash Island ” . It is an animate being themed H2O park designed to allow childs chill off during a long twenty-four hours outside. The Waterside Theatre features many animate being shows and kids ‘s concerts and was added to the Toronto Zoo in 2003. Finally, the Kids Zoo opened in 2004 and is a opportunity for childs to interact with domestic animate beings and learn about different Canadian home grounds.

Current Enterprises and Programs

The Toronto Zoo is one of the most extremely respected and recognized preservation, instruction and research Centres in North America. They offer a alone wildlife experience and inspire people to love, regard and protect the natural universe. They participate in over 40 different species survival plans and support legion international wildlife undertakings. In add-on to being a world-class menagerie, they offer a wide-ranging sum of educational plans from junior kindergarten to post-graduate surveies in partnerships with educational establishments.

The Zoo ‘s award-winning preservation and instruction plans help separate the Toronto Zoo from other menagerie and assist continue their local species and ecosystems. Some of their attached preservation plans include:

A· A A A A A A A A Adopt-A-Pond – Monitors the distribution of amphibious and reptile species across the state and marks of import countries for preservation enterprises.

A· A A A A A A A A Our Arctic – Dedicated to conserving Arctic ecosystems that are under menace.

A· A A A A A A A A Great Lakes/Aqua Links – Devoted to conserving Canada ‘s fresh H2O resources.

A· A A A A A A A A Eco-Cell Recycling Programs – Committed to recycling personal electronic devices to jointly diminish the demand for natural stuffs that are used to bring forth them. In 2009, the Toronto Zoo was ranked 1st among the 175 North American Eco-Cell participants.

They besides offer an extended scope of educational plans including field trips, pupil workshops, preservation course of studies, young person cantonments, young person badge plans and internship plans.

Some of their partnerships include the Ministry of Environment, Parks Canada, Environment Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Federation ( CWF ) and several universities within the Greater Toronto Area ( GTA ) .

The strategic waies of the Toronto Zoo focal point on activities that encourage a civilization of committedness, passion and protection of wildlife populations while prolonging wildlife populations through plans, partnerships and by offering educational and outreach experiences. They hope to present a compelling invitee experience that is merriment, welcoming, synergistic and shows their committedness of sustainability. They are known for their originative and dynamic home grounds that commemorate their extended scope of workss and animate beings. This, in bend, helps them construct gross watercourses, fund-raising capacity and strategic relationships with clients and organisations.

Current Market

The Toronto Zoo identifies its current mark market ( for gate gross revenues ) as adult females aged 24-54, who are the determination shapers in their households, with professional backgrounds and mid to high income. A Unlike many other Toronto based attractive forces, the Toronto Zoo ‘s demographic has non well changed in the past 10 old ages. For illustration the CN tower and Wonderland both faced immense hits to gross from the SARS eruption and 9/11, due to a important loss in touristry. Over 50 % of the Zoo ‘s gross is from household ranks. On norm, a household with a rank has 4 members, and returns 2 to 4 times per twelvemonth.

Rivals with the Toronto Zoo

Who are they?

A A A A A A A A A A A The Toronto Zoo has eight major rivals in the metropolis of Toronto. They are Canada ‘s Wonderland, The CN Tower, the Eaton Center, The Hockey Hall of Fame, The Ontario Science Center, Niagara Falls, The Royal Ontario Museum, and Ontario Place. These are rivals because they are the major attractive forces in and near the metropolis and they can take clients off from the menagerie. Person who is looking to pass the twenty-four hours out in Toronto has the chance cost of taking between all these topographic points and the menagerie.

What threats do they present?

A A A A A A A A A A A The largest menace rivals pose is appeal. Customers will take where they spend their clip and money depending on what they “ experience ” like making. The CN Tower gets about 2 million one-year international visitants and is the most recognizable landmark in Toronto. Niagara Falls sees over 12 million one-year visitants and Canada ‘s Wonderland sees around 3.25 million. The Eaton Center receives 1 million visitants per hebdomad. The Toronto Zoo receives far less visitants than its rivals with merely 1.2 million visitants yearly.

What are their strengths and failings?

A A A A A A A A A A A A failing of some of the rivals ( Ontario Place, Canada ‘s Wonderland, Niagara Falls ) is that their concern is extremely seasonal. They are unable to run during the winter months. The CN tower is the most recognizable attractive force in Toronto, nevertheless, it does non supply much of an experience outside of the position. The Hockey Hall of Fame has a smaller range than the other attractive forces because it is limited largely to hockey fans. The Ontario Science Center and the Royal Ontario Museum could be viewed as more “ deadening ” attractive forces than others such as Wonderland or the Toronto Zoo. The Toronto Zoo, the Ontario Science Center, and the Hockey Hall of Fame offer the most attractive admittance monetary values on a general footing. Note that for Ontario topographic point the monetary values do non include drives, so you will pay more than this monetary value ( a individual attractive force is $ 5.75 ) .

Admission Price ( $ )

CN Tower

Canada ‘s Wonderland

Hockey Hall of Fame

Ontario Science Center

Royal Ontario Museum

Ontario Place*

Toronto Zoo

























*Does non include drives or attractive forces

Animal Outreach

The Program

Animal Outreach, is a new enterprise launched in August of 2010, by the Toronto menagerie, focused on widening the preservation message “ beyond the Gatess of the park. ” The plan planned to portion its message of sustainability by conveying assorted alone and alien animate beings to the populace ( at a fee ) to assorted locales and clients across the GTA.

Current Vision of Animal Outreach

“ We aim to convey the Conservation message out to the old and immature, while doing people cognizant of the intrinsic beauty of all living things and the work we are making at the Toronto Zoo. ”

Current Offers with Animal Outreach

The plan is divided into three distinguishable types of visits: Off-site Events ( including corporate events ) , Zoo to You excursions ( for schools and cantonments ) , and On-site Visits.

Off-site Events

Offering both hr and two hr long carnal visits, Animal Outreach provides its clients with a alone experience where they get to interact and larn from their carnal visitant. Each carnal visitant is accompanied by an experient zoo-keeper who can offer:

Formal Keeper presentations

Question & A ; answer periods

Up near and personal experiences with the keepers and animate beings

Photograph chances

Current carnal offerings and monetary values can be seen below in Exhibit X.

Note: All of the animate beings in the outreach plan are trained and housed individually from the animate beings on exhibit in the menagerie, for grounds of conditioning and addiction.

Animal outreach besides offers what they call “ Touch Cases ” that can be added on as an add-on to the event. The Cases are unfastened top glass containers that hold an mixture of animate being exhibits ( referred to as Bio-Facts ) which can be picked up and examined, such as: animate being pelts, skulls, castanetss, plumes, and dentitions from alien animate beings like polar bears, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams, pumas, bird of Joves, flamingos, among many other exciting animate beings. Cases are priced at $ 100 for a 1 hr event and $ 150 for a 2 hr event.

Zoo to You

The “ Zoo to You ” division is taught by experient, Toronto Zoo Ambassadors, who lead the category through many course of studies based prosecuting activities, like games and role-playing, treatments, every bit good as sharing an copiousness of Bio Facts with their category.

This section of the Outreach Program ‘s visits run anyplace from 1 to 1 A? hours in length, with a upper limit of 30 pupils per session. Sessions are priced at $ 100 for the first session with each predating visit bing merely $ 50 for any school in the Toronto country, and a level fee of $ 150 per visit for any school outside the Toronto country.


Programs available can be seen in Exhibit X ( Below ) :

Introduction to Animals


Growth & A ; Change in Animals

Grade 2

*Live animate being option available!

Habitats & A ; Communities: Praries

Grade 4

*Live animate being option available!

Habitats & A ; Communities: Mountains

Grade 4

Biodiversity & A ; Vertebrate Classification

Grade 6

Sustainability & A ; You


*Additional fee of $ 125 applies per session. To add on this option, delight bespeak at clip of engagement.

Touch instances are besides available for instructor usage, which include exposures and suggested activities for usage in the schoolroom ( in add-on to the carnal BioFacts ) . Touch Cases can be rented for $ 30 per month. Transportation system to and from the menagerie is the instructor ‘s duty.

On-site Visit

The concluding strand of the Animal Outreach Program is the On-site visit, where the client ( and their equals ) receive a private animate being brush guided by a Zoo-Keeper, for an highly up near and personal interaction with the animate being during their visit. The animate beings offered include the “ off-site ” animate beings available every bit good as Animal Outreaches newest add-ons to their “ outreach squad ” who are in preparation for “ off-site ” events.

Pricing for On site events can be seen below ;

A 1 Small Animal A A A

$ 240.00

1 Small Animal ( big event )

$ 260.00

2 Small Animals

$ 375.00

2 Small Animals ( big event )

$ 395.00

1 Large Animal ( Donkey, Alpaca, Reindeer )

$ 375.00

1 Premium Animal ( Camel, Bald bird of Jove )

$ 500.00

Distribution/ Locations

The plan extends it ‘s Off site events, and Zoo to You stream to the bulk of the GTA as seen from the map below ( exhibit Ten ) . Anything beyond the boundary line is capable to an extra charge.

Current Position of Animal Outreach

Started in late June with its first events get downing in August of 2010, the Outreach plan is in its infancy/developmental stage as a plan. As the day of the month draws closer to the vacation season, engagements have seen a crisp addition, chiefly due to their ( seasonal ) caribou offering.

Animal Outreach is championed by Olie Claffy, who is besides the animate being attention supervisor for Euroasia ( One of the Zoo ‘s zoogeographic continents ) . Olie ‘s squad consists of 8 keepers who work in carnal outreach, and 8 keepers who run the animate being shows in Euroasia. Previous to this plan, 14 of the 16 keepers worked in animate being shows and animate being attention as portion of Olie ‘s squad managing Euroasia. The other 2 keepers were new add-ons, transferred to the Outreach plan at the beginning of August. All of the squad members work in a standard 9 to 5 environment during the hebdomad ; preparation and lovingness for the animate beings. The Outreach squad members besides work every bit needed after 5 and on weekends on a per-event footing. A As a side note, most other plans in the menagerie have 2 to 3 times the sum of staff. Each keeper costs the menagerie about $ 60,000 per twelvemonth. The entire pay disbursal for 2010 was budgeted at $ 1,075,730.

Olie is besides working on a on-going footing with Cynthia Shipley, Head of selling at the Toronto Zoo, to develop a current selling program for the freshly implemented Program. The plan has a $ 10,000 float assigned to marketing enterprises outside the menagerie ‘s current resources. Marketing resources available within the menagerie at no cost include: The Toronto Zoo Website, partnership with the Toronto Star, CTV, and A ( Continue )

Along with its staff, the carnal outreach squad besides has entree to two dawdlers, that are “ painted up ” with the Animal Outreach Logo and exposures. The menagerie lensman who designed the particularization for the dawdlers, is presently in the procedure of utilizing the exposures to market to new corporate clients via e-mail conversations.

In respects to support and outlooks of the plan, the Animal Outreach is n’t worried about the costs associated with lodging or feeding the outreach animate beings, since they consider them as portion of the aggregation, and all lodging and feeding issues fall under the animate being attention section. They are concerned about retrieving the extra $ 120,000 investing in the plan ( the aforementioned extra keepers ) and seeing a return on that capital.

When Olie was asked about turning the plan and where he wanted to take the plan looking frontward, he replied:

“ Traveling frontward we want to add more animate beings to our squad, but the most urgent issue is taking our clients. You seeaˆ¦ . We ‘re non seeking to be a nomadic caressing menagerie, I ‘m certain you can see that from our pricing and placement. We ‘re non like our ‘competitors ‘ who use their animate beings as an plus, our animate beings are our embassadors, and were non seeking to ‘commercialize ‘ this enterprise. A We ‘re here for preservation foremost.

Keeping that in head, we do hold to be self-supporting. The Zoo gave us two of its best keepers to get down this initiative- bing them about $ 120,000, and they are anticipating a return on that investing. We realize when were get downing we ca n’t be excessively finical, but we have to maintain in head we represent a universe category menagerie, and we are n’t here to convey Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams to birthday parties so small Jimmy can sit on it, neither are we here to recommend for companies that do n’t portion our preservation message.

We want to do money. But we CA N’T make it at the disbursal of our image. ”

Rivals with the Animal Outreach Program

Who are they?

These rivals fall under the class of party entertainers or any concern that brings its merchandise or service to the client. Magicians, instrumentalists, famous person imitators, comics, and the list goes on, all fit into this class. Showvision Events & A ; Entertainment Inc. and Hart Entertainment are good illustrations of this type of rival. These concerns offer a big scope of amusement and specialise in all types of events. Zoo To You, and Reptilia are companies that take their shows all around Ontario and are direct rivals with the Animal Outreach plan since they can convey animate beings to corporate events and schoolrooms.

What threats do they present?

Showvision and Hart offer a really broad assortment of amusement and are mostly established amusement companies. The Toronto Zoo merely offers the Animal Outreach Program, and when looking for amusement, clients have many other picks available from these other concerns. Hart particularly, is good established ( over 25 old ages ) and provides amusement for every sort of school, corporate, party, or holiday event. Zoo To You and Reptilia have similar carnal outreach plans and it is likely that whatever The Toronto Zoo offers, they can copy.

What are their strengths and failings?


Zoo To You appears to be wholly based on childs. The service does non appeal to corporate events or grownups. Reptilia has more of an educational attack, and this brings more deepness to its service. Hart amusement has the strength of being good known and good established but they do non offer any sort of carnal outreach or have any unrecorded animate beings.


Zoo To You and Reptilia will most likely attempt to copy or better on any service that the Toronto Zoo creates. They will probably seek to increase their advertisement and consciousness so that clients who search for animate being outreach will come upon their companies every bit good as the Toronto Zoo. The Toronto Zoo offers some competitory monetary values for the carnal outreach service ( $ 100- $ 150 ) , and the other companies may try to take down their monetary values.

Current Market

In a sense, the Animal Outreach plan at the Toronto Zoo does convey the “ menagerie to you ” , nevertheless it is an A

issue that is much more far-reaching. The Toronto Zoo is seeking to convey to its consumers a message of preservation, and saving. The Animal Outreach is presently a really little constituent of its concern, and if managed suitably, has the potency for huge growing. Revenue coevals while a end for this plan, it is n’t the chief driver for the menagerie.

In order to stay consistent with its message of preservation, the Toronto Zoo is looking to aim a specific nucleus group of patronage. Delivering their consumers an experience that incorporates instruction, with a breathtaking carnal exhibit is their true motive. Such events are simply taste testers, and will efficaciously reflect upon the Toronto Zoo.


Targeting corporations and concerns in the country is cardinal every bit good. The Toronto Zoo should develop strategic cooperation understandings with these houses that would be of common benefit to both. Furthermore, Toronto Zoo should work on supplying carnal exhibits in the many jamborees and events these houses host, the Toronto Zoo would derive added promotion and exposure, and these houses in bend would be able to host a really memorable event.

To foster strengthen and raising the impression of preservation. The Toronto Zoo ‘s carnal outreach plan A should look to set up partnerships with houses that portion thoughts consistent with those of the Toronto Zoo. Eco-friendly friendly and green houses can be the chief mark clients. Toronto Zoo ‘s Animal Outreach is non merely a agency to gain bank for its vaulting horse, but to beef up the corporate trade name image of this major Toronto attractive force.


Ollie and Cynthia are both cognizant that something demands to be done rapidly. They see the plan as an explosive chance and they both believe it has high potency. However, in order to continually be selective with their clients, addition growing rates, retrieve the initial investing and bring forth a return on that capital, something will necessitate a alteration.

“ Ideally, we ‘d hold a booking about everyday of the twelvemonth. But what we realistically need now is a Selling Plan. Chiefly, one that focuses on developing and publicizing the Outreach Program on a limited budget, so that we can run into our ends while remaining true to our vision. ”

– Olie Claffy

Three Recommendations

1 ) Re-allign Corporate Vision

Realigning Animal Outreach ‘s Vision

When analyzing the declared vision of the Animal Outreach plan and the ends and remarks made by Ollie in the interviews it ‘s evident there is a larger focal point on preservation than amusement in the outreach plan.

For illustration, Animal Outreach stated its vision as,

“ We aim to convey the Conservation message out to the old and immature, while doing people cognizant of the intrinsic beauty of all living things and the work we are making at the Toronto Zoo. ”

While the Toronto Zoo states its vision as

“ The Toronto Zoo [ aims to ] be a dynamic and exciting action Centre that inspires people to love, regard and protect wildlife and wild infinites.

This gulf in primary ends as being a “ dynamic and exciting action Centre ” versus “ [ taking ] to convey the Conservation message out to the old and immature ” makes the Animal

Outreach plan seem as separate entity from the menagerie instead than an extension of the menagerie.

This would n’t be a job if the plan was self-sufficient, but there are obvious fiscal defects in following this method. A In peculiar, the plan enlisted the aid of 8 keepers and Olie, a combined salary disbursal of somewhat over $ 550,000 yearly. At this rate, animate being outreach has a breakeven point of about 675 shows per twelvemonth at an mean monetary value of $ 800 per show. Even to run into the Zoo ‘s outlooks of the plan ( paying off the wages of the 2 keepers ) to run into their $ 120,000 end they still need to make about 150 shows ( i.e. one show every 2.5 yearss ) , which is on the upper terminal of the terminal gross revenues ends of the plan.

Taking that into consideration, there are many benefits that the current vision of the plan does n’t take into consideration but could be implemented rather easy. If carnal outreach considered themselves a “ loss leader ” for constructing new relationships for the Toronto Zoo, and made a witting attempt to aline themselves to non merely be an extension of the menagerie but a “ taste tester ” of what the menagerie has to offer, they could leverage their new formed connexions with their clients to further contributions and gate gross revenues. A The carnal outreach plan should take to be to make an “ synergistic and prosecuting environment where people get to link with the animate beings and larn their narrative foremost manus. ”

With this theoretical account, the plan would try to draw people to the menagerie and get down to construct the long lasting relationship that will further the zoo community. But let the menagerie sell itself. Animal outreach should be a more personal extension of persons zoo visit.


The first measure in realining the plan is altering the vision statement to aline with the new way of the plan, something along the lines of

“ asdf ”

The following measure would be to guarantee the merchandise offered aligns with the new vision. It ‘s non merely plenty to “ speak the talk ” , the plan truly does hold to do people want to travel back to the menagerie. Besides Animal Outreach has to recognize they ‘re traveling into the event direction concern, the “ transcribed ” preservation negotiations will be excessively dry and tiring to prosecute the audience adequate to do a connexion.

For this ground it may be a good thought to implement a public speech production, or gross revenues plan, for the zookeepers to guarantee they are the best radiuss people for the plan.

In add-on to preparation, good content is cardinal. The current book, although riddled with interesting facts does n’t assist construct the personal connexion the plan will necessitate to win in making long permanent relationships. Peoples love narratives. Every menagerie keeper should maintain a diary of amusing or interesting things that have happened to them while working with or developing their animate beings.

The event should be entertaining foremost, to capture involvement, and have a preservation spin, instead than vise-versa. A It should n’t be dry. Nothing would be worse than your clients seeing the keepers as “ tree huggers ” who merely want to salvage their animate beings.

2 ) Target market- Approaching School Boards with the Animal Outreach plan.

Largest territory school boards in the GTA:


Dufferin-Peel Catholic

Toronto District

Toronto Catholic


Durham Catholic

York Region

York Catholic

Conseil scolaire de territory catholique Centre-Sud

Conseil scolaire de territory du Centre-Sud-Ouest

Budget ( in dollars )











# of schools

Over 221










Within off-site plan scope?











New Direction for Animal Outreach


The Toronto District School Board and the York Region School Board are two of the largest boards in footings of schools and budget. This presents a big chance and market for the Animal Outreach plan. Our recommendation is that the Toronto Zoo could near these boards with the chance of blending in the Animal Outreach plan with the school ‘s general course of study. Many schools have categories on biological science and at some point or another ever touch on ecology. The Animal Outreach plan is a opportunity for childs to acquire an synergistic acquisition experience with the animate beings, while larning about the importance of preservation. The Animal Outreach plan has an environmental scruples, and it should be marketed from this point of view to the boards, explicating the tantrum of the plan with current issues environing the environment, and that it will heighten survey on ecosystems. The plan could be advertised as a bundle trade in which the menagerie visits different schools one twenty-four hours each school hebdomad for a twelvemonth to give their presentation. Pricing could be made a lump amount so that the school boards can break suit the cost into their budget that they normally plan in the spring before the school twelvemonth begins. If this action is taken, the Animal Outreach plan could see its concern filled by the about 700 schools that these two boards represent. This program will affect an analysis of the school boards and a elaborate execution scheme. Note that the Peel School board could besides be approached, nevertheless, the Animal Outreach plan will merely be able to manage so many schools and some of their schools lie outside the off-site plan scope. This could be an option in the instance that one of the other school boards refuses the plan.

Analysis of Toronto and York District School Boards

The Toronto District School Board has Ecoschools and Ecological Literacy as course of study and countries of survey. This shows that the board is environment witting and is likely to respond positively to a gross revenues pitch that focuses on environmental impact. Most of the focal point presently is on energy, waste and clime alteration, nevertheless, it could be potentially expanded to include the Toronto Zoo ‘s course of study on preservation of animate beings and ecosystems, as presented by the Animal Outreach plan. The Animal Outreach plan would be targeted largely to simple school pupils. It could move as an early development of environmental citizenship accomplishments, which is something the school is likely to value based on their attempts toward being a “ greener ” school. A restriction to implementing the Animal Outreach plan with this school board is that the school presently has a big shortage ( $ 42.3 million ) and the budget for 2010-2011 ( $ 2.6 billion ) is the largest the school has of all time seen. Since there are drastic alterations being done to extinguish the shortage and to prolong the schools as they are, there is likely to be opposition to seeking to implement a new plan or pass more money. The positive side is that the Animal Outreach plan provides trained voluntaries to present the plans, so the costs are non so high as regular staffing would be for the board. The course of study besides includes an out-of-door instruction plan, and the carnal outreach plan would be a good tantrum at that place every bit good. Animal Outreach could offer its course of study as portion of the out-of-door instruction plan.


The York District School Board besides has an out-of-door instruction plan that the Animal Outreach plan could be integrated with. The definition of out-of-door instruction given on their web site is: “ An experiential procedure of larning that Fosters an apprehension and grasp of the elements and interrelatednesss that exist within the natural environment. ” Animal outreach is a manner to larn about the preservation of animate beings and good sustainability patterns, and is a good tantrum to this definition. The plan will probably be taken earnestly by the board if its relevancy to outdoor acquisition is at the nucleus of its selling.

Execution Scheme


The Animal Outreach plan will be marketed as a bundle trade to the school boards. The footings should be that the voluntaries will see a set figure of schools over the twelvemonth to give their presentations. The determinations on what schools are chosen will be made by the board. The plan should be priced as a ball amount determined by the Toronto Zoo that can be purchased by the board before the start of the school twelvemonth.

The carnal outreach plan should be integrated into the course of study already present in the ecological and out-of-door instruction countries of survey of the school boards.

For the Toronto District School Board execution of the plan will affect blessing from the board of legal guardians, and the manager of instruction Dr. Chris Spence. Then the academic deputy manager Donna Quan and her subsidiaries will be tasked with implementing the plan. Similarly for the York District School Board, the plan will hold to be approved by the board chair Diane Giangrande, and the board of legal guardians.

It is possible that the Animal Outreach course of study will hold to be adjusted to conform with the school boards wants.

Schools that are certified as EcoSchools could be given precedence for the plan versus those schools that are non certified.

The focal point should be on making a lasting relationship with these school boards so that the Toronto Zoo is slightly treated as spouse.

Finding Eco-friendly Corporations

Ideally Animal Outreach should engage a gross revenues rep who actively seeks out and attempts to subscribe Eco-Friendly companies to events, but sing the current skillset, budget, and resources available to the Animal Outreach plan that merely is n’t a feasible option.

Cynthia mentioned that, that they “ ca n’t be finical ” when taking clients during the babyhood of the plan, but they would finally wish to be more selective in taking who they do shows for. Sing the trade name they are seeking to make this may turn out counterproductive. When weighing the benefits and costs of making concern with less than optimum clients, the lone significant benefit to the plan would be the pattern and see the trainers and animate beings get. The grosss from these extra shows can be disregarded as a benefit, because the plan shouls be a long term investing by the menagerie.

For this ground we propose a 3 phase execution, of the criterions they desire their clients to run into upon accepting their event petition, utilizing a 3 standard system.




Alliance with the Zoo ‘s Valuess

( Conservation, sustainability, ect. )

1 A A A A A A A A A A A A 2 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 3 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 4 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 5

| — — — — — — — -| — — — — — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — — |

1 ) Colliding values/ Practices

2 ) No alliance

3 ) Interest In Conservation, Sustainability, ECT.

4 ) Desire to pattern Conservation, Sustainability, ECT.

5 ) Actively patterns Conservation, Sustainability, ECT.

Opportunity for Future Events/ a Long Term Relationship

1 A A A A A A A A A A A A 2 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 3 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 4 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 5

| — — — — — — — -| — — — — — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — — |

1 ) No Possibility for future events

2 ) May hold a similar event in future that they would desire us

3 ) Have events in future where they may desire us back

4 ) Expressed involvement in multiple events

5 ) Expressed involvement in multiple events and relationship

Fit with Target Demographic

( or would we wish them to )

i.e. Schools, or eco-friendly concerns

1 A A A A A A A A A A A A 2 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 3 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 4 A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 5

| — — — — — — — -| — — — — — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — — |

1 ) Obviously non portion of demographic

2 ) Slightly related to aim demographic

3 ) Decent tantrum of mark demographic ( non ideal )

4 ) Fits into/someone we want to include in into mark demographic

5 ) “ Leader in field ” of Target Demographic



Phase 0 ( current phase ) – Accept all clients except 1s that score a 1 on Alliance with Zoo ‘s values.

This phase is exists merely so the trainers and animate beings have adequate clip to work together so Animal Outreach can offer a premium merchandise. The lone clients that should be rejected are people who want their boy to sit on an elephant on his 1st birthday and big oil companies like BP seeking to better their PR.

Phase 1 ( Transition phase ) – Merely accept clients who achieve a mark of 7 or higher on their tonss.

At this point, demand should be changeless at about 2 shows per hebdomad during the off season months. This should be achieved by June 2011. By this clip the keepers should cognize what works and does n’t at their events and their animate beings should be to the full habituated to human interaction. The clients who get accepted should now hold some kind of preservation mentality, and may or may non hold chances for future events.

Phase 3 ( Final Stage ) – Merely accept clients who achieve a mark of 11 or higher on their tonss.

The passage to the concluding phase should merely be taken one time Animal Outreach has received more funding/ an increased operating budget. They should take to make this point by the terminal of December 2011, and have sent in a petition for increased support for 2012 at this point. And at this point the plan should take its concluding push to implement its standards for clients, they should engage their gross revenues rep to aim new concern to go on to turn operations in the way they want to go on as outlined above. They should now be looking for clients who non merely align with the organisations values, but besides 1s who fit within the mark demographic, and have the possibility for future events.

By implementing the 3 stage-criteria method, Animal Outreach can guarantee consistent growing, a loyal client base, and a strong trade name traveling frontward as their plan grows into the hereafter.

3 ) 10K, what should they make for internal selling and how to near for more support


The Toronto Zoo has budgeted $ 10,000 for its Animal Outreach selling budget. The menagerie is executing ill on the societal media front presently they have a Facebook page that lacks involvement and really few people are fans of it. As a consequence, we suggest that the menagerie allocate $ 2000 per month ( over a period of 4 months ) for the restructuring of its ‘Fan Page ‘ on Facebook. This restructuring would be outsourced to a Social Media selling consulting group. This group will develop the page, enhance it, better it, increase the figure of people who ‘like it ‘ , and train designated Toronto Zoo employees on how to keep the effectual growing of the page. The Facebook page would include a section on Animal Outreach. The staying $ 2000 would be used to pay for competitions that promote Animal Outreach. ( We need to add an illustration of what sort of competition we want to hold. ie upload a image and win a free hr or something ) The designated individual from Animal Outreach must continuously entree the page and supply its fans with all the latest intelligence and updates from Animal Outreach. Continuous communicating is cardinal, as it would farther assist develop the sense of community that the Zoo and this plan purpose to accomplish.


Over the old ages, the Toronto Zoo has been able to further relationship with assorted organisations in and around the Toronto country. These relationships have entailed developing partnerships with local, and national media mercantile establishments such as CTV and the Toronto Star, fiscal establishments like ING Direct, and merchandise patrons like Coca Cola and Van Houtte Cafe . The Toronto Zoo has a really good respected and well-represented trade name name and image throughout Canada and in the universe, and as such, this name should be used to leverage the Animal Outreach plan through its existing channels.

Animal Outreach is still in the debut stage of its merchandise life rhythm, and hence, it is cardinal that the plan is incorporated swimmingly into the Toronto Zoo community. Conservation is a cardinal facet that needs to be subtly conveyed. It relies wholly on the success of the Public Relations plan that the menagerie implements. The Toronto Zoo should enlist the aid of one of its chief media patrons CTV to bring forth a particular about their latest enterprise, Animal Outreach. Furthermore, they should seek spread outing their current channels by publicizing this enterprise on the assorted wireless webs that they ‘ve partnered with ( 98.1 CHFI, and Boom 97.3 ) , particularly encouraging people to wish their fan page on facebook where they ‘ll maintain them on a regular basis updated, and informed about all the latest intelligence, particular offers and exhibits available at the menagerie and Animal Outreach. Toronto Zoo could besides near some of its nucleus patrons such as the HBC and Delta Toronto East to entirely patronize the selling enterprises of Animal Outreach, in order to assist it happen a solid foundation in that country.

A A A A A A A The Toronto Zoo has besides managed to set up partnerships with cardinal non-profit entities including Universities like University of Toronto Scarborough, York University and Trent University. These establishments offer the Toronto Zoo with the potency of spread outing their online community by capturing the pupil section.

Ultimately, effectual use of the channels that the menagerie presently has at its disposal is the most executable manner to present Animal Outreach to the universe. However, the menagerie can non rest on its awards and must go on to seek edifice relationships and partnerships with more organisations that portion the same attitudes as the menagerie, and can offer them the support required to travel frontward with their freshly established plan.

Other Recomendations

a ) What animate beings should they acquire following?

B ) Skip over little animate beings

degree Celsius ) Rename Zoo to you

vitamin D ) Have a professional lensman service


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